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Akamai Web Performance Solutions

Akamai’s industry leading scale, performance & intelligence solution makes web experiences fast, reliable and secure across all end-user situations, while maximizing infrastructure offload and operational agility.

How Data is Changing the Face of Citizen Engagement

Government is using data as a customer service model, too. Do you have a pothole on your street? There are mobile apps in many cities you can use to alert the transportation department. Got an idea on how to better utilize park funds? There’s an online public forum geared towards you. This training features lessons from Mai-Ling Garcia, Online Engagement Manager for the City of Oakland, Tim Fullerton, director of digital strategy at the Interior Department and Nicole Stillwell, deputy chief of new media for the State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs.


Check out videos for tips, best practices and more.

Laying the Bricks for a Resilient Community

Today, you are challenged to stay resilient no matter what challenges your community faces. Governments must operate efficiently regardless of any crisis or event. That’s where GIS comes into play. GIS is an integrative technology, and seamlessly connects mobile, ECM and cloud to help gain a holistic view of the community, building more resilient communities. Our infographic explores how.

Master of Science in Urban and Regional Policy

Infographic // The Road to the City on the Hill

With emerging technology today, government has an unbelievable opportunity to create the City on the Hill.

Kona Site Defender

Billions of people, tens of billions of devices and countless petabytes of information are all connected online. With rapid online innovation, new security threats are emerging with equal speed. The challenge for companies is to innovate fearlessly and deliver the fast, fluid online experience consumers and business users expect while protecting against threats that cause downtime, drive up costs and put confidential information at risk. To succeed, companies need to continue to expand their online offerings without constantly watching the door.

Keynote: Why Ask Questions? Slide Deck

Warren Berger shares his new book, A More Beautiful Question, that shows how asking "why" can lead to new ideas and opportunities.

Advanced Cyber Threats in State and Local Government

CDG14 SURVEY ReportFireEye-0C37.pdf

NASCIO Best Practices

Each year NASCIO recognizes outstanding IT projects among the states. This year 11 recipients were chosen. Their projects are highlighted in the annual Best Practices Book.

Secure the Data Center, Protect Applications, and Defend the Network

Businesses rely on applications for internal productivity and for external customer access. At the same time, applications and the data centers that host them are increasingly under threat from sophisticated, targeted attacks.

Webinar // Put Your Documents on the Map: OnBase & Esri GIS

Increase productivity by reducing inefficient switching between applications. Present a user with all the documents they need to make informed decisions, move business processes forward, and improve customer service. Put your documents on the map with OnBase.

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Simplifying Your Search- How Government is Opening Data Through GIS Slide Deck

Fairfax County wanted to upgrade their existing Police Events application. Learn how they did it.

From the State House to the County Clerk: 15 Challenges and Success Stories at the State and Local Level

State and local governments are the single largest employer in the United States. Like any large corporation, they are saddled with some enormous and seemingly intractable challenges. But state and local government’s are also home to some of the most innovative and mission driven employees. In our latest guide, we’ve uncovered 15 success stories at the state and local levels. These examples showcase some big challenges to government — and how to overcome them. We have broken the challenges into four categories: Internal Best Practices Tech Challenges Health and Safety Community Engagement and Outreach In our case studies, we highlight how successful communities have seen big improvements. We hope these examples will inspire, inform and invigorate you, too.

10 Key Considerations for Successful Cloud Migration

You are likely managing an increasingly heterogeneous environment made up of private cloud, public cloud, and SaaS-based applications. To better manage this complex ecosystem, you will need to take a more holistic approach to utilities like load balancing, DR, security, and performance optimization. We’ve tapped into our experience delivering thousands of cloud applications to present some key factors to consider as you develop your cloud migration strategy.

State and Local Series: MongoDB and the City of Chicago

Hear how MongoDB was implemented by the City of Chicago to optimize city services through the development of the SmartData Project.

MarkLogic for Government

A decade and a half into the 21st century, it’s time government agencies moved on past their 20th century database technology. Durable as it’s been, the relational DBMS-plus-Structured Query Language (SQL) applications simply aren’t up to today’s requirements. You need something radically different. A growing number of federal agencies are evaluating a whole new class of databases that don’t rely solely on SQL, yet can act relationally if required. Learn why the product they choose most often for mission-critical operations is MarkLogic.

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Sector, Philanthropy, and Social Change Website

The Graduate Certificate in the Nonprofit Sector is a professionally-oriented, application-based program for students seeking leadership positions in nonprofit organizations or in a public agency that deals extensively with nonprofits. The curriculum is designed to address the distinctive features and practices of the nonprofit sector and emphasizes management techniques helpful to nonprofit leaders.

Masters of Public Administration

The MPA program builds on Northeastern’s reputation for experiential education and real-world problem solving. Students examine a full-range of administrative strategies, including policy analysis, budgeting, human resource and organization management, and political leadership. Through the MPA program you will develop solutions to today’s governance challenges and be prepared for management and leadership careers in the public and nonprofit.

10 Trending Reasons for AP Automation

Capture invoices electronically – whether fax, mail, email, EDI, etc. – and deliver them to the appropriate people for review, approval and coding.

Cybersecurity Study: State Governments at Risk

This study reports findings and analysis of a comprehensive survey of State Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) conducted by NASCIO in partnership with Deloitte. The results of the 2014 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study confirm the growing importance of cybersecurity for states.

