State & Local Innovators Virtual Summit

A Conversation About Compliance, City of Tuscaloosa

The City of Tuscaloosa is ready for labor law compliance. Are you? Using manual methods to track labor is less than accurate and could put your government organization at risk for noncompliance with such labor regulations as FLSA, FMLA, ACA, and union agreements. Download this compelling conversation with the City of Tuscaloosa to learn from their positive experience how an automated system can deliver more accurate audit tracking, improve visibility and accountability, and reduce your risk of noncompliance.

The Big Data Playbook for Government

In our latest GovLoop Playbook, we provide you with the framework to bring big data to your agency. We’ll break down big data into manageable components, and let you understand how to make big data a reality at your agency. Our playbook will serve as your roadmap for big data innovation, and provide step-by-step instructions to deploy big data strategies in your agency.

Guide to Managing the PMF Application Process

This guide and the website are the go-to resources for prospective applicants in navigating the PMF process from application to job placement. They reveal valuable insights based on interviews with dozens of current and past PMFs, career advisors, and several federal agency program coordinators.

GIS: The Essential Tool for Smart Communities

A smart community approach creates a more transparent, collaborative, and accessible government for its constituents. GIS is the foundation for a smart community because it allows governments to share data openly, gives the data a geographic context that everyone can understand and helps communities make more informed decisions. In turn, this approach creates more sustainable, livable and vibrant communities.

ON24 Virtual Environments

ON24 Virtual Environments-E6FB.pdf

State of Indiana: Using SAP® HANA to Combat Infant Mortality and Save Hoosier Lives

The State of Indiana’s infant mortality rate has long been higher than the national average. Indiana and KSM Consulting are tackling the issue using data from across the state to see new correlations and find root causes.

MarkLogic Semantics: The Why and How of Linked Data

What is semantics and why should you be using it? This white paper provides an overview of this new technology and discusses key ways organizations are using MarkLogic Semantics today.

Faster, Smarter Analytics with the City of Charlotte

Every two years, the City of Charlotte hosts a "Business Intelligence Olympiad," where its analysts compete against each other and showcase their business intelligence best practices. This year, contestants faced the challenges of a fictional hurricane, spiking gas prices, and a bio-terrorism attack. In this video, Charlotte's Data Manager, Jim Raper, tells us more about the fierce competition.

Red Meets Blue

As the IT landscape evolves, DLT Solutions will continue to adapt and provide emerging technology solutions to our customers.

Transformative Power of EMC Infographic

Exploring the transformative power of enterprise content management (ECM) technology

HANA Enterprise Cloud Solution

SAP for Public Sector solutions, supported by the SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud service, are fully managed and secured in the cloud. You can deliver relevant citizen services, reduce operational costs and complexity, and effectively address risk and compliance. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offers cloud elasticity and flexibility with subscription-based pricing for rapid time to value.

GovLoop Learning Platform Handout

Learn more about GovLoop's learning platform.

Happiness is a Balance Guide

Career happiness is about balance: (1) knowing who you are, (2) understanding why you do the things you do, and (3) what tasks and activities you want to be doing. When these three things are in balance your career isn’t just your job. It becomes something you do and makes you happy.

City of Westlake, Ohio Case Study

Don’t fear the file room: City of Westlake users Web portal for faster answers

Open Source: The Future of Government Technology

The terms “open” and “government” traditionally have been mutually exclusive. But that’s started to change. In this guide, we will look at why open source approaches are good for governments at all levels.

Government Grade Security

Security is critical to maintaining data integrity and trust. MarkLogic has focused on having government-grade security from the start, and has fine-grained, certified security that is required to manage data and provide a shield against today’s cyber threats. It is for this reason that MarkLogic is chosen to run the most demanding, mission-critical applications at the heart of large investment banks, major healthcare organizations, and classified government systems.

Red Hat Public Sector General Manager Honored with FedScoop 50 Industry Leadership Award

Every year FedScoop, a government IT media company, recognizes and honors the achievements of 50 of the federal IT community's brightest minds and innovators. We are pleased to announce that this year Paul Smith, general manager and vice president of Red Hat's Public Sector team was selected and honored as one of the FedScoop 50.

OnBase Agenda and Minute Solution Sheet

OnBase for Agenda and Minutes: Evolve your agenda, meeting and approval processes

Securing Government: Lessons from the Cyber Frontlines

Instead of “Year of the Breach,” can we consider 2014 to be the “Year of Lessons”? Maybe the “Year of Progress”? While government-at-large certainly faced setbacks in the cyber world, many agencies also took great steps toward security. This guide explores how local, state, and federal governments have learned from successful attacks of the past to bolster their cybersecurity today.

The Secret to Better Records Management Slide Deck

Here's the slide deck to our training today: The Secret to Better Records Management.

Town of Gilbert, Arizona Case Study

Town of Gilbert eases transparency requirements with OnBase Advanced Capture solutions

Oracle Engineered Systems for Govies

Government organizations face constant challenges with database servers, storage networks, business applications and network infrastructure. In this ebook, you will discover how Oracle Engineered Systems optimizes hardware and software configurations by combining servers, storage, and networking equipment in integrated boxes.

The Future of Digital Services

In the next few years, we see five major trends — many of which have already become a standard component of our interactions with private organizations — dominating government’s digital strategies. These are citizen-centric design, mobility, open source, information as a service, and innovative marketing. We explore these 5 trends in our guide.

