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IBM Micromedex: Cutting through the clutter

For nearly 50 years, IBM Micromedex® solutions have been a leading global medical resource. Today, Micromedex has been enhanced with the AI of IBM Watson™, so healthcare providers can get answers quickly and efficiently.

Welcome: Anne Le Grand, GM, IBM Watson Health Imaging, Life Sciences & Oncology

Innovate in child welfare for COVID-19: rethinking our assumptions

COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders effectively removed at-risk children from their communities and the people they rely on to stay safe. While many interactions moved online, our institutions are challenged to adjust, and frontline staff seek creative solutions to fill the gaps. Which innovative approaches have provided value beyond the immediate needs of the pandemic? What initiatives need to be accelerated to sustain the best outcomes for children and families as the new normal commences?

An operational approach to driving enterprise imaging outcomes

Enterprise imaging has the potential to revolutionize patient care by increasing physician collaboration, improving access to critical patient images, making physicians more productive, and improving data management. But achieving these outcomes is no small feat. This session will address the decisions providers must make about the approach, governance, workflow, and partner strategies required for successful outcomes.

COVID-19 epidemiology using clinical and claims data

Join this session for a high-level view of the application of real-world data, the role of causal inference, and the future role of AI in COVID-19 research. Dr. Bill Kassler, Deputy Chief Health Officer of IBM Watson Health and Chief Medical Officer of Government Health & Human Services, will describe the characteristics of claims and EHR data and discuss how these data assets are being used to identify and analyze respiratory and COVID cohorts. Dr. Alice Landis-McGrath, Executive Clinical Consultant with IBM Watson Health, will conclude with an overview of the IBM Explorys EHR database as it relates to practical applications of COVID-19 research.

WH GHHS Case Manager SPM

Scale Emergency Response, how states are handling COVID

Welcome: Barb Hayes, GM, IBM Watson Health Payer & Provider Solutions

Make moving quickly from data to insights the new norm

Introducing robust, off-the-shelf analytics that can help you meet your business goals, optimize your existing IT investments and accelerate time to value.

Enterprise Imaging: Envisioning the Discovery Journey

Each enterprise imaging customer has a unique environment which requires a customized solution to address different needs across the organization. Hear how the IBM Watson Health team supports customers by identifying the workflow patterns that their enterprise imaging solution needs to address, not only in radiology and cardiology, but throughout the hospital (including dermatology, surgery, and endoscopy). Engaging cross-departmental collaboration with a broad consultative approach, the IBM team goes on a discovery journey to map out a customized enterprise imaging solution based on best practices that includes a 5 to 10-year long term strategy to address the customer’s specific pain points and challenges.

WH Solution Brief COVID SPM

Learn how governments can scale emergency responses

Creating collaborative encounters for patients and staff

Learn more about our enterprise imaging solutions that are designed to help seamlessly ingest, manage, store, view, share and exchange imaging-related healthcare data.

Health economics and outcomes research

Learn how IBM Watson Health researchers can support clients with demonstrating product value through a broad spectrum of research services

Insights to manage your Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed Care lines of business

Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Managed Care together cover more than 85.9 million Americans. With the recent economic impacts of COVID-19, that number will grow, challenging the health plans that serve these populations to maintain quality of care and compliance standards in the face of a sharp increase in number of covered lives. Learn about how IBM Watson Health can help you manage these medically complex member populations in the context of razor thin budgets by increasing operational efficiencies and assuring you have an adequate network to support these specialized lines of business.

Creating workflow efficiency in cardiology

Learn how smart data sharing and workflow solutions can help cardiologists.

100 Top Hospitals: Drill further into your results

Read how the 100 Top Hospitals Insights Assessment provides a deeper look into your most recent metrics to identify specific opportunities and performance drivers that are both insightful and actionable.

