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In this session you will see how Engineering at the Patachi Motor Company pick up the Change Request from the Operator (Shuttlecorp) for over-temperature of the Drive Motor used in the Autonomous Electric Car. The Operator of the car have identified that the seals in the Drive Motor are getting damaged and is causing loss of oil, which necessitates unnecessary downtime ofthe vehicle for it to be repaired.Patachi Engineering carry out an impact analysis to find out why the drive seals are failing, the route cause is foundto be is a confliction between the requirements within the Motor Drive Control Unit (SW) which is running the motor at a speed that generates a temperature too high for the material compound in the seals to cope with.This requires an engineering change to the Motor Drive Control unit and a new compound for the seal to meet the higher RPM performance requirements.Business Value: Remove Quality problems in Design and keep Compliant to industry needs
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