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Beeline to Streamline with our Developer API

Litmos offers an array of plug-and-play integrations, making it simple for businesses to connect with a variety of information systems including HRIS, CRM, and Customer Support (to name a few). Tune into this session to learn more about Litmos' ready-made integrations and the vision for the Litmos Marketplace.

This is How I Work (with Litmos!)

When Mike Martin says he loves Litmos, he means it. In this session, you'll be able to get inside the mind of Mike and experience a firsthand look at how he uses Litmos. He'll offer insights into his own personal practices and tips for making the most out of the platform.

Say Goodbye to Boring Learning

Litmos Heroes is here to save your business from boring learning! We create exciting, fun and engaging e-learning content for all business types! So if you’re stuck in a boring learning rut with low engagement and a sore finger from clicking slide by slide, attend this interactive session on how to make learning fun at work, with real-life examples of how to make a huge impact!

Accessible Online Learning: Web Content for Everyone

Learn about the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and why providing accessible online learning is a must. Hear web accessibility consultant Kevin Galvin explain the principles driving WCAG 2.0 and how to implement them, and outline strategies for balancing creative design with accessible delivery. Join Kevin and Claire Lavin, Litmos Product Manager, for a 15-minute Q&A session at the end of the presentation. • Creating accessible online learning is about breaking down the barriers people with sensory, physical and cognitive impairments can face when using digital technologies. • Accessible online learning provides an equitable, inclusive learning experience for every learner, ensuring every learner can get the most from their training. • The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, the gold standard for accessibility, were developed by W3C with the aim of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of every user.

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Ready, Set, Go! Are You Ready for Agile Business Learning?

Business change is relentless. How can you keep customer-facing employees and partners up-to-date with knowledge they need to drive product rollouts and other time-sensitive initiatives? Most mid-sized and large companies have an employee training LMS or talent suite, but those systems are built for HR. They're not ideal for sales enablement, channel education or marketing/support team readiness. That's why a new breed of LMS is taking hold. We call it the "agile business LMS."

It’s More Than A Game!

As companies looks to attract learning content for the Millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z generations, they are focusing on game plan and creating 'fun' learning content. While content needs to evolve from glorified PowerPoint slides and boring click-listen-click-listen interactions, the balance needs to be found as not all sub-35 people enjoy 'playing games'. Ask them. Instead of relying on what Baby Boomers think the younger generations want, we worked with them to capture their thoughts, imagination, desires and business outcomes (because they do understand business) to create learning experiences which incorporate function with engagement – and wrapped it all in a compliant package (because we know it's still necessary).

Compliance Training That Protects Your Brand and People

Kate and Phil will prove you can tackle traditional challenges to compliance training through a unique compliance product training suite that maximizes learner engagement, reduces seat time and minimizes risk through legally sound content. ● How to combat traditional learner resistance to online compliance training ● How legally sound content doesn’t restrict highly engaging learning design ● View an innovative and engaging compliance training suite that learners will love you for

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Litmos (Literally) Live

Want to see Litmos in action? Look no further. Kick off your Litmos LIVE experience with a demo of Litmos, led by our very own Christie Bacchus. During this session, Christie will take you on a guided tour of the platform as well as provide insights on what makes Litmos stand out above all other LMS systems.

Training for Profit: The Benefits of Commerce

Have you been looking for a way to increase revenues and overall customer satisfaction? Monetizing your courses is your answer. In this session, you'll get insights on how to incorporate commerce into your training program through an array of different features. You'll also receive real-world examples of how a monetized training program can increase customer experience, retention, and growth.

A Matter of "Course"

How does your organization structure its learning? Are you utilizing Litmos' enhanced course and learning path settings to your advantage? Attend this session to see how you could apply these settings to your use case to deliver a better learner experience.

