The Digital Shift: Libraries at the Center

Up Close with Close Reading

Add Another Dimension with 3D printing

3D printers are the latest disruptive technology, and many libraries already have them up and running. If you’ve been curious about adding 3D printing to yours, here’s a look at some of the potential benefits, costs, and caveats.



How to Use Curriculum Builder in Moodle 2.5

Digitization Collaborative

Building Career and College Readiness Skills

eBook Collections

Freading Flyer

Freading Flyer-90B6.pdf

STEM Resource Guide

Image Quest

EDS for Schools K-12

EDS for Schools K-12-9A67.pdf

Targeting Science Misconceptions in Middle School Students


SLJ Technology Survey

Facebook: Public Market

Facebook page for the Public Market

TEACHING LINK: Malala Yousafzai: Warrior with Words

The inspiring, true story of Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl who stands up and speaks out for every child’s right to education. Though she and two of her schoolmates were targeted by a Taliban gunman, a life-threatening injury only strengthened her resolve. Malala spoke at the U.N. on her 16th birthday in 2013, nine months after she was shot. Author and journalist Karen Leggett Abouraya, past President of the Children’s Book Guild in Washington, D.C. and author of Hands Around the Library: Protecting Egypt’s Treasured Books, brings Malala’s story to life for young readers. Malala’s story is more than a biography of a brave and outspoken teenager. It is a testament to the power of education to change the world for boys and girls everywhere. A StarWalk Kids Media Digital Original. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to The Malala Fund. Learn more at

LYRASIS ArchivesSpace Hosting Services

Strengthen Your Core: Hunting for Treasures in the Text

Book trailer: Marimba

Zinio for Libraries Overview

Zinio for Libraries is the leading provider of digital magazines for libraries. Preview the entire library collection, checkout what you want - as much as you want, and keep the magazine issues in your personal reading list for as long as you want - no return or check-back in required.


This evocative collection of poems combines Pat Mora's simple, yet shining words with Steve Jenkins' bright collage images. The landscapes, animals, and people come into sharp focus as the text and illustrations work together to capture the beauty and mystery of the American Southwest.

Intota Knowledgebase Datasheet

ProQuest’s global Knowledgebase of electronic, print and digital resource metadata is an essential feature of the Intota library services platform

Business Grid

Business Grid: See all resources aligned with specific topics over the 5 stages of business

Summon Relevance Ranking Datasheet

The relevance ranking algorithms and architecture of the Summon service ensure that the results that best match a user’s query are returned at or near the top of results lists.

Library Dashboard

Full Text Linking

Getting the most from Teaching Links

Every eBook in the StarWalk Kids Library comes with a free Teaching Links guide that includes suggestions for correlation and ideas for using our materials at various grade levels. Our highly readable library and robust search engine enables educators to locate engaging, visually exciting eBooks designed to deliver increased emphasis on informational texts.

Canada In Context

Canada in Context, created especially for people studying Canada, its people and its history.

Finding Funding for Early Literacy Programs

Teen Health & Wellness Bookmark (girl)


Facebook: School Market

Research Companion Poster_1

Check out PROQUEST RESEARCH COMPANION, a new research resource that helps you find, evaluate and use information to get in, get info, and get moving.

Gale Artemis: Literary Sources

Gale Artemis: Literary Sources offers an entirely new literature research experience by combining the power of GVRL with our best literature and criticism collections.





PlumX Introduction

PlumX Introduction-DF6C.flv

EBSCO Discovery Service New Content Training

The Bubbler: An Innovative New Programming Model

Facebook Academic Market

Total BooX in the Media

An overview of the coverage Total BooX has received in the media since the launch, including links to press releases, announcements, reviews, and endorsements.

Beyond White Boards & Study Rooms



EBSCO Discovery Service New Content Training

EBSCO Discovery Service New Content Training-4558.flv

Literature Criticism Online

BenchPrep Overview

BenchPrep creates test prep and other subject-based interactive courses you can access on your computer, iPhone, Android and iPad. BenchPrep courses are designed for students and adults wanting to master GED, high school AP course exams, graduate entrance exams and industry certifications with helpful and engaging study features.

Britannica School Brochure

RBdigital Career Resources

RBdigital Career Resources allows libraries to include online classes for software training, continuing education, test preparation, ebooks, eaudiobooks, and digital magazines from their own library website.