CPE Evaluation: The Secret to Better Records Management

The Secret to Better Records Management CPE evaluation.

The New Government Portal

The New Government Portal: By going beyond a “front door” role, portals can transform how state and local governments operate and serve citizens

Tallahassee utilities improve services, quality, and productivity

Florida capital city, Tallahassee, provides services to more than 180,000 citizens. In the following videos, Business Systems Analyst David Carnes and Business Process Solution Manager Brian Scott discuss how the city is using Tableau to speed data insights.

Co-op contract saves money, improves utility’s business

What does penetrating oil have to do with cloud-based financial applications and cooperative purchasing? A lot, says Paul Pauesick, the director of information technology at the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (KCBPU)

Analytics Paves the Way for Better Government

The State of Indiana is applying data-driven insights to improve outcomes for citizens and make public sector performance more transparent.

GovLoop Interactives Exercises

Take a quick look at some of GovLoop's interactive exercises that can be applied to your next training platform.

Smart+Connected City Operations Center

There is a growing requirement to provide a customized and integrated, single-pane-of-glass view for these multiple data sources. The Cisco® Smart+Connected City Operations Center enables the monitoring and control of dynamic activities involving high-resolution image processing, real-time video feeds, data integration, and various data and alert signals.

Respond to the Cybersecurity Sprint

DLT and Oracle Security Services recognize the data security challenges government agencies face today. Read to learn how they can help.

California Natural Resources Agency Case Study

The goal of IT organizations is to provide timely information and services to their departments so they can operate at the speed and need of its citizens. Learn how the state of California improved it's government cloud and IT services using NetApp.

Hybrid Cloud Infographic

Cloud-savvy leaders are investigating what type of cloud works best for their agencies. It is almost always the hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud can pose some challenges, but for those that learn how to address these challenges the rewards are plentiful, including maximum cost efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

Bringing the Speed of Flash to Public Sector

Learn how to transform your storage.

GovLoop Social Learning Products Handout

Three ways GovLoop transforms traditional online learning.

City of Boston: Improving the Quality of Life with Better City Services and an Analytics Solution from SAP

The City of Boston is famous for many things – from its vibrant neighborhoods to the storied Boston Red Sox baseball team. The city is also a recognized leader in its innovative use of technology. Now with the help of the SAP Strategy Management application, Boston is improving public services and providing its citizens instant insight into the city’s performance.

Your Citizen Engagement Checklist

The evolution of technology has radically disrupted citizen engagement, and it’s often a struggle for agencies and government employees to keep up with all the ways they can interact with the public . Sending e-mail and participating in social media don’t necessarily cut it anymore – but what else should you be doing? We have 18 tips and strategies in this guide.

Virtualizing Gov't: New open source solutions for the public sector

On the march toward virtualization, it makes little sense to charge ahead without a map. Still, the pressure is on federal IT managers to take up a brisk pace. In addition to budget constraints, IT leaders face multiple mandates to consolidate datacenter, adopt cloud technologies, and comply with an evolving Shared First policy, which calls for agencies to pool existing IT resources rather than invent systems from scratch.

Convergence- The first Step to IoE

The benefits of IoE may sound futuristic, but they’re happening today. In this report, GovLoop and Cisco share how government entities have converged resources to take advantage of IoE.

Tips and tricks for Tracking Labor Costs in the Public Sector Slide Deck

Here is the slide deck from our training today: Tips and tricks for Tracking Labor Costs in the Public Sector.

AltaVault Solution Overview

Many cloud storage software systems are slow, expensive and risky. Find out how AltaVault storage enables customers to securely back up their data quickly and affordably.

About ViON

ViON is a veteran-owned, privately held company with 35 years of experience building IT enterprise solutions for government and commercial customers. Learn more about our solutions.

Smart City Readiness Infographic

This infographic shows shows driver, challenges and steps for cities to move forward.

Change Culture, Not Just Technology [Infographic]

You might assume the biggest barrier to effective government digital services is the acquisition and deployment of complex technology. In reality, technology is the easy part. The true barrier to digital innovation is culture. Explore our infographic below to learn how to address those barriers.

The Future of Cybersecurity: 15 Trends Safeguarding Government

In this guide, we explore the tools and strategies that public servants are using to safeguard our information systems.

GovLoop Flipped Classroom Social Learning

Learn more about the flipped classroom and social learning as a platform.

When Flash Makes all the Difference Slide Deck

Did you attend our training: When Flash Makes all the Difference? Be sure to download the slide deck and share with your colleagues.

BOSE Headphones Giveaway

Answer three short poll questions (Poll button below)and you’ll be automatically entered to win a pair of BOSE headphones.

Choosing the Right Enterprise Content Management Solution

Choosing the Right Enterprise Content Management Solution: Essential evaluation questions for agencies and governments

The Impact of GIS and Facilities Management

GIS presents the ability to show information visually, helping you spot new trends, patterns and relationships across your building portfolio. By leveraging GIS technology, facilities managers can manage the entire life cycle of their facilities. This means everything from site selection to decommissioning buildings. Esri, the global leader in GIS, has partnered with GovLoop to create this guide to tell you more about it.

