All About Marketing Tech Virtual Conference & Expo 2018

Automate Marketing to Businesses with Pardot

Learn how to make the most of your marketing efforts with Pardot. Check out how: - Pardot can help you market to other businesses. - Campaigns, forms, and landing pages can turn visitors into leads. - Lead scoring and grading can help to identify the best leads for your sales team. - Automation tools can help manage actions and tasks - Salesforce Engage can help align your sales and marketing tams

Technology & Solutions Session: Paul Frederick - Dressing Up the Customer

Paul Fredrick’s Caitlin Flemming details the success using of Bronto’s browse recovery with recommendations functionality. The open rate is 130% higher than standard promotional emails, click rates are 218% higher, conversion rates are 75% higher, average order value is 46% higher and the revenue per email is 15x higher. More importantly, the programs aren’t eating into the revenue: The return on investment for the two additions is 30X on an annualized basis. And the emails triggered lower-than-industry-average unsubscribes – a critical metric to monitor when launching a personalization campaign.

Art of Agile

Turning Shoppers Into Buyers


60 B2B Marketing Tips You Can Try Right Now

Ready to take your B2B marketing to new heights? Get the best ideas, straight from the experts. We’ve gathered together B2B marketing tips from more than 50 subject matter experts and industry thought leaders and compiled them in a single e-book. Take a look for sixty quotes-worth of marketing inspiration, and learn how to: - Leverage your network to create truly influential content - Build personalized emails that move prospects through the sales cycle - Optimize organic and paid promotion channels for the biggest results - Use data to make more informed, impactful decisions

The Fast and the Frustrated: Marketing Drift

To accelerate marketing efforts and ensure consistent work quality, this ebook with guide you through the three main challenges marketers need to win: - Keeping creativity a priority while driving consistent, high-quality work - Finding the time for innovation so you can achieve success - Managing the entire workflow from end-to-end in order to cross the finish line

B2B Marketers Lead Generation Field Guide

Increasing lead generation starts with identifying the types of prospects you want to attract, and concentrating your efforts on being where they are. Through content, nurturing, and closer alignment between marketing and sales teams, B2B marketers have the tools to capture even the most elusive leads. In the Lead Generation Field Guide, you’ll learn how to: - Amplify your lead generation efforts across multiple channels - Track elusive leads and identify your ideal buyer and target audience - Work with your sales teams to capture and recognize different types of leads - Create campaigns that engage customers and advance deals

NonProfit PRO Today

NonProfit PRO Today keeps you up-to-date on what some of the hottest bloggers in the sector — including NonProfit PRO's own — have to say about the latest strategies, tips, tools and news affecting the nonprofit sector.

ZineOne: Real-Time Contextual Customer SaaS Engagement Hub (fintech)

ZineOne enables financial institutions to implement a unified customer engagement strategy that seamlessly stitches together data from all digital channels, enterprise systems, and LOBs, in real-time. This enables banks to bridge the gap between data insights and action by providing their customers with contextual information, adding tremendous value to their banking experience.

Fresh Relevance Brochure

See the features and tools that help you run real-time personalization strategies across channels.

Ecommerce Platform Benchmark


The Unnerving Cost of Using Email and Spreadsheets to Manage Work

20 Quick Tips to Guarantee On-Time Delivery

7 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

Creating unique campaigns that capture your prospects’ imaginations requires constant innovation — and a little bit of inspiration, too! From microsites to podcasts to webinars, these seven examples demonstrate how to infuse creativity into every part of your digital marketing campaigns, while driving engagement and conversions. Take a peek at what some of the top brands are doing right, and learn how you can: - Make your blogs and microsites pop with outstanding imagery - Give your social media a makeover - Put together creative slide decks for more visually engaging webinars - Drive click-through rates with clever, user-friendly design

Uncover the Reality of AI


What is your favorite Fresh Relevance feature?

ZineOne: The Next Generation in Real-Time Personalization In-Store and Online

Contextual Personalization is Key to Impactful Customer Interactions and a Differentiated Customer Experience

CASE STUDY: Tap Warehouse recorded a 43% conversion rate uplift

ZineOne: 6 Ways to Increase Opt-In of Web Notifications

Web traffic from desktop and mobile devices continues to be a dominant source of visitors among all digital channels for most brands. Web notifications (also known as “web push notifications”) provide a new mechanism to engage this web audience in the moment, when they are in a browse mode – even if they are not on your website!