Government use cases for COVID-19 patients/populations using electronic medical records, claims, and social determinants of health data

Learn how a number of analyses based on what is showing up in the recent medical literature, as well as what the CDC and FDA (and ‘all’ agencies!) are examining demographic & clinical factors, rate of infection across geographic regions, comparisons of COVID-19 patient-natural history across Medicare, Medicaid, private, and self-pay insurance, changes in liver function among COVID-19 patients in relation to disease natural history and comparison of epidemiological factors and outcomes.

Watson Health COVID-19 Solutions

See an overview of COVID solutions from IBM Watson Health.

Contact Tracing and Care Management Solution Overview

Explore our roadmap to human-centered contact tracing and integrated care management

cvi42 brochure by Circle available on the IBM Imaging AI Marketplace

Discover how AI can produce quantitative cardiac assessment.

Using analytics, services and AI to fight fraud, waste and abuse on the Colorado front lines

Join Colorado’s Jeff Grabinski, Analytics Investigations & Recoveries Supervisor, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing, as he shares how Colorado is leveraging the data warehouse to run a comprehensive set of fraud analytics and algorithms to assess opportunities for recoveries and cost avoidance, using the power of AI to aide in investigation of FWA and finally prioritizing findings to maximize ROI.

HealthPartners: Increasing system uptime, performance and user satisfaction

HealthPartners created a fully replicating imaging environment designed for high availability and gained immediate access to the entire continuum of patient studies by seamlessly integrating IBM iConnect® Enterprise Archive and IBM Merge PACS solutions. Join this session to hear more from HealthPartners leaders about their own enterprise imaging journey.

Transform citizen services for the cloud era

A panel will discuss the Scottish government and Washington D.C.’s journeys to delivering cloud-hosted benefits on a Health and Human Services-specific platform. The panel will share how they used design thinking, agile methodologies, and phased implementation to successfully deliver the first citizen benefits by the devolved Scottish Government. We will also look at requirements that government agencies need as they start on their cloud journey.

Oversight of managed care program integrity during the COVID-19 pandemic: Iowa’s perspective

Join us to discuss the need for Managed Care oversight during a pandemic from Iowa’s perspective. See how Iowa continues to ensure compliance with State COVID-19 regulations / policy waivers and facilitates compliance with CMS rules and regulations for State PI units and MCOs.

IBM Imaging AI Marketplace brochure

Learn how the IBM Imaging AI Marketplace provides streamlined access to meaningful AI technologies from carefully selected innovative IBM partners in radiology and cardiology


Build scale while maintaining trust with citizens

COVID-19 brings new challenges and intensifies the spotlight on creaking legacy government infrastructure, clearly demonstrating the need for government agencies to scale up while building trust with the citizens that rely on them the most. The digital transformation challenge has intensified as legacy-benefit systems try to cope with the enormous demands. It is critical to ensure that people are quickly connected with the services and benefits they need. How can agencies respond to ensure they serve their citizens today and tomorrow?

Modernize your value and evidence strategy with global real-world data

With increasing availability and more diverse real-world data (RWD), pharmaceutical and medical device companies are recognizing the value of using the right data sets, asking the right questions, and engaging trusted partners to meet their business needs. Focused use of RWD throughout the product life cycle can help reveal critical insights needed to bring new treatments to market efficiently and effectively. Join us as data science and outcomes research professionals present novel solutions and case studies that demonstrate the value of employing a unified approach to evidence generation. Discover ways to amplify your evidence portfolio using retrospective and near-real-time global data, analytics, and services.

IBM Clinical Development Solutions Brief

IBM Clinical Development Solutions Brief

Program Integrity: Vulnerability Assessment

Learn more about identifiyng overpayments to uncover future savings and cost avoidance opportunities and exercise fiduciary responsibility of healthcare dollars both fee-for-service and managed care organizations with the Program Integrity Vulnerability Assessment.

How can you improve digital member experiences?

One of the keys to system-wide improvement is putting healthcare consumers first. Answer seven brief questions to understand which personalized tool could have a positive impact on your member engagement and satisfaction.

