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NonProfit PRO Today

NonProfit PRO Today keeps you up-to-date on what some of the hottest bloggers in the sector — including NonProfit PRO's own — have to say about the latest strategies, tips, tools and news affecting the nonprofit sector.

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Email Append 101: A Quick, Easy Guide to Grow Your List

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Keynote: The Xfinity Experience - How America's Largest Cable and Internet Company Connects With Customers One-to-One

Comcast Cable's SVP of Brand Marketing and Communications, Todd Arata, chats about how Xfinity leverages data and technology to enable always-on customer experiences for the connected consumer. With a target audience that ranges from Baby-Boomers to Gen Y, Arata's team has to be able to connect at a personal level at the largest scale across the most diverse audiences. Hear how they built the team and technological capability to do it, and how you can too.

The Complete Guide to Marketing Work Management

In this guide, you’ll learn more about the MWM methodology—why you need it, what it is, its guiding principles, and strategies you can implement throughout every phase of your team’s workflow to improve visibility and gain more time to focus on creative work.

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From request to reporting, Workfront lets you plan, proof, and execute your next winning marketing campaign in one place.

Art of Agile

Like yoga, practicing Agile Marketing can improve focus and agility. Agile Marketing can alter the way you approach work management and ultimately enable you to be more productive, adaptive to changes, and focused on the right priorities. With the fundamentals of Agile Marketing, you can create an Agile practice that will help you channel your inner marketing yogi and deliver better marketing outcomes with less stress.

MRM//McCann Saves an 105 Hours a Week with Workfront

MRM//McCann Team Saves an Estimated 105 Hours Every Week with Workfront, Translating into Annual Cost Savings of More Than $200,000. Agency implements Workfront solution in fewer than four months as standard for managing work for one client spanning 30 offices across 20 countries.

Today @ Target Marketing

Today @ Target Marketing is the daily email newsletter for serious direct marketers looking for practical tips and strategies for profitable direct marketing. We invite marketers of any vertical to join our community and find out how we can help you become a better marketer in today’s fast-paced environment.

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How Fender Automates Marketing Work Management

Fender strikes a chord with marketers, automating project approval, and asset management with Workfront. Read this case study to discover how Fender gained more than 2 hours per day for more creativity by streamlining marketing workflows.

Total Retail Report

Total Retail Report is a daily newsletter that provides retailers with free, expert advice on a wide range of topics to help your profits and operational productivity soar.

5 Essential Data Enhancements for Omni-Channel Success and How to Select the Right Vendor

Today's customers expect a range of communications across multiple platforms. And, companies with the strongest omni-channel customer engagement retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omni-channel strategies. Learn what types of enhancements are available: email, phone social media, demographics and data hygiene, how to use them to set yourself ahead of the competition and best practices for finding the right data vendor.

Process, Creativity, and the Need for Speed

Read this whitepaper to learn how structure actually complements creativity.

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Workfront for Adobe Creative Suite

Workfront seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud to allow marketers and creatives to deliver higher quality campaigns faster than ever before.

NonProfit PRO Magazine

NonProfit PRO offers tactical leadership, strategy and best practices for modern nonprofits. Subscriptions are available FREE to individuals who meet pre-established demographic criteria.

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Total Retail Magazine

TotalRetail is the retailer's source for content and community. In our magazine pages, on our website, and at our live and virtual events, Total Retail provides retailers with information about all facets of their industry, providing them with strategic and topical content, profiles of the people and companies helping to chart the course of retail's future, and opportunities to network and learn from each other. We're striving to be your go-to source for everything retail!. Subscriptions are available free to individuals who meet pre-established demographic criteria.

Target Marketing Magazine

Target Marketing delivers hands-on, how-to-do it editorial that gives you the tools you need to effectively develop, execute and evaluate your direct marketing efforts. Whether it's direct mail, email or social, you'll get the ideas and insight you need to help you and your company market smarter and more profitably. Subscriptions are free to qualifying individuals within the U.S.

Melissa Solutions 2017

Enjoy our catalog of solutions for all you data quality needs. We've got you covered!

Fireside Chat: TD Bank CMO Patrick McLean on Marketing Leadership for the Future

What does it take to lead a top brand in 2018? TD Bank EVP & CMO Patrick McLean sits down with Target Marketing Editor-in-Chief Thorin McGee for this frank discussion of what marketing leadership takes today. We’ll discuss how the marketing role has changed over the years and how McLean guides the “America’s Most Convenient Bank” brand through an era of digital transition. You’ll here: • How TD Bank built an experiential brand for the digital age • What it takes to assemble and lead a great marketing team today • How to get one-to-one direct with your omnichannel customers • How AR and VR are part of TD Bank's future plans • And more!

Advance Auto Parts Ecommerce Team Drives Productivity with Workfront

Advance Auto Parts invested in the Workfront marketing work management solution because its eCommerce department was faced with the challenge of managing an ever-growing list of problems across a national team. By improving the organization of eMarketing activities and workflows, the Workfront solution significantly improved the team’s project management request and delivery processes, remote collaboration, and team unity.

10 Key Elements in Email Campaign Strategy