Collaborative Community Development

Using ECM to connect planning, mapping and asset management.

What can OnBase & Esri do for you?

With the OnBase Integration for Esri ArcGIS, processes no longer stop while GIS users search for related documents.

Socrata Open Performance Data Sheet

Socrata Open Performance provides a seamless system for government agencies to not only set goals, but measure their impact against data, perform broad analysis, and share results with the public automatically.

The Socrata Open Data Value Framework

Recognizing the four pillars of value is key to unlocking the value of your open data initiatives.

White Papers

F5 is leading the way in solving important challenges—from specific technical scenarios to evolving industry trends. White papers give you real-world context for the role F5 technologies can play in meeting these challenges and using emerging trends to your full advantage.

Akamai Empowers the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

One of NCMEC’s top priorities in 2012 was an extensive redesign of its website,, and it featured a cleaner, more powerful look that is much easier to navigate, with a home page highlighting the organization’s unique mission and programs. When the organization embarked on the redesign in 2012, it hoped to drive significantly more traffic to its web presence. Knowing that such a change can easily bring a site down, it engaged Akamai’s newest services to help prevent any downtime.

Documentation, Guides, and Visual Tools

Going Mobile, Sans Security Breaches

Mobile technologies enable health and social services organizations to better care for their constituents — but smartphones, tablets and laptops can make organizations vulnerable to cybercrime. Learn how to reap the rewards and lower your risk.

Master of Science and Law and Public Policy

Making an Impact on the Enterprise

The Case for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in Government.

OnBase Employee File Management

OnBase by Hyland enables HR departments to better manage employee files, equipping personnel with secure, instant access to information.

10 Reasons Why Government Training Is About to Be Completely Disrupted

Katie Parris and Mario Morino of the Morino Institute released a new book entitled, “Just in Time: The Beyond-the-Hype Potential of E-Learning.” Here are our takeaways.

Cybersecurity: Rising to the Challenge

Cybersecurity experts say that if IT leaders are not concerned about the ongoing evolution of the cyber landscape, it just means they are not paying enough attention. The problem is that these and other emerging cyber tactics are designed to evade traditional cyber defenses and escape detection until it’s too late. The good news is it’s not a lost cause. In this special report, a subject matter expert discusses cybersecurity technologies and strategies that can help agencies defend their systems and data against the latest cyber threats, today and into the future.

Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice Website

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice graduate programs help prepare students for research, policy development, administrative, and supervisory positions within the various sectors of the criminal justice field. Conditions and needs in criminal justice are always changing and, therefore, the program acquaints students with the most current perspectives as well as with substantive knowledge, technical skills, and analytic methodologies.

The Dynamic DNS Infrastructure

Between the proliferation of mobile devices and the ever increasing amount of content on the web, DNS usage has seen a huge increase in recent years. Meanwhile, DNS continues to be a tempting target for attackers, and when they succeed in disrupting DNS, all external data center services are affected. For organizations confronting these growth and security challenges, F5’s new full-proxy architecture for DNS provides a complete solution for global, local, and cloud load balancing.

Why Government is Going Paperless CPE Evaluation

Making Smarter IT Investments

Today, cloud computing offers government the opportunity to re-imagine how services are delivered. But a word to the wise: not all cloud platforms are created equal.

Wisconsin Revenue

WI Revenue mobile app allows Wisconsin taxpayers to use a number of the popular tax-related online services found on the Department of Revenue's website.

AccessNC Mobile App

The AccessNC™ mobile app from the North Carolina Dept. of Commerce is a digital tool for executive site selectors and economic developers. Users can search for industrial buildings or development sites across the state.

Top Datasets from U.S. Counties

The best datasets from U.S. Counties

Cochise County Virtualizes with Web-Scale IT

Check out the case study to learn more.

Enhancing the Learning Experience - The Future of Education

In the last five years, education has been changing in so many ways so quickly that it can be difficult to tell what all this upheaval will lead to. But in a broad sense, it is not hard to see that all these changes are pointing in one direction: increasing educational opportunities for all students.

2014 State CIO Survey: Charting the Course

As major changes continue to sweep through the state IT landscape, we asked state CIOs to share their perspective on the status and future direction of the state CIO organization and the overall enterprise. While the survey covered a wide variety of topics, we asked CIOs to focus particularly on three main topics - the planning and oversight of critical projects, sourcing and the use of data as a strategic asset. These topics share a common theme in that they all require the CIO to establish priorities, collaborate with stakeholders and integrate with multiple external organizations.

Infographic // Preparing for Constituent 2020

Your journey to create the future model government agency.

ArcGIS Geoevent extension for server

Use ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server to connect with virtually any type of streaming data feed and transform your GIS applications into frontline decision applications. ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server can be licensed for both ArcGIS for Server Advanced or ArcGIS for Server Standard.

ArcGIS for Local Government Maps and Apps Card Deck

Socrata Open Budget Demo

Socrata Open Budget™ presents budget data in a detailed, intuitive way so budget experts and curious citizens can get their budget questions answered.

Webinar // What can document management do for your government?

Whether you’re managing piles of paper or reviewing files, a document management solution streamlines processes to increase efficiency and better serve constituents. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how choosing the right document management solution for your agency can help save time and reduce errors.