CPE Evaluation: Tips and tricks for Tracking Labor Costs in the Public Sector

Attend our training: Tips and tricks for Tracking Labor Costs in the Public Sector? Be sure to take the CPE evaluation to receive your credit!

Pennsylvania Treasury Department Case Study

Pennsylvania Treasury Department calls on content management to avoid costs, brings more benefits to constituents

Red Hat Cloud: A roadmap to gov't cloud computing

This whitepaper aims to make sense of cloud computing for government audiences that haven’t been deeply involved in the details of its rapid evolution. Learn about: The capabilities and characteristics of a cloud computing infrastructure and how this can be achieved using existing IT investments, without vendor lock-in. How these features translate into significant potential for government agencies. How open choice and application portability in the cloud and the relationships between technology providers are critical to building a cloud that government agencies can take advantage of.

Discover How Cloud Computing Enables the Public Sector to Improve Citizens’ Lives

Technology is transforming the way we live and work. In today’s digitally connected and socially networked world, people are more technologically aware, more informed, and more empowered than ever before. More and more public sector organizations around the world are responding to this new world by embracing cloud technology from S AP. Government leaders see cloud computing as a capability enabler to provide the next-generation citizen experience to better serve the public.

State IT Workforce: Facing Reality with Innovation

The predicted shortage in the state information technology (IT) workforce has been discussed and debated for over a decade and states have been confronted with numerous challenges when it comes to identifying gaps in a changing IT workforce. A major concern for state CIOs continues to be the significant number of state IT employees who are eligible for retirement or have been eligible, but have postponed retirement due to the economic downturn. In spite of this, there is evidence that the economy is recovering and some states are experiencing record numbers of retirement. This report outlines the current data on the state IT workforce and focuses on innovation, best practices and recommendations.

State Government Agency Case Study

See how a state government agency achieved its goal of distributing the latest technology to hundreds of thousands of users and employees across the state. Use the snapshot to understand the agency's need and how it solved its toughest challenges.

Keynote: How to Tell Your Story – The TED Talk Way Slide Deck

Here's our slide deck from our keynote presentation: How to Tell Your Story – The TED Talk Way

Talent Management in the Cloud

Recruiting and retaining talent has never been more important for state and local agencies.

When Your Information Finds You

When Your Information Finds You: Giving mobile employees online data and forms in the field improves responsiveness, efficiency and service

Where Does the Money Go?

Public funding agencies and private foundations require complete, accurate reports on how labor and expenses have been allocated in ongoing programs and special projects. Without those reports, government organizations and school districts may not receive full cost reimbursements, or they may lose continued funding. Yet tracking that report data, particularly labor data, can be a complex and time-consuming effort, especially if it’s done with paper records or manual entries in a spreadsheet. This issue brief explores a recent survey of government and school district leaders and their challenges in tracking labor to grants.

7 State Government GIS Innovators

Read the case studies to see how 7 state governments are using GIS to help visualize their data for a wide range of focus areas.

CPE Evaluation: Transforming the Moments: How to Improve the Interaction Between Government and Its Constituents

Attend our training: Transforming the Moments: How to Improve the Interaction Between Government and Its Constituents? Be sure to take the CPE eval to get your credit!

The United States for State and Local Gov

Find out who is actually working behind the doors of the government in this infographic.

Schedule a Demo - GovLoop Academy

We work with government organizations to create innovative learning experiences. Find out what we can do to create a better learning or training course for your organization.

Government Workforce in Focus: Closing the Data and Analytics Skills Gap

Have a data skills gap at your agency? Read the guide to learn how to close that gap and improve your operations.

How the Internet of Everything Can Unlock New Possibilities for Cities Across the Globe

This Center for Digital Government crowdsourced white paper includes best practices, lessons learned and solutions to help answer these questions and shape a more holistic understanding of how the IoE is currently at work in communities today.

MarkLogic for Law Enforcement

Criminals move across geographic and cyber boundaries with impunity – and only MarkLogic has the flexibility to handle any kind of data and organize it to meet the growing and changing demands for secure real-time law enforcement information sharing, data fusion, and analysis.

More Storage Combined with a More Strategic Approach to Archiving

By moving unchanging or stale information to a purpose-built archive, organizations improve performance and free up capacity in their production environment while improving access to and usefulness of the archived data.

Open Data Fundamentals - GovLoop Academy

Join this training to learn about open data fundamentals by hearing government case studies and lessons.

Columbia University's one-year MPA in Environmental Science and Policy

Students can earn an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy through a year-long program at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. Administered in partnership with the Earth Institute, the 54-credit program immerses students in courses that combine a hands-on approach to teaching public policy and administration with pioneering thinking about the environment.

Procurement Excellence for Public Sector

Today’s procurement professionals are bombarded with operating environments that are only becoming more complex. They must manage supply risks, be judicious in the use of public funds, and deal with market volatility while bringing innovation to the business of government.

How Gov Gets Hacked

Find out how government gets hacked through real-world examples and data.

How smart are your city’s services?

Your organization can’t become smart through a mix of vision, leadership, and determination alone. You will also need to use IT to deliver integrated, multichannel services and actionable intelligence, and to act as a key enabler to unlock the potential from your existing assets.

Attend an Information Session

Every year, we host information sessions both online and on campus. We also welcome campus visits from prospective students.