Integrating Effectiveness & Engagement: Creating Experiences

Too often, eLearning is deadly boring: bullet points, click next, take a quiz, etc. Or, it's flashy animations and dynamic interactions, but it's pedagogically empty. Worse, sometimes it's both boring and empty! Is this necessary? The answer is an emphatic NO! In this session, you'll discover the alignment between research on learning science and investigations into engagement. You can create learning that truly is 'hard fun'. Come and discover the way to systematically create learning that works!

Four Pillars to Build Your LMS Experience On

Learner Experience is more than just an industry buzzword; it's the heartbeat of a successful LMS. Join Josh Barton, Instructional Designer and creator behind Litmos Dojo, as he walks through the Four Foundations of Great LX and showcases how he built and coded some cool visual effects in Litmos Dojo. You'll walk away with a wealth of knowledge on LX and useful code snippets and samples files that you can take back to your own instance.

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Compliance 101: What You Need to Know

Join us for this insightful discussion about how to make compliance training work for your business. At Litmos, we recognise that compliance training should be more than a tick the box exercise. Training can be legally compliant without compromising on efficiency, engagement, and the ability to genuinely affect workplace culture. We’ll be sharing tips on developing the business case for compliance training, how to successfully implement a compliance training program, and giving insight into the latest news from the courts, to help ensure that your training genuinely protects your business. ● Practical tips for effective compliance training – how to engage and protect your business. ● How to create the business case for compliance training. ● Tips on cultivating a compliant culture.

Learning is Work and Work is Learning

An increasingly global economy, rapid technological advances, and a more networked world have accelerated the pace of change that both organizations and individuals must cope with to stay competitive. Employees need to continually re-skill and adapt in a constantly changing environment, yet they’re busier than ever, overwhelmed, and traditional approaches to learning are increasingly perceived as a distraction. Attend this session to hear findings from recent and upcoming research on the convergence of learning and work. - Why continuous learning, micro-learning and blended learning aren’t enough - How learning is more than just L&D’s responsibility - How putting learning in the systems people already use creates business outcomes

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Creating Compelling Visual Stories with Video

Great storytelling can be the difference between a bored audience and an engaged one. Data-driven slides and documents do little to motivate or drive retention, but we use them because they provide visual cues. This session will explore the basics of telling a great story through video. We'll discuss how to use visual stories to persuade, engage, and inspire your audience. You'll come away with a solid storytelling framework and a blueprint for creating your own videos based on those stories.

What Learners Want: Strategies for Training Delivery

Learning and Development Framework

Nex-Gen LMS: The New Frontier for Learning Systems and Technology

As we enter the final months of 2018, it's time to start setting goals for next year. How can you know if the LMS you use today will meet your needs in a year or two or even three? Attend this session to learn how to predict the future simply by asking the right questions about functionality and key milestones on the roadmap. You'll discover what's around the corner for LMS technology in 2019 and beyond, and what capabilities must be present to earn the label of "next-generation." As an added bonus, you’ll receive Craig's NexGen LMS Grid for 2019 to see what separates the leaders in the pack from everyone else.

Trendsetters: Women Leaders in Learning

2018 was a year that highlighted the importance of female leadership across all facets of global culture from business to arts to politics. In full support of this movement, we've assembled a powerhouse panel of women leaders in learning to discuss L&D trends and the challenges they've tackled with grace and ingenuity. Attend this session to hear the unique career journeys of the panelists, how they run successful training programs today, and the advice they’d offer the next generation

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Training For a Cause: The Unique Learning Challenges of Non-Profits

Learning has always been a noble endeavor, but it takes on even greater purpose when it's in support of a great cause. For not-for-profit organizations, the L&D function sets its sights on a unique and meaningful set of goals, beyond the realm of revenue. Attend this session to hear how our panelists leverage the power of their LMS and other technology to drive donations and funding, educate and rally volunteers and members, and ultimately, advance their mission to make the world a better place.

Building Learning Connections - 21st Century Tool Box

Smarter, wiser, more informed. No, that's not describing a new generation of consumers but describing a new generation of learners. Today's participants know their time is valuable and resources are plenty. How do we manage this new set of expectations? Technology and social learning are the silent third persons in the room, and our toolboxes should be equipped to support modern workplace learning needs.

