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Bring Direct Mail to Life with Interactive Elements

Direct mail works, but many are missing the boat on how to do direct mail more effectively. Today, you can make direct mail come to life as it never could have before. Have you integrated technology into your direct mail? Have you tested using different textures and odors? What about specialty inks? Finally, are you aware of and taking advantage of the latest USPS promotions? Register and learn: • Direct Mail Statistics • Technologies to Integrate • Fun, Interactive Mail Ideas • Ways to Save on Postage for 2017

Direct Mail Formats for Best Response

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Technology & Solutions Session: Direct Mail – A Proven Formula that Enhances Your Marketing Mix

In today’s market, ineffective marketing can cost you thousands of dollars – and even your business. That’s where direct mail steps in as one of the most powerful, tried and true marketing solutions. In fact, direct mail has a lower cost-per-acquisition and over 20X the response rate than email (2013 DMA Statistical Fact Book). Join Keith Goodman, VP of Corporate Solutions for Modern Postcard, and learn insider methods to increase sales with highly-targeted direct mail campaigns. Session Attendees will learn to: • Increase ROI for valuable advertising dollars • Create new streams of customers and revenue • Reach target audiences that competitors aren’t • Utilize best kept direct mail secrets from the experts

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Learn how to optimize your email marketing review and approval process with ProofHQ, a Workfront company.

Ameritas Increases Creative Collaboration by 50%

Ameritas creative services team attributes 50% increase in collaboration effectiveness to Workfront. Workfront Marketing Work Management solution significantly reduces surprises by improving communications and speeding review cycles.

From Creative Services to In-house Agency

Does your creative services team find themselves working on the mundane day-to-day work rather than the fun, creative projects they are experts in? Learn how restructuring your creative services team to an in-house agency can get your team working on the fun, creative work they deserve.

Becoming an Agile Marketing Team

Six simple steps that will help your marketing team adopt Agile.

Total Retail Magazine

TotalRetail is the retailer's source for content and community. In our magazine pages, on our website, and at our live and virtual events, Total Retail provides retailers with information about all facets of their industry, providing them with strategic and topical content, profiles of the people and companies helping to chart the course of retail's future, and opportunities to network and learn from each other. We're striving to be your go-to source for everything retail!. Subscriptions are available free to individuals who meet pre-established demographic criteria.

The Complete Guide to Planning Creative Projects

The go-to guide for project planning for creative teams. How to keep work chaos low and productivity high.

Technology & Solutions Session: How to Have Process Without Killing Creativity

Creativity is central to your organization’s success, but finding ways to maintain important business process when working with creatives who hate process can be a challenge. In this webinar, we tackle three processes you need to streamline in order to encourage creativity. You’ll learn methods for minimizing interruptions, providing the correct information, and delivering feedback that’s helpful. With these processes in place, your creative team will be happier and more productive than ever, following processes that drive your business goals while maximizing creative time.

Direct Mail Delivers Results

Direct Mail Success 5 Tips

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MRM//McCann Team Saves an Estimated 105 Hours Every Week with Workfront, Translating into Annual Cost Savings of More Than $200,000. Agency implements Workfront solution in fewer than four months as standard for managing work for one client spanning 30 offices across 20 countries.

Email Marketing Agency Improves Efficiency by 20% - Trendline Interactive

Leading email marketing firm replaces Basecamp project management, Harvest time tracking, and InVision design tools with single Workfront Agency Work Management solution to simplify and streamline processes. Consolidation of all details in one master communication platform improves project visibility and response time.

Direct Mail Campaign Checklist

Color Psychology and How It Can Make or Break Your ROI

Color psychologists and experts claim that 62 to 90 percent of our first impressions toward a brand, campaign and virtually anything we encounter are based upon color. And those impressions are dictated by how colors make us “feel.” Yet in many cases, designers of marketing materials go with what looks good at the moment vs. what “feels” right for consumers. This session will review the moods, thoughts and attitudes created by colors and how to use them to create the right impressions for your brand. Research showing what colors actually drive the most sales in online and offline settings will be shared to you get a clear vision of how your brand’s colors are working for or against you. You’ll learn: • What colors really mean to consumers • The moods generated by various colors and how they impact interest in your message • How to use color, and color combinations in design and fonts for greater readership and comprehension

Craftsy Uses Workfront to Easily Manage Video Production

The Internet educational site known for bringing creativity to life uses Workfront Marketing Work Cloud to track and report the status of more than 300 active projects on any given day, saving time and standardizing processes.