Remain on guard for fraud in a time of crisis – Insights from panelists: IN, LA and NV

Join leaders from the Louisiana Department of Health, Office of the Attorney General, Indiana, Nevada Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Health Care Financing and Policy as they discuss the need for heightened monitoring of high-risk areas / vulnerabilities, to interpret early observations from the field and to address findings during COVID-19 and beyond.

Supporting your journey to interoperability

Health data interoperability is critical to improving clinical and operational workflows. For the first time, health plans are being mandated to provide members with health information using prescribed data standards and APIs. These regulations, while cumbersome, can provide payers the opportunity to re-imagine their business. This session will cover the core capabilities – including strategy development, data curation and consent management – that can help health plans transform their organizations and take the friction out of healthcare.

Child Welfare Solution Hamburg

Explore how the city of Hamburg is transforming Child Welfare.

Analytic focus areas for Medicaid during COVID-19

Learn how key COVID-19 data analysis supports the broad range of agency decisions and actions: identify high risk populations, track cases and direct costs for testing and treatment, project budget impact, including costs of deferred non-COVID care, refine policy and monitor the impact of policy changes, monitor for gaps in care and the impact on population health, identify unmet medical and social needs and disparities, track eligibility/enrollment increases due to economic downturn.

Health plans pivot to put experience first

How digital transformation can help prepare payers for anticipated disruption ahead.

How activist employers are revolutionizing healthcare

How can HR and benefits leaders improve their employee health benefits strategies with data, analytics, & AI? Read our survey to learn more.

How data and technology can help us emerge smarter

Learn from IBM Watson Health’s team of clinical leaders about IBM’s takeaways from the initial phase of helping employees return to the workplace, and get a look at solutions designed to help healthcare, life sciences and human services with COVID-19 response and recovery.

Program Integrity Datasheet

Program Integrity - JSURS from IBM Watson Health™ solution is a claims-based data mining solution that empowers Program Integrity teams to fight healthcare fraud, waste and abuse.

COVID-19 Outbreak: Short- and Long-Term Actions for CIOs

COVID-19 has resulted in significant operational stressors including staffing issues, changes in consumer demand, and serious financial and resource challenges. In addition, according to Gartner, confusing data from unverified sources, or sheer lack of data, leads to ill-informed decisions and escalating employee anxiety. Learn how healthcare providers can plan for recovery and future growth as they continue to adapt to “the new normal.”

Meet the challenge of COVID-19 with a telehealth toolkit and telework playbook

Because of IBM Watson Health’s extensive work and expertise with the Medicaid population, CMS turned to IBM Watson Health and the Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program (IAP) to develop tools to help during the crisis. Learn how the Telehealth Toolkit helps states evaluate the need to expand their telehealth capabilities and coverage policies. Additionally, the Telework Playbook assists states by highlighting telehealth as an organizational change, developing needed policies, setting criteria for evaluation/productivity, and more.

IBM MarketScan Research Databases for life sciences researchers

Discover the use cases and features of MarketScan Research Databases as they relate to life sciences research

Helping employees save money and make informed decisions about managing their healthcare

Liberty Mutual wanted its employee benefits to provide more choice, greater transparency and cost-saving opportunities. Read the case study to see how IBM® Benefits Mentor helped employees find the best-fit plans.

TriHealth: Improving patient care with an enterprise imaging solution

Learn how TriHealth has adopted an enterprise imaging solution to centralize the storage of patient data, provide easy access to historical images to physicians across their network, and distribute images within the community. Their data is now in one location, easily distributed across the enterprise to other hospitals, and easy to access and view comparisons at a faster rate – all extremely valuable to improving patient care.

Accelerating delivery of evidence based clinical information to the front lines

Today’s clinicians must grapple with delivering efficient treatment to patients while simultaneously adapting to a new virtual health landscape. In this new environment, it’s important to ensure clinicians are supported at the point of care, and have access to an innovative, trusted clinical decision support tool that provides fast, accurate answers at their fingertips. Join this session to understand how IBM Micromedex is addressing today’s shifting landscape and learn about exciting updates taking place in 2020, including the release of DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson.