Destination Branding Brochure

GIS shows all your community has to offer.

King Country Case Study

Read the success story of how King County saved $700,000 annually by creating and sharing infrastructure on FlexPod with Microsoft Private Cloud.

Improving Government Performance, Anticipating Citizens’ Needs

Predictive analytics is becoming a vital tool for a wide array of government activities, from identifying tax evaders and possible terrorists to figuring the best way to deploy resources in a flu epidemic.

GovLoop Career Resources

We couldn't fit everything in the virtual booth -- check out the rest of our career resources.

The Future of IT in State and Local Government

Read about the critical role of technology in transforming government.

Iowa Workforce Development Case Study

IWD improves accessibility to services and saves $6.5 million annually with FlexPod and VMware in this case study.

Infographic: How Government Does Cybersecurity

Download this infographic to learn more about cyber in government!

The Future of Citizen Engagement: Five Trends Transforming Government

This GovLoop guide will dive into five of the latest and newest trends in citizen engagement. From the customer experience to the Internet of Things, we’ll highlight the most innovative ways federal, state and local governments are connecting with citizens.

Oklahoma Dept. of Labor

Learn how Oklahoma Department of Labor launched a new digital communications strategy to increase efficiency, citizen satisfaction and public healthy safety.

Better government through data analysis in the UK

The Leicestershire County Council helps citizens with a variety of services, from social care to education or waste management. In this video, research and insight team leader Robert Radburn discusses how Tableau “helped our decision makers to see what people valued.”

State and Local Government Cloud White Paper

Cloud computing is gaining traction among a growing number of agencies looking to create a more efficient government with cost-effective storage and data management solutions that let those agencies do more with less. With a secure cloud solution, agencies can deploy a cloud infrastructure that accelerates time to market with new services and increases operational efficiency and flexibility while cutting costs. NetApp is a recognized leader with proven technologies to deliver the storage capabilities that will power cloud infrastructures both now and in the future.

Forecasting the Cloud: 8 Ways the Technology is Changing Government

One thing is for certain: cloud is the future. With so many options and rules surrounding cloud, it can be tough to get your head around the technology. That’s where we come in. Our new guide shares 8 case studies of government success in the cloud at the federal, state and local level.

Sharing Insights and Getting Answers Fast at VDOT

Watch this 43-minute webinar to learn how the Virginia Department of Transportation leverages data visualization to analyze operations and crash events, as well as optimize the deployment of DOT assets.

Short GovLoop Academy Video

Watch the video and learn more about GovLoop Academy and what it can do for you.

Virtual Events for Dummies

Virtual Events for Dummies-038C.pdf

The Internet of Things: What the IoT Means for the Public Sector

This guide features stories of real-world public-sector uses of IoT, with best practices, implementation tips and examples of how you can use this revolutionary technology.

Top Challenges and Solutions from State and Local Government

In GovLoop’s new guide, Top Challenges & Top Solutions from State & Local Governments, we share 16 stories about challenges that officials at the state and local levels have faced — and the practical, inventive and innovative solutions they came up with to deal with those issues.

Data Fabric Infographic

Today's IT environments are dynamic, you have options when it comes to where and how you procure IT services. View the infographic to see the potential of the Hybrid Cloud and Data Fabric Benefits.

Data Fabric Overview

NetApp enables organizations to confidently manage and maintain control of their data across any cloud, accelerating innovation and IT responsiveness.

ArcGIS for Local Government

ArcGIS for Local Government is part of Esri’s solutions initiative to provide best practices and resources based on years of experience working with governments. At the core of this initiative is Esri’s complete ArcGIS platform, which scales to the way governments function—from data creation and collection to planning, analysis, and decision making.

Purging the Paper

Purging the Paper: How ECM improves transparency and enhances agenda management in government

Good IT Investment Infographic

Picking the right IT investments is important for better constituent engagement and citizen satisfaction – and the government is taking note

Louisville, KY

Learn how Louisville strengthens citizen engagement through personalized, targeted communications.

The Government's Guide to Using Facebook

GovLoop and Facebook have partnered to create this guide, to help you use Facebook to better reach your constituents in exciting, innovative and effective ways.

Cloud 101: Learning What You Need to Know About Cloud [Infographic]

Do you even really know what cloud is? Find out in this infographic.

Is State IT Working on the Right Things?

What does it mean to be working on the right things? This determination is often difficult when considering the state as both an enterprise and a collective of individual agencies. Through interviews and formal surveys, NASCIO and Infosys Public Services gained insight from state IT leaders on the fundamental processes, mechanisms and criteria necessary to ensure that state IT is working on the right things. The resulting report will help state IT decision makers understand the key factors needed to identify the right things to do, see how they and their peer states stand against these factors and what can be done to bridge the gap.

10 Benefits of Going Paperless

Thinking about going paperless? Our infographic highlights 10 benefits of going paperless. It’s no secret that paper-based processes power government services. But going paperless is now more important than ever before. Not only will it make you more efficient and effective, but constituents are demanding it.

A Cloud Roadmap: From Implementation to Innovation

How a complete cloud offers agencies a modern approach to cutting-edge service delivery.

IoE and Convergence in Gov Infographic

Check out this infographic to learn the first step to the Internet of Everything.