Adobe Connect for Web Meetings

Adobe Connect for Web Meetings-80AA.pdf

Infographic // The Engine that Powers Government Workflows

Enterprise content management (ECM) technology is transforming how government delivers services.

Utah Lawn Watering Guide

This application is primarily a lawn watering guide for the State of Utah. It also has other features, such as a calculator for determining your water use, and a tips section on water conservation.

GovLoop Training Overview

State and Local Series: Transportation Agency Crisis 101

Learn how Acquia enabled two agencies to use open source and the cloud to keep things moving when service was interrupted.

Cloud Solution Brochure

ViON is a veteran-owned, privately held company with over 34 years of experience building IT enterprise solutions for government and commercial customers. Being independent allows for streamlined decision making and nimble responses to our customers’ needs.

Your Gateway to Mobile Security

We’ve spoken with thought leaders in government and industry to pinpoint the best practices for securely adopting mobile technology. Our research particularly explores the value and benefits of centrally managing your devices. By doing so, you can support the flexibility and scalability that the government workforce demands.


Which of Arkansas' 21 state and lottery funded scholarships, grants and loan reimbursement programs are you eligible for? The Arkansas Department of Higher Education's YOUniversal Financial Aid system helps prospective students find and apply for financial aid for higher education. Whether you are a college-bound high school student or an adult seeking continuing education, the YOUniversal Android application will help you find and apply for financial aid.

Webinar // Transforming Your Planning Process with OnBase

The process of managing plan set submissions can often involve paper plan sets that are large and require multiple copies, making the plan review process time consuming and difficult to manage. Watch how OnBase Electronic Plan Review can automate review and certification processes to speed up community development and infrastructure initiatives.

Securing the Cloud at Your Level CPE Evaluation

Marklogic Overview

MarkLogic® is the only Enterprise NoSQL database. It is scalable and elastic, and has enterprise security and ACID transactions. It is a new generation database that addresses today’s problems with complex ever-changing data and content—providing better access to your data and enabling faster development of mission-critical applications without sacrificing reliability or security. Learn more.

GovLoop Career resources

All of our career-related resources in one easy-to-find location!

Simplifying Data Governance and Accelerating Real-time Big Data Analysis for Government

The era of Big Data is driving considerable changes in how governmental agencies manage and use the varied types of data they acquire and store. This paper summarizes the issues public sector agencies face today with legacy RDBMS + SAN data environments and why the combination of MarkLogic, Apache Hadoop, and Intel provides a government-grade solution for Big Data.

Michigan CFS (Campaign Finance Search)

Michigan CFS (Campaign Finance Search) is provided by the Office of the Michigan Secretary of State to deliver mobile, real-time access to the latest Michigan state campaign finance information, viewed as aggregated totals. The application provides mobile access to electronically filed campaign finance information for all state offices, state political committees and quick access to direct cash contributor information, on the go. It allows you to enter name-based exact or close match searches that provide a listing of candidates and/or committees that meet the search criteria.

Happiness is a Balance: A Framework to Success

Career happiness is about balance: (1) knowing who you are, (2) understanding why you do the things you do, and (3) what tasks and activities you want to be doing. When these three things are in balance your career isn’t just your job. It becomes something you do and makes you happy.

Citizen Engagement Seminar

Register for the on-demand version.

Journey to Big Data Analytics

In this report, we will provide an overview of the current state of big data and the opportunity that big data analysis presents for government. Leveraging insights from the GovLoop community, we’ll seek to explore how agencies can capitalize on their most important asset: data.

Cleveland State Community College Saves 40% with VDI Investment

Check out the case study.

The Shortfall of Network Load Balancing

Applications running across networks encounter a wide range of performance, security, and availability challenges that cost organizations an enormous amount in lost productivity, missed opportunities, and damage to reputations. Faced with requirements for application delivery that have evolved beyond the capabilities of traditional network load balancers, enterprises must migrate to a more advanced application delivery architecture.

Customer Service Playbook for Governent

We’ve all heard the classic case studies in the private and public sectors where organizations get customer service right. While the statistics and stories are helpful, what you really need is a game plan - a “playbook” - that takes you step-by-step through the process of designing, executing and evaluating a world-class program. That's why we created the “Customer Service Playbook for Government,” which is based on external research, expert interviews,, Oracle resources, and engagement with the GovLoop community.

ArcGIS- Mapping and Spatial Analysis for Understanding our World

Brochure with information about what the ArcGIS platform is and how it benefits your organization.

Master of Science in Urban and Regional Policy Website

The MURP program builds on Northeastern’s reputation for experiential education and real-world problem solving. Students engage in interdisciplinary policy analysis and applied research dedicated to creating livable, sustainable cities in a complex and integrated global economy. Through the MURP program you will develop solutions to today’s challenges in housing and community development, urban revitalization, and sustainability and resilience.

Welcome to Northeastern University Presentation

About the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs.

Six Common Challenges of Cloud Implementations

Private cloud—as an approach to IT operations—calls for organizations to transform their data centers, including the network. Using strategic points of control to aggregate and dynamically provision IT resources can help organizations meet network-related challenges and move past the hype to successfully build, deploy, and secure private clouds.

Keynote: Responsive Design- For More than Just Websites Slide Deck

Afternoon Keynote slide deck with Karen Robinson, CIO, State of Texas

Data Center Micro-Segmentation

A Software Defined Data Center Approach for a ”Zero Trust” Security Strategy.