5 steps to a better cardiology workflow

Learn about five steps on how solutions from IBM Watson Health can provide cardiologists wIth new abilities and tools to improve the entire clinical workflow process.

Automate patient engagement with IBM Phytel

IBM Phytel’s data-driven patient engagement and population health management solutions extend your resources to help empower patients, providers and their care teams. Identify gaps in care, engage priority patients, and measure progress.

Merge Cardio & Merge Hemo- A consolidated solution for your entire cardiology service line

Learn how Merge Cardio and Merge Hemo work together to efficiently capture, store, view and share images -- and more.

Welcome: Promising practices in health and human services

As local, state and federal governments navigate through COVID-19, they’re applying lessons from the pandemic to drive transformation of health and human services. Join IBM for a discussion of the drivers accelerating change; examples of government agencies leading innovation; and the ways in which integrated care management, social services support, and analytics insights are leading to improved outcomes across populations.

Southern Star Client Case Study

Using AI to help employees make smarter benefits decisions

Did your employees choose the best-fit benefit plan during open enrollment? Join us to hear The Ohio State University Health Plan share how they are successfully using an AI enabled tool to help employees choose plans that make the most financial sense. You will also hear about strategies employers can use to leverage socio-demographic data to tailor communication methods to their employees. Take this opportunity to learn how you can better understand your employee segments to help make your next open enrollment a success.

New ways to apply decentralized trials during COVID-19

The industry is facing even bigger challenges when recruiting, retaining, and engaging patients due to COVID-19. This has delayed and de-prioritized many clinical trials across the globe. In response, IBM Watson Health has optimized IBM Clinical Development to enable decentralized trials for its clients, specifically leveraging COA capabilities and a unified, cloud-based CDMS platform that allows remote monitoring and study control. As a user of the platform, Biorasi will discuss how ICD is helping the CRO overcome COVID-19-related challenges and how to help Sponsors operate more efficiently.

Get your protocol design right the first time with real-world data insights

Decisions made when  designing a  clinical trial protocol  can have significant  downstream  financial impacts during product development and commercialization. These critical study design decisions can influence clinical trial performance in many ways, including the  quantity  of  protocol amendments,  ability to recruit  and retain  patients,  and the overall  timeline  of the development program. Fortunately, with  access to the right data,  decision making during protocol authoring can  now be  insights-driven  instead of high-risk predictions.   In this session, industry experts will discuss the challenges encountered in study design and protocol development  while  presenting concrete approaches and strategies to minimize risks,  improve decision-making, and get the protocol design right the first time.

Introduction to cvi42

Learn how cvi42, a cardiac application available on the IBM Imaging AI Marketplace, can help you turn visual cardiac observations into quantitative clinical assessment.

Contact Tracing and Care Management: Population Health for COVID-19 and Beyond

Discover how agencies are bridging the gap between public health and human services to help their residents during this challenging time

Trends and directions: Rethinking the health system post COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, many providers, government agencies and suppliers updated, or even pushed aside, standard processes in order to move quickly and effectively serve their patients and community. The changes forced by the pandemic are revealing a “new normal” for hospitals and health systems where they must be more consumer-centric while providing distributed care and integrated services. This session will discuss some of the key changes that have been accelerated by COVID-19 and highlight the technologies that will be needed to adapt to the changing landscape.

How can you create value from your health plan data?

A strong analytics tool can help you drive improvements in quality, efficiency and satisfaction. Answer eight brief questions to understand which tool could have a positive impact on your health plan's data strategy.

Contact tracing and care management: Population health for COVID-19 and beyond

In an effort to re-open their economies, governments are increasing efforts around contact tracing and managing the care of those who have tested positive for COVID-19. This session highlights IBM’s approach to human-centered contact tracing and integrated care management.

GHHS COVID-19 Rapid Response - WEBINAR Expert Series

Federal, state and local authorities are scrambling to help ease the effects of COVID-19 on the citizens they serve. Even as the duration of it remains uncertain, it is clear to me that state health and human service agencies are making heroic efforts to help people get back on their feet. See this presentation for suggested best practices for government during and in recovery from COVID -19.