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How SAP Built a World-Class Sales Academy

Ask Me Anything

As your teachers always told you, there's no such thing as a stupid question. All curiosity is a good thing in this session! It's your chance to ask Litmos CLO, Mike Martin, absolutely anything about using the platform. You'll get a personalized response tailored to your specific scenario, straight from a Litmos master.

Optimizing Sales for an Outstanding Overall Customer Experience

Without a good sales experience, there are no customers. But what happens after the sale? As organizations grow, the journey becomes more complicated. And too often, organizations with great intentions sabotage their customer's experience before it even starts! Connecting sales teams to the true journey your customers have makes selling that much easier. The best way to avoid disasters is to understand why they happen in the first place. It's time to take an honest look at what salespeople are promising and what you are delivering. Many times, they don’t match up to reality and that hurts everyone!

A Cornucopia of Automation - Recorded Session from 11/7

In the spirit of the season of giving, we bring you a bountiful harvest of Litmos Automation tips and tricks. We'll look at all of the ways Litmos can be used to simplify your work by doing the work for you. So, put on your stretchy pants, sit back, and get ready for a feast of immediately useable info!

A Cornucopia of Automation

In the spirit of the season of giving, we bring you a bountiful harvest of Litmos Automation tips and tricks. We'll look at all of the ways Litmos can be used to simplify your work by doing the work for you. So, put on your stretchy pants, sit back, and get ready for a feast of immediately useable info!

Litmos LMS Brochure

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The Future of Work and the Critical Role of Learning in the Digital Era

Jennifer Dearborn | SAP Executive Vice President and Global Head: Talent, Leadership and Learning The digital transformation has game-changing implications for employees, in terms of the skills they need to stay relevant in the workplace. It's vital that corporate learning and talent management professionals understand these implications, the skillsets employees need for success, and the learning required to ensure mastery of these skills. Only then can they effectively support employees' short- and long-term success in the new workplace. This session will review the six forces shaping the future of work; the learners of today and their challenges in prioritizing Learning to prepare them for the future; and what L&D professionals can do, to ensure that employees remain relevant in the digital workplace.

Training Across the Globe: Top Strategies for Success

Today's increasingly global business environment presents a special set of challenges for L&D. Multiple languages, vast distances, varied cultural learning preferences, a mix of regional expectations and perceptions — the list goes on. Attend this session to hear how our panelists run successful, international training programs. They'll share how they overcame challenges with a combination of strategy, technology, and execution, as well as some of the results and ROI they've been able to achieve.

This is How I Work (with Litmos!) - Recorded Session from 11/7

When Mike Martin says he loves Litmos, he means it. In this session, you'll be able to get inside the mind of Mike and experience a firsthand look at how he uses Litmos. He'll offer insights into his own personal practices and tips for making the most out of the platform.

Ask Me Anything

As your teachers always told you, there's no such thing as a stupid question. All curiosity is a good thing in this session! It's your chance to ask Litmos CLO, Mike Martin, absolutely anything about using the platform. You'll get a personalized response tailored to your specific scenario, straight from a Litmos master.

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The Instructor-Led Training Renaissance

Did you know that admins and account owners can now create recurring sessions with multiple instructors? Join this session to get a deep dive into Litmos' Advanced ILT features and learn more about capabilities like conflict checking and proficient instructors!

Love DIY? Then You'll Love API

Having the ability to seamlessly share your information between Litmos and other systems is extremely valuable. In this session, we'll get you on your way to becoming a master of API integrations. In this session, you will understand the basics of the Litmos Developer API; learn about the most commonly used Litmos API's; and review a comprehensive list of Litmos API formulas.

Ease Learning Frustrations with Automation

In the modern world, the way we learn is evolving. Making sure your learners are retaining knowledge is more important than ever. In this session, we’ll explore how you can heighten your learner's knowledge retention with Litmos. See how to: auto-assign courses, teams, and learning paths to learners; auto-assign learners to the right courses and teams with simple rules; and engage with learners and boost their memories.

