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Defining Your Target Audience Webcast Slides

Slides for the Webcast: "Defining Your Target Audience"

EdWeek - Art Classes and Math


Socia Media Academy Resources

Under *resources* you will find a variety of tools, research and tips that was either put together by the Social Media Academy, current or former students or information from the social web that we found helpful or important.

Virtual Corporate University Presentation

The ON24 Virtual Corporate University is being used by leading companies to provide engaging training programs for: New Hire On-Boarding, Leadership and Professional Development, Sales and Partner Training, and Employee Education. By combining virtual classrooms, live webcasts, social networking tools, and other Web-based collaboration tools, the Virtual Corporate University creates a highly adaptable and engaging learning experience for wide-ranging training programs and employee needs.

Fiserv Case Study

Replacing a traditional in-person event, Fiserv’s Virtual Client Exchange was an engaging online venue for delivery of annual meeting content. The event featured webcast product updates and provided direct access to Fiserv associates. ON24’s virtual environment allowed Fiserv to address the communication needs of a broad range of clients, increasing customer satisfaction by 15% while saving time and reducing travel costs.

Clouds for HR Webcast Slides


Ask the Digital Experts Webcast Slides

Presentation Slides for the Webcast: "Ask the Digital Experts Webinar: Using Social Tools for B2B Storytelling & Demand Generation"

Marketing Trends Survey Results

GlobalSpec conducted its annual Industrial Marketing Trends Survey of marketing and sales professionals in the manufacturingsector. The survey addressed the marketing trends, challenges andexpenditures within the engineering, technical, manufacturing and industrialcommunities. This white paper analyzes the results of the survey and offersrecommendations for marketers to help them allocate their marketing budgetand plan marketing programs more effectively.

Virtual Corporate University White Paper

This white paper discusses the impact of the virtual corporate university on global companies’ training results. Employees, partners, and clients need to be retrained continually to perform wider-ranging job functions, stay current with new technologies and methods, and receive important product information.

We Know Your Target Audience

At GlobalSpec we specialize in an industrial marketplace that allows us to deliver the right engineers, technical buyers and manufacturing professionals who are looking for your products and services and depend on GlobalSpec to find you. And with 6.1 million registered users, we can provide you sales leads with complete contact information.

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ON24 Virtual Show Data Sheet

ON24 Virtual Show is a flexible communications and demand generation solution that provides an engaging virtual venue for events such as: Trade shows, Sales kickoffs, Partner training, User conferences, and Career fairs.

Xeesm/Flights!™ for eLearning

Online learning is much more than just an education process workflow. One important key-stone is to build socially en-gaged learning communities. Xeesm/Flights for eLearning pro-vides a powerful way to connect students even before a class begins and keeps them together long after a class has finishe

Charting the Course Webcast Slides

Slides for the Webcast: "Charting the Course to a Customer-Centric Business"

Cloud Lifecycle Management pdf


Wall Street Journal - Handwriting and the Brain


Top 100 Companies That Use GlobalSpec

GlobalSpec’s more than 6.1 million registered users represent large OEMs, industry leaders and many Fortune 500 companies – a coveted population relying on GlobalSpec to find products, services and other technical information needed throughout their workday. See the Top 100 on this list.

Xeesm Event Promotion Program

The Xeesm Event Promotion Program is developed in collaboration with the Social Media Academy.Event buzz creation is not a mys-tic art but a social engagement technique. It’s leveraging the fact that news in the social web via “word of mouth” spreads faster than any other way.The event promotion program includes: - Introductory webinar for your team - Social media readiness program - Xeesm Flights! For event managers - System setup and guidance - Flight templates - Training - Event strategy development - Project execution consulting

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Ways to connect with Xeesm

Ways to connect with the Xeesm team on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks.

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Drive Higher Sales Performance Webcast Slides


Annual Webinar Benchmarks


Online Events Calendar

See the over 25 events planned for this year, in different topic and industry areas.

SMACAD Education and training program overview

The Social Media Academy teaches business managers to get a holistic view of the business related social media world as well as a deep dive to be able to develop and execute successful social business strategies

Learn About Event Speaking Opportunities

See some examples of the professional production surrounding GlobalSpec events.

The Virtual Sales Kickoff Meeting: Strategies that Produce Results

There are three basic virtual sales kickoff strategies, with varying combinations of in-person and online interaction. Each approach helps maximize sales productivity, improve the knowledge of the sales force, and ramp up new hires more efficiently. Watch this webinar to find out how competitive sales organizations benefit from the following types of virtual sales kickoffs: − The Sales Kickoff Meeting Capture—a physical event captured and hosted on demand to extend the use and ROI of valuable content − The Living Sales Kickoff—a traditional sales kickoff meeting followed by virtual events, for ongoing communication and collaboration − The Full Virtual Sales Kickoff Meeting— a time- and cost-savings solution for geographically dispersed teams

Xeesm - My channel is my best sales team

Xeesm’s Channel Empowerment Program is co-developed with the Social Media Academy.As the “educated purchase decision” is mostly influenced by the search term “Who has experi-ence with…” Channel partners in all industries need to know to be part of the recommendation and influencer networks.

Xeesm/Flights!™ for Event Managers

Getting your audience to join your virtual or physical events is ever more challenging. Cutting through the enormous noise level in all industries became a daunting task for all event man-agers. Xeesm/Flights for Event Managers is a solution that helps to leverage social media and it’s powerful communication mecha-nisms to make events highly successful.