Workfront Online Proofing Datasheet

Streamline reviews and approvals with ProofHQ, a Workfront company. Get more done.

Today @ Target Marketing

Today @ Target Marketing is the daily email newsletter for serious direct marketers looking for practical tips and strategies for profitable direct marketing. We invite marketers of any vertical to join our community and find out how we can help you become a better marketer in today’s fast-paced environment.

ZineOne: Retail Conversion [Video]

7 Inspiring Email Templates

While there are a lot of ways to build a good email, nothing is as inspiring as seeing how other people do it. So we’ve compiled 7 of the most inspiring email templates from B2B companies of all sizes and industries. From interactive content to unique newsletters, these templates highlight the best practices for delivering the best possible experience to your recipients.

Stop Wasting 50% of Your Day on Reviews and Approvals

Mobile Shopping Behaviors: Browsing, Buying or Both?

Why do you like Fresh Relevance?

CASE STUDY - Ripcurl Sales Swell by More Than 10% with Personalization

“We've seen a terrific return on all Fresh Relevance integrations, with an incremental increase in revenues month-on-month. Abandonment emails are achieving a strong 10.3% sales uplift and our ‘Recommended for you’ SmartBlock displayed on each home page and within emails is contributing a further gain of 1.8%.”

Email Marketing Agency Improves Efficiency by 20% - Trendline Interactive

Leading email marketing firm replaces Basecamp project management, Harvest time tracking, and InVision design tools with single Workfront Agency Work Management solution to simplify and streamline processes. Consolidation of all details in one master communication platform improves project visibility and response time.

2018 Trends: Predictions From Ecommerce Marketing Experts

The Complete Guide to Marketing Work Management

The Complete Guide to Marketing Work Management-04E1.pdf

CASE STUDY - Wolseley increases cart revenue and CTRs with Personalization

EBOOK- Retail Sector Personalization: How-To Guide

Advance Auto Parts Ecommerce Team Drives Productivity with Workfront

Advance Auto Parts invested in the Workfront marketing work management solution because its eCommerce department was faced with the challenge of managing an ever-growing list of problems across a national team. By improving the organization of eMarketing activities and workflows, the Workfront solution significantly improved the team’s project management request and delivery processes, remote collaboration, and team unity.

Email Deliverability: Why It Matters & What You Can Do To Improve It

EBOOK - Travel Sector Personalization: How-To Guide

ZineOne: Retail Loyalty [Video]

ZineOne: Real-Time Customer Engagement Hub (retail)

ZineOne enables enterprise retailers to implement a unified customer engagement strategy that seamlessly stitches together data from digital channels, smart sensors, and connected devices, in real-time. This allows retailers to connect in-store and online contextual experiences of customers in their moment of need.

ZineOne: Microtargeting - the Streaming Flow to Success

Online behemoths like Amazon have a deep understanding of site visitor habits, the ability to identify a specific individual’s browsing activities, and amongst a variety of other characteristics, if a purchase is made or not. Fortunately, with the right technology, traditional brick and mortar retailers have that same deep understanding and the ability to micro-target the customer’s shopping experience.

Total Retail Magazine

TotalRetail is the retailer's source for content and community. In our magazine pages, on our website, and at our live and virtual events, Total Retail provides retailers with information about all facets of their industry, providing them with strategic and topical content, profiles of the people and companies helping to chart the course of retail's future, and opportunities to network and learn from each other. We're striving to be your go-to source for everything retail!. Subscriptions are available free to individuals who meet pre-established demographic criteria.

ZineOne: HDFC Rolls Out Contextual and Real-time Omni-channel Interactions (banking)

A couple of years ago, the Indian banking industry found itself at the intersection of technological disruptions, changing customer behavior and the emergence of unconventional competition. Consumers’ day- to-day dealings with the likes of Amazon and Google, had raised the bar of customer expectations from their banks in terms of speed, accessibility and personalization across all digital channels. With customers’ appetite for new technology altering the way they consumed banking services (think mobile banking, payments and more), consumers demanded the same level of highly individualized experience from their banks, on any channel, from anywhere, at any time. Around the same time, the market saw the advent of fintech and non-bank players who had started to encroach upon the market share of banks.