U.S. Department of State Enhances Security, Stability and Scalability to Defend Against Continual Attacks

With such a high-visibility site delivering critical information, the State Department needed to take all necessary measures to ensure unfailing site availability and performance. However, it can be complex and expensive to address security, scalability, reliability and performance for such a far-reaching online presence. Instead, the State Department decided to look to a third-party solution.

Modria: Delight Citizens and Streamline Appeals Processing

State and Local Government Sending Open Source Signals

Check out this infographic.

Tracking Case Management with

A case study from the State of Delaware

Socrata Overview - Data for All of Us

Open data and performance measurement efforts from governments around the world take advantage of one of our most abundant, global resources: data. Find out how Socrata's open government solutions are being used by New York City, Kansas City, and the World Bank to improve quality of life for millions of people every day.

Infographic // Building Resilient Communities

Technology is changing the way your municipality prepares, responds and mitigates the impacts of a crisis.


The CAChildSup mobile app provides easy and secure access to your child support account on the go. • Check My Account provides the latest account information via Customer Connect. View upcoming appointments, amounts owed and payments made. • Make a Payment connects you to the State Disbursement Unit where you can make an electronic payment, establish direct deposit or sign up to receive an Electronic Payment Card. • Search Local Child Support Agency provides you with a phone number, address, website and directions to your local county child support office. • Resources and FAQs provide more information about the services available at the California Department of Child Support Services. Be informed and find out about all of the professional services available when you establish a child support case with your local child support agency

How Do You Convert a Classroom-Based Course for Social Learning in Government?

How do you successfully convert a classroom-based course to be delivered online while maintaining interactivity and knowledge transfer? Read this post.

Remedyforce Datasheet

Modern IT service management in the cloud from the industry leaders in IT service management and cloud: BMC Software and

BMC Corporate Overview

BMC Software delivers innovative IT management solutions from mainframe to cloud to mobile, helping customers use complex technology to drive extraordinary business performance.

Adobe Experience Manager document security

Socrata 311 Service Connect Demo

Socrata Service Connect™ makes citizen services more transparent, accessible, and understandable for citizens and key stake-holders. The app unlocks service data with an intuitive and engaging interface. Additionally, it provides powerful administrative tools to help you gain valuable insights into service use.

Akamai & FedRAMP Factsheet

Agencies can leverage Akamai cloud services directly or use them to front-end other FedRAMP-compliant data center solutions. This model oers a unique end-to-end FedRAMP-compliant solution that is designed to make it easier for U.S. government agencies to use shared cloud services in support of their computing initiatives.

Deploy Software-Defined Application Services in Hybrid, Virtual, and Cloud Environments

Virtualization is critical to maintaining an adaptable network and accomplishing the scale, consolidation, and business continuity demanded by today’s advanced application infrastructures. F5 can help you achieve data center virtualization with virtual editions that provide an agile, flexible, and efficient way to deploy and optimize application services.

ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS for Server improves the way your business works by bringing the power of GIS into the hands of everyone in your organization, enabling better decision making.

What's the ROI for Open Data?

Learn about the four pillars of value that are reshaping how government thinks not only about open data, but how it’s applied and leveraged to cut costs and significantly increase government efficiency.

10 Traits of a Great Government Leader

We developed this guide to help you take advantage of the course material to reflect on your leadership style and refocus on how you can improve as a leader. To do so, we have taken some of the best leadership posts from GovLoop, synthesized the content and then put it back into your hands. We share 10 traits of a leader and a corresponding exercise to help you reflect on how you can improve the trait in your career.

Emergency Visions: Training, Exercises, and Technology Working Together in Emergency Management

Learn how training and technology can work together in emergency management to help you and the citizens you serve.

Socrata 311 Service Connect Data Sheet

Socrata Service Connect™ makes citizen services more transparent, accessible, and understandable for citizens and key stake-holders. The app unlocks service data with an intuitive and engaging interface. Additionally, it provides powerful administrative tools to help you gain valuable insights into service use.

5 Takeaways from a Social Learning Experiment

Our tips from running a Social Learning course.

Preparing Your For a Connected Government

t’s easy to find ways in which IoT has affected private and consumer-facing enterprises — you probably have heard of the Nest thermostat or fitness devices that can monitor your movements, location, and workouts throughout the day. But the effect of the Internet of Things on the public sector and government is less concrete. What’s clear, though, is that although government may not yet be taking advantage of the technology and applications that IoT can offer, it’s coming hard and fast toward the public sector — and it’s time for government workers to get ready.

GovLoop Open Data Guide

GovLoop and Esri guide on the benefits to opening your data to the public.

Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice


Learn F5 Technologies, Get Answers & Share Community Solutions

How Telework Makes Better Bosses (Infographic)

Check out this infographic to see how telework is a skill builder for managers and a force multiplier for teams.

MarkLogic Provides Access to Healthcare Insurance for Millions of Americans

Following the approval of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) needed to design, build, and implement a technology platform capable of enrolling millions of Americans in new healthcare plans. Check out how they did it.

