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Many customers regularly ask how they should think about functional safety in the context of IBM Engineering. In this session, we will discuss what ISO-26262 is all about and what are the key challenges related to processes in systems engineering projects are. We will then also explore how Functional Safety overlaps and differs from ASPICE, as well as what support IBM offers beyond its core capabilities to deal with these standards.The session will answer the following questions: What are the differences and similarities between ASPICE and ISO-26262? What turns a tool into a solution? How do I build a bridge from processes to applications? How do I reduce my efforts to solve similar engineering tool requirements for different user groups? How do I consider several standards at the same time?Please note: Although this session focuses on automotive standards, many practices are general, and participants from other industries are likely to recognize the challenges they face as they embark on their systems and software engineering journey.
European Engineering Academy