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The Complete Guide to Marketing Work Management

The Complete Guide to Marketing Work Management-04E1.pdf

Workfront Digital Asset Management Datasheet

Store and share your work from where you DO your work. Check out Workfront DAM.

7 Ways to Enhance Your Webinar Programs


Becoming an Agile Marketing Team

Six simple steps that will help your marketing team adopt Agile.

Tapping Into the Consumer Mind to Drive Results

Are you tapping into the power of neuro-marketing and behavioral research? The last several years have offered incredible insight into consumer behavior and testing these concepts have proven to not only increase response but also customer loyalty. Using head-to-head tests, heat-mapping research and applying bold ideas we now have proof to what disrupts, delights and drives customer activity. In this fast-paced session filled with case studies, learn how to take advantage of this research to help guide your marketing message. You’ll learn: • 3 most powerful tools to trigger behavior • How using humor, emotive words and faces will ignite response • How consumers process information and how to apply this to your marketing message

NonProfit PRO Magazine

NonProfit PRO offers tactical leadership, strategy and best practices for modern nonprofits. Subscriptions are available FREE to individuals who meet pre-established demographic criteria.

Marketing as Market Research: Creating Personalized and Engaging Content

This session is all about connecting the dots between audience understanding, storytelling, engaging content and feedback loops. So that through every piece of content, you’ll know how to revise your understanding of your audience, and you’ll find inspiration for the next piece of content, and the next, and the next. Key Takeaways: • Learn how to create rapid personas to inform content. • Best practices for storytelling, to create content that connects with your audience. • Methodology for taking cues from your audience to create content for “right now." • Techniques for implicit and explicit data gathering to create more personalized content over time.

The Secret Sauce for Account Based Marketing

You’ve heard the hype — Account Based Marketing is rapidly becoming the next big thing in B2B marketing. Now it’s time to move beyond the hype to learn HOW innovators are practicing ABM as well as WHAT works, and doesn’t. In this session, we will present actual examples of how Engagio used proven ABM techniques to quickly go from 0 to 36% of pipeline and increase account engagement by 4X. Join us to learn how the experts orchestrate their programs across departments and channels for personalized, relevant touches that get results. • Takeaway 1 — Build a tiered ABM program with the right level of personalization for each type of account • Takeaway 2 — Implement a multi-channel prospecting play that orchestrates account-based advertising, social, direct mail, email, phone and • Takeaway 3 — Understand ABM benchmarks and measure the right success metrics

How To Build a Killer Presentation

From Creative Services to In-house Agency

Does your creative services team find themselves working on the mundane day-to-day work rather than the fun, creative projects they are experts in? Learn how restructuring your creative services team to an in-house agency can get your team working on the fun, creative work they deserve.

The Complete Guide to Planning Creative Projects

The go-to guide for project planning for creative teams. How to keep work chaos low and productivity high.

Target Marketing Magazine

Target Marketing delivers hands-on, how-to-do it editorial that gives you the tools you need to effectively develop, execute and evaluate your direct marketing efforts. Whether it's direct mail, email or social, you'll get the ideas and insight you need to help you and your company market smarter and more profitably. Subscriptions are free to qualifying individuals within the U.S.

Technology & Solutions Session: How to put engagement back in your marketing

In this session, learn how engagement-driven webinars have become the most effective way for companies to generate leads and drive pipeline. In this session, you will learn: • How to build engagement-driven webinars • How to use webinars to drive to CTAs • How to use engagement data to find your best leads

Email Marketing Agency Improves Efficiency by 20% - Trendline Interactive

Leading email marketing firm replaces Basecamp project management, Harvest time tracking, and InVision design tools with single Workfront Agency Work Management solution to simplify and streamline processes. Consolidation of all details in one master communication platform improves project visibility and response time.

We Are Workfront Datasheet

From request to reporting, Workfront lets you plan, proof, and execute your next winning marketing campaign in one place.

The Integrated Marketing Team: How to build, motivate and retain a great team of data-driven, customer-centric marketing mavens

The structure and function of the integrated marketing team of old has evolved rapidly in the past 10 years. There are new roles, new skills, new technologies and new desired outcomes and responsibility. It begs the questions: • What is the ideal structure for agile integrated marketing? • What are the important roles and skill sets required? • What are the new KPIs to measure this team’s success? • How can we help them become data-driven decision making customer-centric mavins? • How do you retain them and keep them motivated? • What are the development paths for the individuals and the team? Building an agile, omni-channel, customer-centric marketing organization is not difficult, but it does require planning, patience and perspicuity of purpose (the marketing 4Ps revised!).