Making an Impact on the Enterprise

Making an Impact on the Enterprise: The case for enterprise content management (ECM) in government

Building a Winning Workforce: What Government Leaders Should Know

The Center for Digital Government surveyed 167government leaders about the importance of talent management, the top talent management challenges they face, and how they plan to build a winning workforce.

Akash Karia Free Resources

Check out all the free resources our keynote speaker provides on his site!

Virtual Learning for Dummies

Virtual Learning for Dummies-09C7.pdf

How the Internet of Things Works

GovLoop created this infographic to help you understand how the IoT works.

Cobb County, Georgia Case Study

Cobb County delivers superior service by connecting the field and office

Storing the Data to Power Your Agency

To discuss how flash storage can replace disk-based storage and help government organizations achieve these various goals, GovLoop created this report and spoke with Vaughn Stewart, Chief Evangelist; Sandeep Singh, Director of Product Marketing; and Jason Nadeau, Director of Business Value Marketing, at Pure Storage. We also surveyed more than 150 public sector employees to discover how their agencies leverage storage solutions to address new challenges.

Archived Webcast: Simplify & Streamline with Oracle Solutions Contract

In this 30 minute session, speakers Livia Alfano - DLT Solutions SLED Manager, David Kidd - U.S. Communities Program Manager, and Steve Dahle - Maricopa County Contract Manager, cover the benefits and advantages of our U.S. Communities contract for all your Oracle product and service requirements.

The Future of Cybersecurity: 15 Trends Safeguarding Government

Although cybersecurity will always be a moving target, government is taking action now to better protect our interests at home, abroad, and online. In this guide we explore the who, what, and why of that action.

NextGen Guide to Building Your Network

Are you ready to make productive change in government? Work together with your peers and make an impact from within? Help retain excellent employees in the public sector? One way you can do that is by creating a NextGen group within your agency.

Smart City Readiness: Understand the Issues to Accelerate the Journey

To find out where cities in North America are on this path, Cisco recently collaborated with members of the Smart Cities Council, a worldwide coalition of companies that are dedicated to inventing an urban future. Cisco asked mayors, city councilors, IT executives, and city managers to share where they are today, and the challenges and opportunities they are experiencing on their smart city journey.

Realizing the value of Operational Analytics with Splunk and Red Hat

Enterprises in today’s fast-paced, highly connected and increasingly global business environment depend on a complex web of systems in order to compete effectively. In order to achieve a comprehensive view of operational performance across the business, and to enable the rapid remediation of breakdowns, savvy enterprises are investing heavily in analytics capabilities.

Red Hat Public Sector Chief Technology Strategist Gunnar Hellekson Wins FedScoop 50 Industry Leadership Award

Last night, FedScoop held its FedScoop 50 Awards Reception in Washington, D.C. to celebrate, honor and recognize the achievements of 50 of the federal IT community’s brightest minds and innovators of 2012. We’re proud to share that Gunnar Hellekson, chief technology strategist for Red Hat’s U.S. public sector group, won FedScoop’s Industry Leadership Award!

CPE Evaluation: When Flash Makes All the Difference: Delivering Constituent Services in the Age of Instant Gratification

CPE evaluation for our training: When Flash Makes All the Difference: Delivering Constituent Services in the Age of Instant Gratification.

Department of Defense saves millions on agile private cloud

The Department of Defense (DoD) hired technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton to transform its aging and inflexible architecture into one that supports elasticity and flexibility during spikes in user demand. Using Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat JBoss® Middleware, and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Booz Allen Hamilton created a private cloud and elastic infrastructure that saved US$5.1 million through fiscal year 2015 and increased agility and flexibility.

Fueling Community Resiliency

Fueling Community Resiliency with Enterprise Content Management: Integrate content and systems delivers the right information to the right people, when and where they need it most

Northumberland County Case Study

Want to improve county services and data protection without increasing IT budgets? Read Northumberland County's case study to learn how they transitioned to a hybrid cloud to solve these challenges.

Six Ways ECM Can Help Government Infographic

Six ways enterprise content management (ECM) can help government overcome common challenges

Accessibility in IT Procurement

Historically, state governments have struggled to address accessibility requirements as part of IT procurements. NASCIO will address this issue in a two part series on accessibility in procurement. This is the first such brief and part II will include states in practice and adoption information for states.

Applied Geography Builds Smart Communities

Governments are rallying around the smart cities concept—also known as smart nations, resilient communities, sustainable cities and livable communities with the subthemes safe cities, healthy communities, smart grid, and smart transportation.

State and Local Tech Trends Virtual Training

On October 21st, join us for our State and Local Tech Trends Virtual Training as we share results from TODAY's Virtual Summit surveys and show how advanced technology and innovative practices can help government overcome challenges. This FREE, half-day online training will feature three live training webinars on the biggest tech trends in government including cloud, big data and more. Each training will highlight: Current challenges facing state and local governments. Lessons learned from leaders in organizations that have successfully overcome those challenges. Concrete best practices to bring back to your organization.

7 State Government GIS Innovators Infographic

Learn how seven of your peers have used GIS to improve their policy making, service delivery, and collaboration within the organization.

Minnesota Dept. of Health

Learn how the Minnesota Department of Health enhances its digital communications for better health outcomes.

How to Improve Performance Management in Government

Learn how government leaders are making critical decisions to meet their missions with data visualization scorecards.