TsunamiEvac - NW

Oregon tsunami evacuation zone maps developed by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) *TsunamiEvac-NW app developed by the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS) TsunamiEvac-NW provides you an at-a-glance view of where the tsunami hazard zones are along the Oregon and Washington coast, and allows you to map whether your home, work, school, etc. is located in a tsunami evacuation zone or not. To help you develop and plan your own evacuation routes, TsunamiEvac-NW enables you to save your current position or points of interest via GPS or address look-up.

Graduate Certificate in Data Science Website

Learn more by visiting our website.

Enhance Your eLearning Courses

Attendees of this webcast learned how to take their eLearning course to the next level.

Engaging the Digital Citizen

Our new guide on citizen engagement, Innovations That Matter, Engaging the Digital Citizen, will walk you through the new trends and technologies reshaping citizen engagement. We also explore how agencies and departments nationwide are experimenting with them. Technology provides the opportunity for creating a two-way dialogue between citizens and government, but all levels of government must be ready to use it in ways that improve awareness, accountability and act on citizen needs.

Master of Science in Urban Informatics Website

he Master of Science in Urban Informatics (MSUI) program couples comprehensive data analytics skills with an understanding of the big questions faced by cities. Students that graduate from the program will be provided with a framework that outlines the major social, political and environmental challenges in contemporary urbanization along with a focus on the data analytics skills that can help to address these challenges.

The Mapping Revolution: Incorporating Geographic Information Systems in Government

The Mapping Revolution: Incorporating Geographic Information Systems in Government, features case studies and best practices from the Census Bureau, and United States Department of Agriculture and insights from Esri President, Jack Dangermond.

Adobe Digital Government Solutions

Learn more about Adobe's solutions.

Beyond Relational: Reimagine Your Data With Enterprise NoSQL

With the growing volumes of unstructured and multi-structured data flooding into our data centers, the relational databases that enterprises have relied on for the last 40-years are now too limiting and inflexible. New-generation NoSQL (“Not Only SQL”) databases have gained popularity because they are ideally suited to deal with the volume, velocity, and variety of data that businesses and governments handle today. A paradigm shift in database technology is occurring in which organizations are rethinking what they can do with their most important asset: data. MarkLogic is at the forefront of this shift, having the only NoSQL database that is truly enterprise ready.

Fueling Community Resiliency with ECM

Integrating content and systems delivers the right information to the right people, when and where they need it most.

Secrets of the C Suite Slide Deck

If you could chat with a senior leader in government, what would you ask them? Here are our senior execs best tips for advancing your government career.


Unclaimed property comes in many forms including unclaimed wages, savings and checking accounts, stock dividends, insurance proceeds, and safe deposit box contents. The office of the Indiana Attorney General created this free application that allows you to search and begin a claim for unclaimed property free from your iPhone! Just type in the first and last name, or business name, and see if you have any unclaimed property!

Simplifying Your Search- Opening Data Through GIS CPE Evaluation

Adobe Experience Manager forms

AEM_Forms_Document security-0964.pdf

kidcentral tn

The free kidcentral tn mobile app provides helpful information for parents and caregivers. It includes a directory of state-operated and state-funded services for children and families in Tennessee, allows families to receive tailored information about developmental milestones, and lets you put your child’s information at your fingertips.

First Responder and Law Enforcement Mobility

In early 2014, the Center for Digital Government (CDG) surveyed state and local government IT professionals in the law enforcement and first responder community to gain insight on their mobile device adoption, employee access to those devices, challenges and what they most hoped to gain from mobile technology. This report provides information on their responses.

GIS: Your Platform for a Resilient Community

Government must stay efficient and deliver services no matter what trials the community faces. Technology offers the opportunity to build for the future in a way that allows for foundational strength for service delivery– as well as flexibility and innovation when communities need it. Our industry perspective will identify what it means to be a resilient community and share case studies from 5 resilient communities.

Secrets of the C Suite CPE Evaluation

Big Data in Government

In this guide, we explore how organizations are using big data technologies and solutions to transform their organizations. We’ve talked with thought leaders and experts in government and industry in order to understand the best practices to leverage big data as a mission-centric tool, driving innovations for the public sector. Here's what you'll find: Case Study: How the City of Louisville, KY, uses big data to improve performance management. Case Study: Army’s Enterprise Management Decision Support program.

Professional Services Brochure

Maximize technology value in an evolving world.

Defining Enterprise NoSQL

MarkLogic handles the volume, velocity, and variety of data like other NoSQL solutions, AND has built, tested, and deployed the enterprise features necessary to run at the heart of your organization.

Learn How the Colorado Governor’s Office Increased Correspondence

Transform Your Agency with Paperless Mobile Inspection Solutions

View the training to learn why you should go paperless.

Socrata Open Data Apps Marketplace

The Socrata Apps Marketplace unlocks the full potential of the Open Data Network™. It helps government buyers access the latest civic app innovations to increase constituent engagement; helps improve the quality of life for citizens with apps that are easy to find and easy to use; and helps civic app developers access the technical infrastructure and business models they need to successfully monetize their applications.

Why Governments Must Embrace the Strategic Value of Open Data

The public sector has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine its place in society as an enabler of innovation, a champion of social and economic progress, and a model of how to get things done.

Akamai Protects City of Orlando from Malicious Attacks

As a center for digital media and bio-medicine, cyber communications, awareness, and security have become a top priority for Orlando. In the summer of 2011, the city’s Web sites were targeted by a cyber-activist group. Upon launch of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Although the City maintained a steady level of Internet security via a 24-hour vulnerability mitigation process, it could no longer continue to exhaust its resources. It decided to seek outside help.