Lessons from a generational transformation: Canada’s benefits delivery modernization project

Employment and Social Development Canada is engaging in an ambitious reimagining of its benefits delivery programs - upgrading legacy infrastructure as part of a broader digital transformation across the Government of Canada. Join Benoit Long, Chief Transformation Officer for ESDC, and Amy Wykoff, Director of Offering Management for IBM Watson Health, for a discussion about the goals and vision of the program, how the transformation effort helped the Government of Canada respond to the COVID-19 crisis, and the human-centered impact it will drive for millions of Canadians.

Connecting the community in a crisis

Support residents affected by COVID-19 and connect them with relevant community service providers.

Welcome: Barb Hayes, GM, IBM Watson Health Payer and Provider Solutions

IBM Return-to-workplace advisor demo video

Learn how IBM Return-to-Workplace Advisor helps you supporting workforce health and readiness initiatives for COVID-19. The solution includes a command center analytics application that is designed to assist organizations in assessing worksite and community risk data in near real time – helping to identify company locations where conditions have been met to return to the workplace.

COVID Analytics Case Management Video

Learn about best practice from response to recovery during COVID-19.

Harnessing the power of CVIS

The term cardiovascular information systems (CVIS) and cardiovascular picture and archive systems (CPACS) are often used interchangeably. CPACS is a commodity and a true CVIS is an asset that supports management, marketing, decision marking and clinical excellence of the Cardiovascular Service Line. Join this session to explore the key differences between CPACS and CVIS, learn about power of CVIS and hear about the vision for Watson Health cardiology offerings.

IBM Clinical Development - How IBM Can Support You COVID-19

COVID-19 is presenting new challenges that affect all of us, but IBM is here to support you and your studies. Below are some of the common challenges affecting trials today and how we can help you overcome them.

Making the connection between employee health and business performance

Prudential wanted to understand how health and talent are interconnected. To help illustrate the impact of employee health on business performance, the company needed rich data and deep analytic insights - it turned to IBM® Watson Health™ for both.

Adopting an enterprise imaging strategy

Three components are critical to a successful enterprise imaging strategy: a standardized vendor neutral archive (VNA), an intelligent digital image communication in medicine (DICOM) gateway, and a universal viewer that can be accessed via an embedded link or a stand-alone portal that enables viewing of images on any browser-based electronic device.

Gaining insights from your data to help optimize future programs and strategy

Access to reliable data insights about your benefits program performance is critical to devising, implementing, and refining a strategy that optimizes patient population health while keeping costs down. A tool that allows users of all levels to access relevant information empowers employers to drive program improvements that achieve these goals. We’ll step you through the user experience for two use cases, using our Risk Score Toolkit to uncover actionable information about an “at risk” population, and examining employer clinical insights to determine whether wellbeing programs are properly aligned with patient population needs.

Unleash interoperability for your medical images

See how Watson Health interoperability solutions can connect their images and imaging data like never before.

DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson at-a-glance

DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson seamlessly combines the clinical expertise and extensive, curated disease content of DynaMed with the depth and breadth of drug information and AI search capabilities of IBM Micromedex with Watson, to provide users with evidence-based insights for optimal clinical decision making. Read more.

6 capabilities that can help U.S. healthcare payers make progress toward interoperability

Strategy development, data curation and consent management are among the core capabilities that can help health plans transform into the organizations that help take the friction out of healthcare.

Digital transformation: How to deliver an impactful consumer experience

As healthcare continues to trend toward consumerism – a movement to make the delivery of health services more efficient, convenient and cost-effective – payers need better ways to connect with members. The current COVID-19 crisis has further underscored the need for transformation as organizations manage the increased volume of consumer inquiries and reset how healthcare services are delivered. This session will address the elements that drive a successful digital transformation and highlight how conversational AI in health can help improve the overall member experience.