Beyond Relational

Why change? In this white paper, we dive into the details of why relational databases are ill-suited to handle the massive volumes of disparate, varied, and changing data that organizations have in their data centers. It is for this reason that leading organizations are going beyond relational to embrace new kinds of databases. And when they do, the results can be dramatic.

GovLoop Resources

From cyber trends to advancing your career, we cover it. Check out all of our resources on

Fueling Community Resiliency

Fueling Community Resiliency with Enterprise Content Management: Integrate content and systems delivers the right information to the right people, when and where they need it most

Canary Islands get high performance, low-cost IT

To meet growing demand for its services, the IT department for the government of the Canary Islands needed to expand and update its existing VMware virtualization environment. The new solution had to offer high performance, scalability, security, and operational efficiency. After an exhaustive research process, the IT department chose Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization. In just 4 months, it successfully migrated 100 physical servers running approximately 1,000 virtual machines on VMware to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization—all while keeping the department fully functional and without impacting users. This migration also improved the consolidation ratios of virtual machines per host, and resulted in budget savings of up to 70% compared to previous virtualization platforms.

Top Challenges and Solutions at the State and Local Level Guide

In this guide, we’ve uncovered 16 success stories at the state and local levels. These examples showcase some big challenges to government — and how to overcome them.

Free 14-day trial

Tableau is data analysis software that keeps you in the flow. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and 10-100x faster than existing solutions. It’s built on breakthrough technology that translates pictures of data into optimized database queries. Use your natural ability to see patterns, identify trends and discover visual insights in seconds. No wizards, no scripts.

Smart+Connected City Parking

Helping cities, citizens, local businesses, and enforcement agencies.

Smart+Connected City Lighting

A multi-sensor internet-of-everything platform for applications.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Clears View of Data

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) protects Minnesota’s natural environment through monitoring, clean-up, regulation enforcement, policy development and education. The MPCA strives to meet the highest levels of transparency and accountability; to that end the agency has established a data analysis unit to respond to ad hoc information requests. The team chose Tableau to help them answer questions faster and more completely, and to further adoption of a data-driven culture within the MPCA.

OnBase Electronic Plan Review Solution Sheet

OnBase for Electronic Plan Review: Electronic Plan Review speeds development projects

Top Challenges & Solutions from State and Local Government

In this guide we share 16 stories about challenges that officials at the state and local levels have faced - and the practical, inventive and innovative solutions they came up with to deal with those issues.

Simplicity, Scalability, Efficiency: The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

An even more efficient and scalable solution is on the scene that many government organizations may not yet know about: hyper-converged infrastructure. A hyper-converged infrastructure tightly integrates storage, compute, and networking virtualization resources in the same appliance. Haven't head of it? That's ok, that's why we wrote this industry perspective.

Infographic: Mapping Your Citizen Customer Journey

What is Software as a Service Infographic

For many state and local governments SaaS will revolutionize the way they manage their IT infrastructures and ultimately better serve the public.

The Open Data Playbook for Government

This guide gives you a play-by-play for getting on board with the open data movement at your agency.

Closing the Data and Analytics Skills Gap

Standing between the federal government and improved delivery of services is the data skills gap.

Capitalizing on Convergence In Your City Infographic

Imagine the possibilities when a city takes advantage of IoE.

Gaining the Situational Awareness Needed to Mitigate Cyberthreats

In this industry perspective, GovLoop explores how Splunk, an operational intelligence platform and industry leader in government security, helps government agencies find value from their data to reduce the impact of cyber incidents.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit

DART uses email and text messages to keep customers updated on transit changes in real time.

A Proactive Approach to Emergency Preparedness

An emergency situation can be taxing for many municipalities that rely on outdated processes for deploying first responders, tracking resources, and then applying for federal aid and funding. To solve these challenges, government organizations are turning to automated staffing and workforce management solutions that help them be better prepared before, during, and after a natural disaster or emergency situation. This whitepaper discusses how the right solution helps put first responders on site as fast as possible, tracks all jobs related to recovery clean-up efforts, and aids in effective labor reporting for reimbursement from FEMA and other funding sources.

Engaging the Connected Citizen

Engaging the Connected Citizen: A digital practices checklist for Government

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

A new strategy for fighting a familiar threat

I Am Building a Smart Community

How to build a smart community for state and local government

How Government Does Cybersecurity [infographic]

Rather than taking on threats alone, every facet of government has to work together to create a comprehensive and robust cyber strategy. Each employee, department, branch, and level of government has a role to play. This infographic examines the functions each public sector entity plays in creating a comprehensively secure government.


Columbia University Master's Program in Environmental Science and Policy

Building Successful Relationships: State CIO Advice for IT Partners

Given today's fiscal environment, states are turning to their IT partners to provide cost-effective delivery of citizen services. This brief focuses on the best strategies for IT partners to engage with state CIOs while building successful business relationships.

MarkLogic Helps Fairfax County Residents Become More Civic-minded

Partnership gives the public 10x faster access to geospatial data.

CPE Evaluation: How to Build a Smarter, More Responsive Community

Attend our GIS training today? Be sure to take the CPE eval!

Pure Storage Introduces a New Technology Upgrade Model with Evergreen Storage

This IDC White Paper assesses Pure Storage's Evergreen Storage model, reviewing both existing approaches and this new approach in terms of the impacts on customers and their business and financial implications.