Fighting Cyber Threats with FireEye Among State, Local, and Education Markets

4 Winning Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Check out this infographic for quick tips on improving your interview skills.

Master of Science in Security and Resilience Studies

How Cloud is Reinventing Government

GovLoop believes that cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way that government does business. It has revolutionized employees’ ability to access data, software, computing power and collaboration strategies, disrupting the traditional notions of information technology. But with these transformations comes a challenge for the public sector: How can you fully capitalize on the cloud and ensure security to advance your agency’s mission?

Securely Delivering Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway customers need an alternative to secure their Internet-facing Microsoft applications. F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery Controllers provide the advanced features necessary to fill the gap.

Unlocking Open Data for the Public

Brief examples of how governments across the US have used ArcGIS Open Data.

How Montgomery County Instituted Financial Transparency CPE Evaluation

F5 Networks Solutions for Government

Check out the upcoming events

Defend Against Web Attacks and Achieve Regulatory Compliance

With the continued growth of web application traffic, an increasing amount of sensitive data is exposed to potential theft, security vulnerabilities, and multi-layer attacks. Protect your organization and its reputation by maintaining the confidentiality, availability, and performance of the applications that are critical to your business.

20 Tips to be More Productive

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talks about the "10X engineer" -- the member of his team who is ten times more productive than the average engineer. So how can you be the "10X" government employee? How do you excel at your role, the role you aspire to have, and the other many hats you juggle? And how can you do it all without feeling stressed or overwhelmed? We are here to tell you. Register to view the on-demand training in which we share 20 productivity tips.

State Cybersecurity Resource Guide

For the 2014 observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, NASCIO has updated its Resource Guide for State Cybersecurity Awareness, Education, and Training Initiatives. The guide includes new information from our state members, who provided examples of state awareness programs and initiatives. This is an additional resource of best-practice information, together with an interactive state map to allow users to drilldown to the actual resources that states have developed or are using to promote cyber awareness. It includes contact information for the CISO, hyperlinks to state security and security awareness pages, and information describing cybersecurity awareness, training, and education initiatives. The Resource Guide is a modifiable work that should provide a valuable reference resource for Cyber Security Awareness Month, as well as the ongoing planning of security awareness and training efforts state programs may undertake thereafter.

Alabama Medicaid

The official Alabama Medicaid app brings you the latest news and alerts from the Alabama Medicaid Agency.

Securing the Cloud At Your Level Slide Deck

Many state and local governments are moving their services to the cloud, with email being one of the most popular. However, there's still an elephant in the room when it comes to cloud: the issues of security and privacy.

Internet of Things Guide

In a GovLoop survey of 800 public-sector and industry employees, 49 percent said they had never heard of Internet of Things. This guide should change that.

Cloud Computing Guide

How is cloud reinventing government?

Open Source Technology: Compliance Made Easy [Infographic]

Government agencies are routinely looking to open source as a secure and viable solution. Open source gives you the opportunity to resolve problems more quickly and efficiently than with proprietary software, making it a more secure solution. That’s why GovLoop and Red Hat have partnered to create this infographic, to show how open source is the secure solution that government agencies should consider.

ViON Brochure

Cloud promises solutions to address these desires, but they also introduce potential risks: security concerns, loss of control, and staffing challenges just to name a few. As pressure mounts to move to a Cloud environment, it is critical to select both the right approach and the right partner. Cloud is easier with an experienced partner that can fashion tailor-made approaches for an agency’s specific needs.

Your Road Map to a Secure Future

This guide explores the new cybersecurity landscape and the importance of assessing your network to define cybersecurity policies.

Socrata Open Data API Data Sheet

Many developers have told us that they feel working with government data is too difficult. Socrata makes things easier with fast and uniform programmatic access to rich, automatically-updated government datasets. We also offer helpful resources to get you started, and we’re dedicated to open standards.

GovLoop Mentors Program

The GovLoop Mentors Program is a groundbreaking, government-wide initiative that connects public sector professionals across agencies and at every level (Federal, state and local) of government. A new program begins Spring 2015!

Creating a Stronger Democracy: GIS on Capitol Hill

One area that is growing for GIS applications is with Congress. GIS has the power to visualize complex data, helping decision makers fully understand an issue to make improved decisions. The ability to map authoritative data allows policy makers to have an improved discourse on legislative issues, and understand the impact that policy decisions may have.

The DDoS Threat Spectrum

Bolstered by favorable economics, today’s global botnets are using distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to target firewalls, web services, and applications, often simultaneously. This DDoS threat spectrum includes conventional network attacks, HTTP and SSL floods, and an emerging wave of low-bandwidth threats, plus the new threat vectors likely to target emerging service platforms.

State and Local Series: City & County of Denver: ECM Renovation

Join Alfresco and Zia to learn how the City & County of Denver reduced costs and improved control and compliance through ECM renovation.

Simplifying Security for Mobile Networks

Communications service providers face an array of complex challenges, from network growth and increasing security threats to technology transitions. The comprehensive F5 S/Gi firewall solution ensures security and high availability, provides insight for new services and revenues to protect margins, and positions CSPs for more growth in the future.