Rocket Languages Flyer

Rocket Languages Flyer-5818.pdf



KnowledgePoint and Title Source 360




EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Customer Success Story: Brock University

Opposing Viewpoints in Context Postcard

Discover how Opposing Viewpoints in Context helps your students with this postcard

Book trailer: Malala

Greenhaven Press Website

Whether it's fulfilling an asignment, participating in the Model United Nations, competing on the debate or forensics team, or simply engaging in lively discussions with friends, teens can rely on Greenhaven Press for talking points and new perspectives.



EBSCO Discovery Service New Features Training


GREENR is a one-stop site dedicated to studying sustainability and the environment.

RBdigital Overview

Electronic Resources for Today's Modern Library!

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints in Context covers today’s hottest social issues and yesterday’s history-making debates with primary sources, reference content, periodicals, photos, videos, and interactive maps that tell both sides of the most controversial stories

MiC and the Common Core

Twitter for Academic Students

A New Approach to Early Literacy

Teen Health & Wellness Bookmark (boy)


EDS for Academics

EDS for Academics-310A.pdf

Total BooX Introduction for Libraries

A PowerPoint presentation of the Total BooX service, with detailed information about the business model, the available content, and unique benefits for participating libraries.

Integrating Technology in Active Learning Spaces

Strategic E-book Acquisition for Academic Libraries

With continued growth and unlimited, multi-user access, Academic Complete offers a high-quality collection of e-books from leading scholarly publishers across all academic subject areas!

Image Quest Lesson Plan

Promo Materials

Promo Materials: Free for you library to increase discovery and usage.

Twitter: School Market

LYRASIS Repository Services

Pinterest: Public Market

Five Ways to Support a Flipped Classroom with Digital Resources

SLJ Subscription Form

Schools Library Journal Subscription Form

EDS for Public Libraries

EDS for Public Libraries-4097.pdf



For Students Online Website

For Students titles have long been a conrnerstone in many libraries and classrooms, offering rich analysis, context and criticism on the most frequently studied works.

Tick Tock, Book Boox: Jamie La Rue's take on Total BooX (American Libraries eContent Blog)

A vendor somewhere had to try this approach: metered reading. And now someone has. Yoav Lorch is the engaging and insightful CEO of an Israeli company called Total Boox. I met with him at PLA in March, and got a guided tour of his product. Total Boox is based on the premise that most of the usage limits that apply to physical books make no sense at all when applied to their digital counterparts. Only one person can read the book at a time? People have to wait for the book to come back? The book is now due whether or not you’ve finished it, and you can't renew it? For crying out loud (thinks the library patron), why? It’s a computer file, right? Has no one (for instance, librarians) heard of file sharing? So far, the problem has been that there is no commonly accepted method of checking out ebooks that balances the sincere desire of all parties that there be payment for each use while taking advantage of the technological advantages of the ebook. Enter Total BooX...

Video Tour of our StarWalk Reader

It is increasingly clear that today's kids - digital natives - enjoy digital reading1. In fact, a recent Scholastic study found that one-third of K-8 students would spend more time reading if they had access to eBooks2, and multiple studies by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop are finding that digital and mobile technologies can be powerful tools to promote learning3. When it comes using eBooks in school, however, the content of an eBook is only as powerful as the reader software that a student uses to view it. StarWalk Kids Media has designed the best in class, highly attractive StarWalk ReaderTM, with a rich array of features that address the needs of both students and educators. Because we have a one of the strongest K-8 nonfiction catalogues in the industry, we have paid particular attention to the tools required to support students in reading, understanding and analyzing informational texts. Most important, we have built the StarWalk ReaderTM to work on all the technology that is available, including iPad, Android tablets, desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and interactive whiteboards. _____________ 1-Bosman, Julie.In Study, Children Cite the Appeal of Digital Reading. 29 September 2010. 2-2010 Kids and Family Reading Report: Turning the Page in the Digital Age.Scholastic. 28 September 2010. 3-Shuler, Carley. Pockets of Potential: Using Mobile Technologies to Promote Children's Learning. The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop. January 2009.

LYRASIS Supports Open Access

Strategic E-book Acquisition for School Libraries

We help schools align with Common Core Standards by providing essential and affordable ebooks in all subjects including English Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Health & Physical Education, and Information Literacy/Technology.

OverDrive eBook and Audio Platform

Rosen Digital Fall catalog 14-15


Book trailer: 64 Questions and Answers about Dangerous Animals by Seymour Simon

Answers to questions about the habits and behavior of the 64 wild animals generally considered to be the most dangerous. Readers will be surprised to discover which is the most dangerous animal of all! Newly revised and photo illustrated (originally published as 101 Questions and Answers about Dangerous Animals, Simon & Schuster, 1985). