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Emergency Exit Signs are a critical life safety asset yet building owners and companies treat them as a low cost commodity, and it is not unusual to see 10% of Exit Signs failing within 3 years of install. The liabilities, branding (image), financial impacts and fines of a major incident with injuries and/or deaths due to non-compliant Exit Signs could be catastrophic. NFPA 101 require that Exit Signs go through a 30 second battery test every month and a full 90 minute battery test yearly. Typically the testing involves: 1.    Use of ladders or extension tools for employees to depress a small test button on each Exit Sign (in-house or outsource) 2.    Switch off the circuit breaker to a group of Exit Signs and check visually 3.    Do nothing and hope you don’t get fined  All testing options are expensive, labor intensive, inconvenient and invite liabilities.  Do you know how much it costs to service your Exit Signs per NFPA 101? The Willard Smart Exit Sign is an IoT Solution developed in conjunction with IBM. It is the most advanced Exit Sign on the market which took 3+ years to develop that changes all standards by which Exit Signs will be compared to moving forward.  The Willard Smart Exit Sign uses a micro processor, 13 sensors and WiFi communications to self monitor every 2 minutes and report status to the IBM Cloud for centralized monitoring and alerts. Compliance reports can be printed on demand and visual testing of Exit Signs is not required. The ability for a facility to have all of this critical information in real time provides the highest levels of Life Safety to all the buildings occupants. The projected ROI range is 40% to 100%+ in year 1