How Governments Are Driving Decisions Through Real-Time Data and GIS Slide Deck

The need for timely information is more important than ever before. Esri's ArcGIS is a location platform with high accuracy information. Partnering with OSIsoft, they now bring timely information through integration of their real-time data infrastructure solution. With aging infrastructure and increasing costs, we must make smarter, informed decisions that rely upon real-time and accurate situational awareness.

Execute Live Digital Signatures with EchoSign and Adobe Connect

Attendees of this webcast viewed a live demonstration on how novice computer users can work in a wizard-based interface to: load documents into EchoSign Cloud, annotate documents with no mutations and review documents.

How Governments Are Driving Decisions Through GIS CPE Evaluation

States and Open Data: From Museum to Marketplace - What's Next

NASCIO takes a look at what has occurred across the states since NASCIO’s first report on open data published in 2009. This latest report examines progress in open data across state and local government. Open data initiatives are advancing at all levels of government in the United States and globally. States and local governments have partnered with industry to create innovative capabilities in delivering data to consumers. Those consumers include citizens, business, non-profit organization and government. The report also presents recommendations for continuing to advance state government open data initiatives and begin moving to a next level of maturity.

Master of Science and Law and Public Policy Website

The LPP program builds on Northeastern’s reputation for experiential education and real-world problem solving. Students gain an understanding of how laws and public policy are created, modified and evaluated at all levels of government. Through the LPP program you will examine a full-range of strategies for creating policy change, including legislation, litigation, the ballot box and civil action.

Warrior Gateway Connects Veterans with the Largest Network of Resources

Warrior Gateway connects servicemembers and veterans to each other, their local communities and a wealth of knowledge through a virtual community center at Warrior Gateway provides a resource directory known as the G.I Network. This service connects users with education, employment, health and wellness programs from 220,000 service providers, as well as veteran-specific job opportunities. Warrior Gateway wanted to create the G.I. Network as a single source of truth connecting veterans to the right support services.

Socrata Open Data Portal Data Sheet

Socrata’s open data platform offers citizens a better way to access and use public information. Rather than going through a formal process to request information, they can review, compare, visualize, and analyze data – and share their discoveries – in real time.

Adobe Connect for eLearning

Adobe Connect for eLearning-DA74.pdf

Thinking FedRAMP? 1+1 = 3

Together, Akamai and FedRAMP-certified Cloud Solutions Providers (CSP’s) make it easier for your agency to get to the cloud.

Top Datasets from U.S. States

The best datasets from U.S. States

Masters in Public Administration

Infographic // Exploring the Transformative Power of ECM Technology

See how enterprise content management (ECM) software is transforming the public sector.

Akamai Helps Air Force Improve Geographic Data Delivery by 800%

Learn how Akamai helped Air Force improve geographic data delivery by 800% while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars Annually

State and Local Cyber Focus

A layered defense is a good defense.

Vulnerability Assessment with Application Security Targeted

Targeted attacks are growing and companies are scrambling to protect critical web applications. Both a vulnerability scanner and a web application firewall are required to properly secure web applications—and F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) offers both on a single platform. by

Socrata Financial Transparency Checklist

Schedule time with a Socrata Open Data Consultant to review the state of your organization's financial sharing & communication with constituents.

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online gives you everything you need to create interactive web maps and apps that you can share with anyone. With ready-to-use content, apps, and templates, you can be productive right away. And no matter what you use—desktops, browsers, smartphones, or tablets—you always have access to your content.

Enhanced Network Visibility for Government

Bringing Paperless Plan Review to Reality

A technology and process checklist for local governments.

Cyber Attacks on Government

How APT attacks are compromising Federal Agencies and how to stop them.

Socrata Financial Transparency Suite Data Sheet

Socrata’s Financial Transparency Suite™ allows citizens and government to explore, visualize, and answer their finance questions with ease. Everyone is able to access a 360-degree view of how public money flows through budget planning, development, and management, so that everyone can understand your financial decisions.

Choosing the Right Solution for ECM

Essential evaluation questions for agencies and governments.

The Value of Virtual Events in Government

With government conferences being cut and training getting trimmed, the future is social learning. We know that many government organizations are making the move from in-person to online events and training, and wanted to offer a resource that highlights agencies that are already running down that road and shares concrete lessons and practical steps you can take to do the same.

How to Publish your Budget & Spending Data

Socrata’s Financial Transparency Suite™ allows citizens and government to explore, visualize, and answer their finance questions with ease. Everyone is able to access a 360-degree view of how public money flows through budget planning, development, and management, so that everyone can understand your financial decisions.

Fairfax County Increases Its Ability to Promote Open Government While Reducing Costs

Fairfax County, Virginia is modernizing with next-generation technology. It is increasing efficiency in its public services, promoting open government, and streamlining operations — all by using MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database.

Adobe Connect Users Group

Fairfax County Residents Become More Civic Minded

Fairfax County wanted to upgrade their existing Police Events application. This application allowed the public to search, filter and map police service calls by type, location and date and access preliminary police investigation data from Fairfax County’s 9-1-1 call center. With more than a half-million data points from all over the county, the data overwhelmed the existing system. Download the case study to learn how they overcame obstacles to open up their data.