How Workforce Analytics Helps the City of Houston Improve Operations, Reduce Costs, and Save Millions

In this IDC Government Insights Case Study, learn how the Houston uses Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ to give their managers the transparency and accountability they need to identify and solve workforce management issues more quickly and cost-effectively.

Creating Connected Agencies for Public Safety Using the Internet of Everything

Law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS are turning to the IoE to stay safer and more informed.

Improving Financial Reporting at the Department of the Interior

Watch this one-hour FCW webinar to learn how the DOI uses data visualization and analytical technologies to quickly raise red flags and effectively seek answers

Brooklyn Public Library saves time, money, and headcount with Tableau

Tableau helps us tell the story of what the library does in a way we've never been able to before. Telling a story rooted in data—rather than anecdotes—is a much more powerful way of getting across the depth and breadth of what we do here.

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Guide to International Jobs in Government

If you’re interested in getting a government job in foreign policy or international affairs, you’ve come to the right place. The Robertson Foundation for Government (RFFG), GovLoop and the Association for Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) have produced a highly valuable guide entitled, “Making Global Impact: Guide to International Jobs in Government.”

Red Hat Training helps State of Tennessee deploy new middleware solution

The State of Tennessee Office of Information Resources (OIR) selected Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware solutions to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase performance, flexibility, and availability of resources.

Hybrid Cloud Issue Brief

Forty-one percent of respondents in a CDG survey thought Hybrid Cloud was the best fit for their agency compared to public (27%) and private (23%). View this brief to learn how to optimize the Hybrid Cloud for state and local government.

See and understand your data in seconds.

Check out this video for more info.

Modern HR in the Cloud

Competition for talent is increasing, skills shortages are worsening and social recruiting tools are making it easier than ever for workers to change jobs. HR leaders must align their human capital management, data and talent strategies around these trends in order to create great employee experiences that serve its customers and business best.

CPE Evaluation: Breaking Down Silos and Combining Data to Move Your Government at the Speed of Business

Be sure to take the CPE evaluation for our training: Breaking Down Silos and Combining Data to Move Your Government at the Speed of Business.

Remedying the Principle Agent Problem in the Public Sector

Lack of visibility into workforce activity costs public sector organizations millions in unseen “human nature” behavior such as overtime and leave abuse and pension padding. It’s a pervasive and difficult labor issue ― but not unsolvable. This whitepaper discusses how workforce management solutions that help public sector organizations leverage their data through analytics can provide the visibility administrators need to stop time-related fraud and abuse and restore accountability.

University of Reading builds climate research

At the University of Reading, the Department of Meteorology needed a highly reliable, available, and scalable storage file system to manage data for its scientific research projects in weather, climate, and earth observation. With Red Hat® Storage Server, the department now has an enterprise-grade product—backed by world-class service and support—that saves departmental IT staff valuable research time they used to spend on maintenance and administration tasks.

California Natural Resources Agency Video

How Oracle Solutions Help National Government

Oracle provides a complete, integrated set of solutions to meet the complex needs of the national government.

Transforming the Moments: How to Improve the Interaction Between Government and Its Constituents Slide Deck

Slide deck from today's training with Terri Jones of Hyland:Transforming the Moments: How to Improve the Interaction Between Government and Its Constituents.

Sector Roadmap: Enterprise MBaaS platforms

This Sector Roadmap™ identifies and categorizes the principal disruption vectors at play and profiles a number of significant solution providers in the space. Key findings include: The MBaaS market is comprised of vendors from four key markets: pure-play mobile backends, traditional MEAP/MADP providers, PaaS vendors, and API enablers. Over the next 24 months, the MBaaS market will be disrupted by five Disruption Vectors: a convergence of features from multiple products, a growing importance of mobile-first development, a need for increased control of data assets, a need to unlock corporate data silos, and the growing influence of DevOps and Agile methodologies in mobile development. In the coming years, the lines between MBaaS and PaaS will blur, and vendors will create a more integrated development stack. In the near term, enterprises should meet their needs with MBaaS offerings that provide the greatest flexibility in deployment and tool choice.

Delivering Mobile Solutions for the Public Sector

Red Hat® Mobile Application Platform brings together agility and centralized control to power mobile innovation and improved citizen and employee engagement. The platform offers a suite of features that embrace collaborative app development, centralized control of security and back-end integration, and a range of cloud deployments to meet government requirements. Mobile developers and DevOps teams can work with toolkits of their choice and securely access developer components that can be used and reused across multiple government and agency-wide mobile projects. Deployment options that span public, hybrid and private clouds are designed to meet an agency’s needs for control, scalability, budget, and flexibility. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Key features of Red Hat Mobile Application Platform include: • Collaboration and application life-cycle management • Bring-your-own-tools • Back-end integration • Security and authentication • Codeless development • Cloud and on-premise deployment

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Breaking Down Silos and Combining Data Slide Deck

Download the slide deck from our training: Breaking Down Silos and Combining Data to Move Your Government at the Speed of Business.

Unmanned Aerial Systems, Governance and State CIOs: On the Radar

State governments are turning to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for a variety of applications. This brief lays out important public policy issues when it comes to state CIO governance of UAS.