Sodexo Case Study

More than 4,500 Sodexo managers - scattered across the globe and all 50 states - were invited to attend a continuation of the company’s virtual management training program, and 90% registered. Sodexo provided hours of training for each manager at a fraction of the cost of traditional face-to-face training. The company estimates savings of about $1.4 million.

Swagelok Company Case Study


THK America Case Study


Balluff Case Study


Virtual Learning for Dummies

This slim volume introduces you to basic virtual learning concepts and how you can implement them. You find out what goes into a virtual learning application, how you can apply virtual learning concepts to your needs, and how best to implement virtual learning in your business. You even see how others have implemented virtual learning (and how wonderfully it worked out for them). Aren’t you glad you set aside the time to take in this book?

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SMACAD Certified Social Media Strategist

The Social Media Strategist Class is based on the Social Business Masters Class but has additional lessons and additional workshops. The Social Media Strategist class is especially designed for social media consultants and agencies who plan to offer strategic social media services to their clients. As Certified Social Media Strategist you will be able to help businesses creating and executing a social media business strategy from assessment to execution and reporting. You will benefit from proven methods, models and frameworks.You will learn from online lessons and get hand on experience in instructor lead workshops and collaborating with other students.

ON24 Virtual Enviroment Best Practices - How to Keep Your Enviroment Thriving

ON24’s Virtual Environment is designed for companies seeking an engaging, dynamic global solution for sales, partner, marketing, training and recruiting programs. The ON24 Virtual Environment is an interactive persistent online environment – combining webcasts, product information, interactive features, social networking and real-time reporting – that allows companies to engage and interact with audiences of all types.

SMACAD - Social Media Channel Empowerment Program

Many vendors have a difficult time to empower their partners with social media while they don't have a social media strategy themselves. Well – the partners have the customer relationships – so the "Social Media Strategy" for a vendor is PARTNER EMPOWERMENT

Ways to connect with the Social Media Academy

Ways to connect with the Socia Media Academy team on Twitter - Linkedin - Facebook and other Social Networks.

GlobalSpec Speaking Opportunities

Learn how to speak at one of our events!

ON24 Global Virtual Enviroment Best Practices

A global virtual environment should be a compelling and interactive user experience for your attendees, regardless of their region. It should highlight content relevant to each user and allow for social networking and interaction with your company’s staff in each region. This document provides project managers with important considerations and recommendations for virtual environments targeting multiple global regions.

Cloud Responsibility Webcast Slides #1


Build Your Webcast in 10 Minutes with Webcast Elite


ON24 VBC Data Sheet

The ON24 Virtual Briefing Center is designed for companies seeking an engaging, dynamic solution for high-quality lead generation, corporate training and recruiting. The Virtual Briefing Center is an interactive virtual environment providing a persistent online destination to showcase products and engage audiences.

Boost Sales & Service Webcast Slides

Slides for the Webcast: "Boost Sales and Field Service Productivity with Mobile Apps"

GlobalSpec Online Events Overview

Learn how GlobalSpec’s Events bring together influential engineering, scientific, and industrial decision-makers—your target audience—online and in real time, to experience the same essential benefits of a face-to-face event, all from the convenience of their desktop

WebEx Example


ON24 VBC Guide

This document contains options for the various Virtual Briefing Center (VBC) locations. Each VBC consists of two screens: the Lobby and the Theater.

GlobalSpec Events Calendar

Access GlobalSpec's Events Calendar.

GlobalSpec Media Kit

Download our Media Kit and learn how, as your online media partner our goal is to: •Give you more value for your advertising dollars•Deliver online media solutions that work with traditional programs•Provide real results you can count on•Offer advice, customized plans and value add options

Revolutionizing Internal Corporate Communications

Every organization--whether it is a multinational corporation or a non-profit institution--is only as strong as its workforce. Effective internal communications are key to everything from creating a knowledgeable workforce to meeting compliance goals. Many enterprises have adopted webcasting as a cornerstone of their communications strategy, a successful solution to solving internal communications challenges. Find out how in this 30 minute webcast as Mark Szelenyi, Senior Director, Product Management for ON24, Inc., and Jim Patterson, VP of Product Management for Yammer share how webcasting plus Yammer's capabilities can take your company meetings to the next level.



About GlobalSpec

With more than 6.1 million registered users — your customers — and over twelve years of experience in the online technical market place, we are a valuable resource tool used by industry professionals to find all types of products and services like yours. A GlobalSpec program belongs in your marketing mix.

CA Case Study

Delivered via the ON24 Virtual Show platform, CA’s May Mainframe Madness was a month-long hybrid virtual event that drew thousands of attendees from the mainframe community. Complementing CA World, the company’s in-person event, CA delivered more than 150 sessions online and provided a complete content refresh every weekday for an entire month.

UE Systems Inc. Case Study


Virtual Corporate University Data Sheet

The ON24 Virtual Corporate University is being used by leading companies to provide engaging training programs for: New Hire On-Boarding, Leadership and Professional Development, Sales and Partner Training, and Employee Education.

Case Study Quotes

Quotes from Various Case Studies About Exhibiting at GlobalSpec's Online Events.

Demographic Profile

From engineers to technical buyers and manufacturing professionals, you'll reach the right audience - a growing community of industrial buyers who are looking for your products and services and depend on GlobalSpec to find you. This pdf shows you just waht job functions, industries, geographic regions, and more, you can reach on GlobalSpec.

2013 Pacon Catalog


Professional Presenations At GlobalSpec Events

See examples of the high quality, professional presenatations GlobalSpec develops for all of our events.