Simple and Seamless: Tips and Tricks for a Fully Integrated LMS Solution

Is your LMS too generic or cumbersome? Do you face challenges getting employees to complete learning? Are you challenged with training globally dispersed teams that are growing quickly? Do you spend too much time keeping employee data and user records up to date? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you'll want to attend this session to learn tips and tricks from the journey that Edgen Murray, a leading global supplier of specialized products for worldwide energy and infrastructure markets, took in choosing and implementing Litmos to address these specific challenges.

Managing External Training With Moxie

When it comes to external training, you want to be a powerful force. Having an efficient and streamlined training program helps to reduce compliance risks, generate revenue, and increase customer satisfaction. In this session, you'll learn how to utilize Litmos to help your learners document their external learning or certifications. - Use learner uploads to record specific certifications or qualifications for administrators to verify. - Leverage compliance and due date course functionality to remind learners to resubmit their certifications. - Allow learners to self-record qualifications or training achieved elsewhere.

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You Can't Spell Reporting without ROI

Common reporting needs surface around real-time, customized reports that provide insights into learner progress on courses, course completion rates, course results, compliance etc. While these reports are critical to understand what's in the current purview, join this session to understand how a forward-looking view can be essential in driving learner engagement and success in learning KPI’s in your organization.

The 2018 Lenny Awards

Creating Customized Learning Without Driving Yourself Insane

Everyone wants customized learning these days but how do you keep content relevant AND exciting for your users without driving your learning organization insane? In this session, ADP’s Director of Technology and Director of Content and Design, unite to bring to you some innovative tips and tricks that they have leveraged over the years to meet the unique needs of their 9,000 Sales Associates without creating an unsustainable nightmare for their teams to build and manage. Some of the topics they will be covering are: • Break it up! Maximizing through modularization • Organize it! Applying Knowledge Management Skills for faster development • Recycle it! Linking and mirroring to reduce maintenance • Automate it! Using technology to identify and assign • Plus, real-life examples of these principles in everyday use

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The Truth About Digital Learning

What does the digital transformation of learning mean to you? Understanding which technologies are really working in L&D and which are just shiny new toys is a critical part of the process. AI and VR might be the future in your organisation, but you might be better off getting other basics right first. Join David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, Europe's #1 HR and Learning Analyst for this session that gets beyond the hype and reveals: - How L&D budgets and skill sets are changing with the growth of digital - Who's really using what technologies today (and what you’ll be using tomorrow) - How best to manage learning innovation

Learning Technology: The Evolution Revolution

New learning platforms focused on learner experiences, along with emerging technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. All of these innovations have created a complex technology landscape with a lot of moving parts. It is critical for learning leaders to make sense of it all and make technology decisions based on the future. This session will take a look at what got us here and where we are headed. The goal is to shed some light, calm some hype, and debunk some myths.

Learning Impact: 21st-century Practices

L&D functions exist to ensure a skilled workforce that can help the organization compete. Hard stop. Unfortunately, L&D functions often struggle to understand the effect that their efforts have on both business results and individual employee growth. However, several are beginning to crack this nut — thinking outside of traditional metrics and method for measurement to more successfully understand where and how to invest its resources for greater impact.

Get Real: Practical Tips to Build your Training Program

It's not uncommon for L&D pros to get carried away with pie-in-the-sky, pedagogical philosophy, but come on! Let's get real. While every organization needs a solid learning strategy, success is often determined by hands-on execution and day-to-day management. Attend this session to hear the real-world practices that enabled our panelists to build booming training programs from the ground up. They'll share feature-specific tips and the training methods that continue to engage learners and deliver results for your business.

Findex's Litmos Journey

Hannah will take you through Findex’s digital learning transformation – from predominantly face to face training to 3000 employees across 110 locations in Australia and New Zealand. ● The procurement journey – selecting the right eLearning provider for your organisation ● Transforming from face to face and webinars to eLearning ● Lessons learned from the implementation of compliance training

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