MyIT 2.0 Datasheet

Transform the IT experience with next generation self-service

Top Datasets from U.S. Cities

The best datasets from U.S. Cities

ArcGIS for State Government Maps and Apps Card Deck


State and Local Solutions

Mitigating DDoS Attacks with F5 Technology

Distributed denial-of-service attacks may be organized by type into a taxonomy that includes network attacks (layers 3 and 4), session attacks (layers 5 and 6), application attacks (layer 7), and business logic attacks. Each type may be matched with the best F5 technology for mitigating that attack. Taken together, the F5 BIG-IP portfolio of products provides effective anti-attack technology for each layer of the taxonomy and can also defend against specific attack tools, network reconnaissance, and low-bandwidth asymmetric attacks.

eSignatures Made Easy

This webcast explored how Adobe EchoSign makes it easy to: prepare and send a document for an e-Signature, E-sign and return a document, and review every step of the signing process

Your Top 10 Tips for Implementing and Using the Cloud

Cloud is reinventing government — and you don’t want to be left behind. In a recent online training, our government experts shared tangible best practices, lessons learned, government case studies, deployment models, and what’s next in cloud technology.

Capitalizing on the Open Data Revolution

The open data landscape is quickly changing, and one way agencies can be ready for the changes is to learn best practices from public-sector open data pioneers. That’s why in this guide we explore the groundbreaking work of the Food and Drug Administration, Commerce and In this guide, you’ll find case studies on how each agency has taken advantage of open data to power a variety of initiatives.

Your Citizen Engagement Checklist: 18 Strategies for Success

The evolution of technology has radically disrupted citizen engagement, and it’s often a struggle for agencies and government employees to keep up with all the ways they can interact with the public . Sending e-mail and participating in social media don’t necessarily cut it anymore – but what else should you be doing? To help you brainstorm, GovLoop presents our latest guide, Your Citizen Engagement Checklist: 18 Strategies for Success. This is a collection of citizen engagement ideas meant to inspire, inform, enlighten — and, we hope, delight. There are many radically creative ways to engage citizens, but here are the most intriguing.

ArcGIS for Local Government Brochure

ArcGIS for Local Government is part of Esri’s solutions initiative to provide best practices and resources based on years of experience working with governments. At the core of this initiative is Esri’s complete ArcGIS platform, which scales to the way governments function—from data creation and collection to planning, analysis, and decision making.

OnBase Assessor Appeals

The Assessor Appeals solution lets counties manage the entire property valuation appeals review process through OnBase enterprise content management (ECM).

Anytime, Anywhere Desktops: Using DaaS for Seamless End User Transitions

Attendees of this VMware webcast learned more about: A great end user experience with an adaptive interface A simpler solution for virtual desktops Data and application security for deployment and management of cloud-hosted desktops Enhanced productivity with a complete workspace employees can access anywhere on any device Reduced upfront costs

Why Go Paperless - Slide Deck

Government employees spend too much time dedicated to printing, filing and searching for information when they could be doing more important, mission-critical tasks. Learn why ECM is the answer.

Kentucky Department of Education NEWS

KDE News is an app provided by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE). This app compiles content from KDE to facilitate communication on education-related matters across Kentucky.

Adobe Solutions for training and eLearning for Government

Adobe and eLearning for government

How Montgomery County Instituted Financial Transparency Slide Deck

Montgomery County is a role model for open data innovation and government transparency. They have recently co-developed and introduced several new transparency tools using their open data portal, dataMontgomery. See what they did.

Five Ways F5 Improves XenApp or XenDesktop Implementations

VDI is no longer a technology bound by data center walls. Instead, it’s an integral component of strategies involving multiple data centers, including mobile and branch office data centers. With demand for VDI solutions growing, performance, security, and reliability are paramount to successfully delivering VDI over a variety of networks to myriad device types. F5 products can significantly enhance the delivery and reliability of Citrix VDI solutions.

Master of Science in Security and Resilience Studies Website

The Masters in Security and Resilience Studies trains the next generation of security professionals to face the new challenges of the 21st century. A cutting-edge academic program, it provides a unique combination of traditional security studies coursework with training in technical fields such as cybersecurity policy, business sustainability, and urban coastal resilience.

Automating F5 Application Services for VMware with F5 BIG-IQ Cloud

Virtual machine and application provisioning are now being automated while network service provisioning is not, thus causing delays. Integration between the F5 intelligent services platform and VMware addresses this gap to allow policy-based provisioning of application networking.Automating F5 Application Services for VMware with F5 BIG-IQ Cloud

Extending SDN Architectures with F5’s L4–7 Application and Gateway Services

Software-defined networking is a method of systematically designing networks from the ground up based on the key concept of centralized control over forwarding elements. F5’s L4–7 application and gateway services help organizations deliver applications using SDN architectures that are both directly programmable and that can be programmatically configured with open APIs.

Efficiently Maintain and Improve Your Intellectual Capital

Socrata Open Expenditures Demo

Socrata Open Expenditures™ surfaces government spending data down to check-level detail, educating citizens and encouraging engagement.

Montana Income Tax Express

Quickly pay your Individual Income tax to Montana Department of Revenue with MT Income Tax Express. It’s fast and secure. Pay with e-check or credit card. You can pay: • Current year taxes • Extension for a current year return • Estimated taxes • Taxes that are past due (SOA)

Enterprise Hadoop Plus Enterprise NoSQL

Learn how the combination of MarkLogic, Hadoop and Intel technologies can provide your organization with smart, cost-effective data management and analysis – saving you time and money.