What does it take to have a winning culture? Interviews with CEOs of 100 Top Hospital Award winners

The IBM Watson Health 100 Top Hospital program recognizes the outstanding performance of leading organizations each year. Join this session to hear from repeat winners about what it takes to win the 100 Top Hospitals award year after year. During this conversation, you will hear from leaders as they describe their organizational cultures, how they have changed, how they work to shape them, and how the pandemic has affected their approaches. This session will also summarize the results of a recent IBM Watson Health survey that sought to discover what makes a winning organization different.

IBM Explorys EHR COVID-19 Report

IBM Watson Health is offering access to a free COVID-19 report using Explorys EHR data to support researchers in the fight against COVID-19

Welcome to the IBM Watson Health Partner Program”

Visit the Watson Health portal on PartnerWorld to learn about the potential benefits of partnering with this IBM business. Learn about the offerings which are available to resell, or to embed into your technology or solutions. For questions, please email

Challenging existing norms in abnormal times

In a complex system like healthcare, it’s easy to get innovation fatigue. But breaking free from traditional “single-loop” learning patterns can enable organizations to accelerate their learning curve and make the most of this extreme period of disruption. Luke Williams, a professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and author of "Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business," will share strategies on how best to learn and think differently in these abnormal times.

Remaining on guard for fraud in a time of crisis

Discover areas that you are likely to see significant changes with COVID-19 and potentially become more vulnerable to fraud, waste and abuse.

Assessing the impacts of a pandemic on pharmaceutical and medical device utilization

The far-reaching impacts of a pandemic on the healthcare industry have tremendous implications for pharmaceutical and medical device utilization. From delayed elective surgeries to missed preventive care, the consequences of the current pandemic span well beyond the impacts of care directly related to COVID-19. Join this session to learn about the short- and long-term effects of a pandemic on healthcare utilization from a life sciences perspective. Discover how RWD and analytics can be leveraged to better understand market trends during a pandemic and beyond.

Smarter in 15: Transform your clinical trials with ICD's open platform

As clinical trials evolve to become more sophisticated, efficient, and complex; Sponsors expect EDC platforms to interconnect with 3rd party data sources with accuracy and ease. Join IBM Watson Health and BSI to learn more about IBM Clinical Development’s industry-leading open platform, and how a full integration with BSI’s CTMS and eTMF solutions has positively improved clinical trials.

How AI can help turn visual cardiac observations into quantitative clinical assessment

Complying with cardiology regulatory requirements requires a lot of data collection and reporting, but not all data aim to fulfill this purpose. AI brings forward advanced capabilities, some of which enable clinicians to quantify anatomical structures, symptoms, or pathologies. Join Rebecca Trunnell-Hyman, Senior Offering Manager Cardiovascular at IBM Watson Health, and Kostas Chasapidi, Vice President at Circle Cardiovascular Imaging to learn how physicians are successfully leveraging automated quantified assessments to simplify their workflow and help support their clinical decisions.

Return to work: Optimizing for success in the new normal

In response to COVID-19, employers have had to navigate uncertainty and adapt to changing conditions in order to address the needs of their business and their employees. Join us for a discussion about the trends we see in the market and hear how IBM can support you in critical decision-making around returning to and remaining at work with analytic and engagement tools that leverage up-to-date CDC standards, as well as health and employee self-reported data.

Cloud Journey

Understanding the importance of the journey to the cloud for government agencies

Watson Care Manager Product Tour

View a product tour of IBM's Watson Care Manager for contact tracing and care management

Streamline your clinical workflow

See how Watson Health solutions can positively impact the clinical workflow from end to end.

Engaging patients before and after a pandemic

While the fight against COVID-19 continues, healthcare providers remain under immense pressure to care for the rest of their patient population, particularly those who are at high-risk. In some areas, patients are still being encouraged to avoid healthcare settings unless absolutely necessary. As a result, healthcare providers must find new ways to engage populations with necessary care. Join this session to learn how Bassett Medical Group is leveraging IBM Phytel to manage population health during the pandemic, and the steps they are taking to increase patient visits and drive revenue amidst the COVID-19 crisis.