ZineOne: Real-time Customer Engagement Hub (retail)

ZineOne's Next Generation Customer Engagement Hub is the new paradigm for contextual real-time customer engagement, in stores, and across digital channels. Powered by an AI driven streaming platform, it is able to bring together each users’ transient immediate context with their past context (within the enterprises’ own systems), to engage the user wherever they are with relevant personalized interactions.

ZineOne: Customer Engagement Hub

ZineOne Customer Engagement Hub Architecture * Real-time, event-driven architectureOrchestration layer for contextual Omni-channel use-cases. * Pluggable architecture for integrating ML / DL decision models and real-time analytics. * Ability to process hundreds of thousands of events-per-second with sub-second responses ü Big Data stack with flexible schema & petabyte-scale NoSQL database persistence layer. * Highly-available, scalable and fault-tolerant architecture to match strict SLAs. * Flexible deployment options: Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid. * End-to-end configurable security options for data-in-flight and data-at-rest. * Certified third-party security vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

ZineOne: Contextualization - The Loyalty Program Secret Sauce

Progressive brick and mortars leverage their existing digital arsenal to create an online and in-store contextual experience. That means using their different touch points (website, mobile web, app, in-store technology, etc.) to provide context to their customer engagements. Being able to pull together these disparate touch points and systems through a streaming decision layer powered by machine learning, is the secret sauce.

Total Retail Report

Total Retail Report is a daily newsletter that provides retailers with free, expert advice on a wide range of topics to help your profits and operational productivity soar.

Becoming an Agile Marketing Team

Six simple steps that will help your marketing team adopt Agile.

ZineOne: Enabling Real-Time Unified Commerce (retail)

Consumer behavior shows that a pure online shopper is rare. Consumers want both the convenience offered by online retail, as well as the personal touch of an in-store experience. Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is a clear indication of this trend. So if Amazon is buying or creating touch points within brick and mortar, what should brick and mortar retailers do to combat that?

Target Marketing Magazine

Target Marketing delivers hands-on, how-to-do it editorial that gives you the tools you need to effectively develop, execute and evaluate your direct marketing efforts. Whether it's direct mail, email or social, you'll get the ideas and insight you need to help you and your company market smarter and more profitably. Subscriptions are free to qualifying individuals within the U.S.

EBOOK: Behavioral Targeting with Triggered Popups

ZineOne: A New Paradigm in Digital Banking - AI Powered Customer Engagement

Today, Amazon, Uber, Google, and Apple, are all engaged heavily in different parts of the banking value chain ranging from loans (Amazon, Uber) to payments (Google, Apple). There are also a list of pure play companies (Paypal, Venmo) that are putting forth made-to-order banking alternatives for Millennial and Gen Z audiences, in order to disrupt a slow moving market.

MRM//McCann Saves an 105 Hours a Week with Workfront

MRM//McCann Team Saves an Estimated 105 Hours Every Week with Workfront, Translating into Annual Cost Savings of More Than $200,000. Agency implements Workfront solution in fewer than four months as standard for managing work for one client spanning 30 offices across 20 countries.

EBOOK - Social Proof: How to Leverage Social Proof to Drive Online Revenue

ZineOne: HDFC Rolls Out Next Gen Customer Interactions Hub (banking)

A couple of years ago, HDFC Bank found itself at the intersection of technological disruptions, changing customer behavior and the emergence of unconventional competition. It was a situation faced by many Indian banks because of the regulatory and technological changes occurring in the country. Customers’ appetite for new technology was altering the way they consumed banking services, making way for digital banking and payments. Increased adoption of technology was raising the bar of customer expectations from their banks in terms of speed and accessibility across all digital channels. Around the same time, the market saw the advent of fintech and non-bank players that soon started to encroach upon the market share of banks for certain services, such as payment and personal finance management.

Rule the Corporate Jungle: 5 Ways CMOs Can Prove Value

4 Steps To Convert Online Window Shoppers


B2B Marketing Trailblazer Journal

Turning Abandoned Carts Into Sales


NonProfit PRO Magazine

NonProfit PRO offers tactical leadership, strategy and best practices for modern nonprofits. Subscriptions are available FREE to individuals who meet pre-established demographic criteria.

We Are Workfront Datasheet

From request to reporting, Workfront lets you plan, proof, and execute your next winning marketing campaign in one place.

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