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Business Branding Bootcamp

Here’s a well-kept marketing secret: brand marketing doesn’t have to be the domain of big, expensive agencies. With a little insider expertise, you can create compelling brand messages that really resonate. Jim Joseph is here to demystify the process. He’ll teach you simple techniques including brand definition, customer targeting, positioning, easy competitive analysis, and touchpoint mapping. Put it all together and you’ll create a brand experience that drives sales, tells your story and increases engagement.

Vocus Marketing Overview

Vocus Marketing is a guided, all-in-one toolkit for building your business through social networks, the Web and the media, with no expertise necessary.

Vocus Social Media Module

People are talking about you. With the Vocus Social Media Module, you can find out who’s talking the most and what they’re saying, see if your news is going viral, and measure the audience’s sentiment toward your brand. You can find online influencers who matter to you and begin building and managing relationships with them. Best of all, the Social Media Module is completely integrated into the Vocus platform so you can make social media a part of your daily routine from day one.

Vocus Publicity Alerts

Earning media publicity traditionally starts with you: the PR or marketing professional. With Vocus Publicity Alerts, you get to reverse the process and have media opportunities come to you, straight from journalists looking for a source.

Vocus Facebook Apps

With North Social apps, you can create fully interactive Facebook pages that bring your brand to life - with absolutely no expertise necessary. From eye-catching welcome screens to fans-only deals, you can upload whatever content you need to engage your fans and compel them to get more involved with your brand.

PRWeb Overview

PRWeb gives you everything you need to get attention, improve your search engine ranking and drive more business to your door.

Vocus Virtual Conference Agenda

Learn from the best at your desk.

Attract the Rght Customers with Easy Social Media Recommendations

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to spread your content across the web and engage your audience, but how do you prioritize conversations and connect with the most valuable prospects? Our recommendation engine takes the guesswork out of social marketing. It listens for conversations that matter to you, identifies prospects, and helps you engage with them. Try Vocus Social Marketing free for 30 days and connect with what matters to your business.

Be Your Own Evangelist

Your organization’s greatest, most motivated evangelist is you, says HARO founder Peter Shankman –and spreading the word is easy when you go the extra mile to help people. Offer assistance. Innovate. Keep going when things get tough and go outside your comfort zone to turn your detractors into fans. It’s the approach that made Shankman a star of the marketing industry; it can do the same for you.

Digital: The Next Five Years

Mobile marketing will be a mainstream commercial powerhouse. Local search will be a key battlefield. Social media will be part of everything. That’s the future of digital marketing according to top Google exec Tim Reis. Don’t miss this chance to find out what the next five years look like for our industry, and how you can position your campaigns for big results.

Content Convergence: Optimizing the Intersection of PR & Marketing

Marketing and PR have converged. Both customers and journalists discover and act on content in similar ways, which presents a tremendous opportunity for you. Done right, content marketing will inspire your audience to share your news, recommend your brand and buy from you. The key to success is understanding the best practices of this new field. Lee Odden, author of Optimize, will teach you the rules of creating content that attracts, engages and sticks.

Vocus Overview

Vocus helps companies of all sizes leverage traditional and social media to build relationships, engage their audiences, and promote and protect their brands through online and offline channels.

Marketing in the Round

The “New Economy” is here. The benefits of integrated marketing are within reach. Just one thing stands in the way: organizational silos. It’s time for you to break them down and build something better, say the authors of Marketing in the Round. This session will teach you four key approaches to integrated marketing that will help you build a team, select the right tactics, drive results and lead the way!

Harnessing the Power of Facebook for Your Business

Want to harness the power of Facebook and use it to grow your business? It all starts with a custom page. Engage your prospects and customers by customizing their experience. For example, you can: • Attract fans with exclusive deals and content • Reward your customers and prospects, plus generate leads with sweepstakes • Sell products by creating a photo gallery to showcase your products and link straight to your e-commerce site Need some help? With Vocus Facebook Apps, you can create your custom page in minutes. Just turn our suite of apps on, upload your content, and let your fans and members spread the word about what you do. Try it free for 14 days.

Vocus Virtual Conference Agenda

Learn from the best from your desk!

See How Vocus Works!

Vocus helps with everything on your task list, from reaching journalists, bloggers and customers to identifying and monitoring social media influencers. It's everything you need to earn more reach and influence; here's what Vocus can do for you: •Media Database: 1.4 million record media database, updated 1.7 million times in the last year •News Distribution: Send your news directly to the people who need to read it, fast •News Monitoring: See the entire conversation, manage your reputation and stay ahead of industry trends •Social Media Monitoring: Track social conversations and engage influencers We handle the tactical stuff; you decide who you want to reach and influence. Complete the form to see a FREE no-obligation demo of Vocus.