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"Many maintenance teams are looking for the Rosetta Stone that cracks the code of planning and scheduling. As long-term Maximo users, SunCoke was looking to move away from an external scheduling system, which was time-consuming and not always accurate. Some of the challenges they faced included: Combining data from multiple spreadsheets with thousands of records Lack of standardization in scheduling tools across sites Complicated manual compliance reporting process No dashboard view to performance This session will focus on the functionality and calculations built into Scheduler Compliance reporting, leveraging best practices in the schedule’s planned vs. actual hours, schedule completion, and tracking of break-in and break-out work orders – all included in the compliance report. We will address the use case and implementation of the Scheduler compliance reporting functionality. We will also show the weekly compliance data and use of snapshots to view all changes which impacted their compliance reports to support their constant movement towards improvement as a Center of Excellence."