NonProfit PRO Magazine

NonProfit PRO offers tactical leadership, strategy and best practices for modern nonprofits. Subscriptions are available FREE to individuals who meet pre-established demographic criteria. In-House Creative Team Empowered as Strategic Partner

The internal agency, Team IDEA, seizes opportunity to improve the sophistication of its operations—evolving processes, improving communications, and enhancing project visibility using Workfront.

The Complete Guide to Marketing Work Management

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Building Gen Y, Z Audience: Give Them What They Want - What They Really, Really Want

Marketers who are wondering how to authentically market to Gen Z and Millennial consumers will want to attend this keynote. Windsor Hanger Western is sharing her advice based on co-founding Her Campus Media, the leading media brand for college women. She is uniquely positioned to speak to the challenge of authentically marketing to Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Since founding Her Campus more than seven years ago, the reigning Target Marketer of the Year has led brands across industries in positioning themselves and expanding awareness to this notoriously fickle audience. Attendees will learn how to: • Master trending social platforms and extensions (Instastories, Snapchat, etc.) • Use trusted Influencers as your brand mouthpiece • Build a community of brand advocates to do your marketing for you

10 Ingredients for Your Video to Go Viral

Creating a video that goes viral is transformational for marketers. The outcomes — ranging from monetization to brand awareness — are eye-opening and can go beyond your wildest dreams. Gary Hennerberg shares his experience of a Facebook Live Stream video gone viral with 8.5 million views. That it went viral was a surprise, and the positive impact it made for a nonprofit organization is a reminder of why every organization should aspire to create its own viral video. Because you, too, may hope to have a video you’ve create go viral, Hennerberg will share 10 ingredients that he learned with this viral video experience that will prepare you for your big one. In this keynote, marketers will learn: • Why you must plan to be spontaneous • How keeping your ear to the news can create a timely opportunity • When your video goes viral, prepare to be consumed for a few days • Why content and having an established social media base is an essential platform • Why you should Live Stream on Facebook • Why preparing to monetize for the big one must happen now

Direct Mail Marketing Statistics

Today @ Target Marketing

Today @ Target Marketing is the daily email newsletter for serious direct marketers looking for practical tips and strategies for profitable direct marketing. We invite marketers of any vertical to join our community and find out how we can help you become a better marketer in today’s fast-paced environment.

Target Marketing Magazine

Target Marketing delivers hands-on, how-to-do it editorial that gives you the tools you need to effectively develop, execute and evaluate your direct marketing efforts. Whether it's direct mail, email or social, you'll get the ideas and insight you need to help you and your company market smarter and more profitably. Subscriptions are free to qualifying individuals within the U.S.

Total Retail Report

Total Retail Report is a daily newsletter that provides retailers with free, expert advice on a wide range of topics to help your profits and operational productivity soar.

5 Emotions That Fuel Sales and How to Tap Into Them

Human beings make decisions based on emotions, and follow those decisions with logic. As a copywriter, my job is to find out what emotion is going to drive a person to act and write something that will trigger that emotion. During this presentation we will talk about 5 specific feelings that make people buy or donate. We'll talk about how to write copy that will stir up those emotions and channel that energy into a sale.

Advance Auto Parts Ecommerce Team Drives Productivity with Workfront

Advance Auto Parts invested in the Workfront marketing work management solution because its eCommerce department was faced with the challenge of managing an ever-growing list of problems across a national team. By improving the organization of eMarketing activities and workflows, the Workfront solution significantly improved the team’s project management request and delivery processes, remote collaboration, and team unity.

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Here Are the Women: A way forward for the world’s largest emerging market

Collectively across the globe, it’s not the Millennials that are the biggest opportunity, but women. In this session, Julie Rezek, North American President of HackerAgency (part of FCB), will be discussing how women are the world’s largest “emerging market.” Collectively, they drive 85% of all consumer purchasing, yet with few exceptions, brands and marketers alike have failed in their approach not only with messaging, but in their own internal organizations. This keynote will address how the political climate of 2017 has forced the hand of both marketers and employers alike as they confront a new reality where a lack of insight will make or break a company’s success. Rezek will highlight: • Why you should examine your strategy to translate insights about women into your work, your media and your marketing approach. • How the successful creative storytellers are reflecting the changing awareness seen in this year’s most powerful campaigns. • Why increasing internal focus on diversity and inclusion reflects the very best of both creative work and top employers.

NonProfit PRO Today

NonProfit PRO Today keeps you up-to-date on what some of the hottest bloggers in the sector — including NonProfit PRO's own — have to say about the latest strategies, tips, tools and news affecting the nonprofit sector.