Prevention of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Constituents rightfully expect that the government collects and spends taxpayer money in a responsible manner. Fraud, waste, and abuse undermine the reputation of government, as well as negatively impact economic growth and prosperity.

GovLoop Training Overview

Learn a bit more about GovLoop's core learning and training capabilities.

Staying Agile with Big Data

Faced with rapidly evolving business needs and technologies, it’s critical to preserve your organization’s agility and flexibility in choosing platforms, solutions, and evolving practices to get the most from your big data investments.

Complete OpenStack Storage

OpenStack® is today’s largest and fastest-growing open source cloud infrastructure project. Built by a broad community of contributors, it allows enterprises to build and manage scalable, flexible, next-generation services—and it must be powered by scalable, flexible, next-generation storage to succeed. Red Hat® Storage consists of software-defined storage technologies that scale the way OpenStack does—out, not up—and their extensible architectures let them integrate more tightly with OpenStack than traditional, proprietary storage solutions can. Red Hat offers a comprehensive software-defined storage portfolio, engineered with modern cloud architectures in mind. Red Hat Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage are a clear choice for enterprises deploying OpenStack.

Red Hat Storage Savings Calculator

Most storage costs are locked up in expensive, proprietary hardware. Info-Tech Research Group estimates that 60 to 75 cents of every dollar spent on storage goes toward the underlying hardware. Red Hat Storage dramatically reduces the hardware investment required to build mid- to large-scale storage infrastructures, helping you get back in control of your organization's storage budget. See how much you can save with Red Hat’s product compared to your industry peers. Input your current storage costs and architectural considerations, then click Submit to find out.

How Boston and Philadelphia Have Reestablished Trust in Government

Levels of trust in government remain troublingly low, but open-data initiatives and increased citizen engagement through technology offer a promising remedy. Regina Maruca recently discussed this topic with Bill Oates of Boston, Mark Headd of Philadelphia, and Dante Ricci of SAP. The following are highlights from the conversation.

HR Solutions for Public Sector

Operational and performance priorities for HR organizations in the public sector

State Government: Unleashing the Value of IoE

Perfecting the convergence of mobility, big data, and cloud: unleashing the value of the Internet of Everything

Smart+Connected City Wi-Fi

Learn how Smart+Connected City Wi-Fi enables cities to solve their most critical problems (for example, parking, traffic management, lighting, water and waste management, etc.) on a shared and intelligent network infrastructure.

SAP and the Public Sector Creating Competitive Advantage Through Innovation

Empowering government through technology to improve both performance and the quality of citizens’ lives.

How to Build a Smarter, More Responsive Community Slide Deck

Download the slide deck presented by Christopher Thomas of Esri during our training: How to Build a Smarter, More Responsive Community.

GovLoop Trainings

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MarkLogic and Fairfax County: Leveraging Advanced Analytics and Opening GIS Data

Fairfax County, Virginia had a challenge in opening up and exposing its geospatial data to the public so that developers could build location and map-based applications with it. These slides show how MarkLogic solved this challenge using the MarkLogic platform.

Fairfax County Increases Its Ability to Promote Open Government While Reducing Costs

Fairfax County, Virginia is modernizing with next-generation technology. It is increasing efficiency in its public services, promoting open government, and streamlining operations — all by using MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database.

MarkLogic 8

More powerful, agile, and trusted—MarkLogic 8 is the database for all of your data

Deplow on AWS

If you need to run NoSQL in the cloud, MarkLogic® on Amazon Web Services* is the best option. MarkLogic provides the only Enterprise NoSQL solution that runs on AWS and you can get started for only 99 cents an hour. A single cluster can be created in just a few minutes using pre-packaged AMIs, though MarkLogic also scales easily to hundreds of terabytes. Not only that, but MarkLogic tiered storage makes it easy to partition data and use a fluid mix of storage based on performance and cost trade-offs.

Forecasting the Cloud - GovLoop Guide

Eight ways the cloud is impacting government.

GovLoop Mentors Handout

Over the years, GovLoop has connected federal, state and local government professionals to help them rise through the government ranks. Check out our program to learn how you and your agency can benefit.

The Virtual Training Playbook for Government

With budget cuts and limited resources, government training is going virtual. But not all online trainings are created equal. In this playbook, we provide you with a framework to bring awesome online training programs to your agency. We break down the process of creating an online training into manageable components to help you understand how to make programs not only a reality at your agency, but a victory.

How GIS Empowers You To Build A Smart Community

Smart communities are able to leverage technology to improve the quality of life for citizens. GIS plays a critical role in this, as it empowers leaders to visualize, question, analyze, and interpret organizational data to better understand relationships and trends in their community. In a 2013 NACo study, participants noted their top nine public service passions. To meet these objectives, organizations must deploy an enterprise wide technology strategy. An enterprise-wide strategy will empower them to create smarter communities. These areas are just the start of how agencies are using smart community tools to improve their communities. But who is already leading the charge? Our infographic offers three examples.

Stay Modern with Evergreen Storage

Watch this video to learn more about evergreen storage.

Remote Expert for Government Services

Learn how to deliver better quality services to more citizens at lower cost.

5 Best Practices for Open Data in Government

Modern transparency enables data insights to action for the greater good. This paper outlines 5 ways for government agencies to utilize, understand and share open data with the public.