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AI computer vision models have the promise to change the landscape for manufacturing quality inspection and asset management. But many companies trying to embrace this promise, struggle to recognize real savings. Development and deployment complexity, coupled with scarce and expensive skill sets, often ground projects before they ever get started. Those that do show success, take months to achieve it, and are often impossible to replicate. IBM Maximo Visual Inspection changes all of this, and delivers on the promise of AI computer vision. With IBM Maximo Visual Inspection, AI technology is put into the hands of the subject matter experts, with little or no coding required. Highly accurate deep learning AI models are easy to create, in a very short period of time. The result is an immediate ROI tied to quality inspection and asset management. In this session, you will learn how fast and easy it now is to create highly accurate AI models for quality inspection and asset management. You will understand the key value propositions and customer pain points the solution addresses. Lastly, you will see how this solution has been applied at a large auto manufacturing facility.