MRM//McCann Saves an 105 Hours a Week with Workfront

MRM//McCann Team Saves an Estimated 105 Hours Every Week with Workfront, Translating into Annual Cost Savings of More Than $200,000. Agency implements Workfront solution in fewer than four months as standard for managing work for one client spanning 30 offices across 20 countries.

5 Creative Ideas to Propel Your Webinars

Total Retail Report

Total Retail Report is a daily newsletter that provides retailers with free, expert advice on a wide range of topics to help your profits and operational productivity soar.

Ameritas Increases Creative Collaboration by 50%

Ameritas creative services team attributes 50% increase in collaboration effectiveness to Workfront. Workfront Marketing Work Management solution significantly reduces surprises by improving communications and speeding review cycles.

Craftsy Uses Workfront to Easily Manage Video Production

The Internet educational site known for bringing creativity to life uses Workfront Marketing Work Cloud to track and report the status of more than 300 active projects on any given day, saving time and standardizing processes. In-House Creative Team Empowered as Strategic Partner

The internal agency, Team IDEA, seizes opportunity to improve the sophistication of its operations—evolving processes, improving communications, and enhancing project visibility using Workfront.

Keynote: Integrated Marketing Today and Tomorrow

Join a trio of top marketing minds from and BKV as they discuss how integrated marketing looks today, and will look tomorrow, including: • A look at how fractured the marketing landscape is today • Why you need to unify your marketing strategy • How to determine which new technology tools are relevant for your brand’s requirements in today’s fast-paced marketing landscape • The customer’s role in tomorrow’s marketing • How to start: Bringing your teams together by breaking down silos and working collectively towards the same KPIs

Workfront Online Proofing Datasheet

Streamline reviews and approvals with ProofHQ, a Workfront company. Get more done.

NonProfit PRO Today

NonProfit PRO Today keeps you up-to-date on what some of the hottest bloggers in the sector — including NonProfit PRO's own — have to say about the latest strategies, tips, tools and news affecting the nonprofit sector.

Technology & Solutions Session: Agile Marketing - The Basics

Agile Marketing is the future of marketing work. If your team is stuck in the rut of "the way we’ve always done things," it’s time for you to unleash your Agile too. But Agile Marketing, as a whole, is something of an enigma. This idea of being "more Agile" sounds great, but how to actually apply it to marketing work is a bit of a mystery. Listen to this 20-minute webinar to learn: • What "Agile Marketing" really means • The basics of Agile for Marketers • Simple ways to start being more Agile today

ON24 Solutions and Product Guide


The Definitive Guide to Online Proofing

Learn how to optimize your email marketing review and approval process with ProofHQ, a Workfront company.

Today @ Target Marketing

Today @ Target Marketing is the daily email newsletter for serious direct marketers looking for practical tips and strategies for profitable direct marketing. We invite marketers of any vertical to join our community and find out how we can help you become a better marketer in today’s fast-paced environment.

Total Retail Magazine

TotalRetail is the retailer's source for content and community. In our magazine pages, on our website, and at our live and virtual events, Total Retail provides retailers with information about all facets of their industry, providing them with strategic and topical content, profiles of the people and companies helping to chart the course of retail's future, and opportunities to network and learn from each other. We're striving to be your go-to source for everything retail!. Subscriptions are available free to individuals who meet pre-established demographic criteria.

ON24 Case Study: SAP HANA Customer Spotlight Program


ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report - 2017

How to Put Engagement Back in Your Marketing

Advance Auto Parts Ecommerce Team Drives Productivity with Workfront

Advance Auto Parts invested in the Workfront marketing work management solution because its eCommerce department was faced with the challenge of managing an ever-growing list of problems across a national team. By improving the organization of eMarketing activities and workflows, the Workfront solution significantly improved the team’s project management request and delivery processes, remote collaboration, and team unity.

10 Steps to Planning a Successful Webinar

ON24 - 10 Steps to Planning a Successful Webinar-E025.pdf

ON24 Case Study: Microsoft Creates World-Class, ROI-Driven Webinar Program


Search Without Screens: The Path of Voice Search

With the invention of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, people are searching the Internet by asking questions out loud rather than typing them into a computer or smartphone. In fact, there are more than 10 million voice-first devices being used right now. Voice-enabled devices completely change the way people search for products and services, therefore they change the way marketers should think about a consumer’s path to purchase. In this session, you will learn: • How voice search is changing marketing • How to optimize for voice search • Where voice search is heading in the future