All About Marketing Tech Virtual Conference & Expo 2018

ZineOne Customer Engagement Hub Architecture * Real-time, event-driven architectureOrchestration layer for contextual Omni-channel use-cases. * Pluggable architecture for integrating ML / DL decision models and real-time analytics. * Ability to process hundreds of thousands of events-per-second with sub-second responses ü Big Data stack with flexible schema & petabyte-scale NoSQL database persistence layer. * Highly-available, scalable and fault-tolerant architecture to match strict SLAs. * Flexible deployment options: Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid. * End-to-end configurable security options for data-in-flight and data-at-rest. * Certified third-party security vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.
Cart Abandonment Cart Reminders Loyalty Enhancement Micro-Targeting Customer Engagement Hub Contextual Real-Time Customer Engagement AI Driven Streaming Platform Event-Driven Product Velocity Cross-Channel Personalization BOPUS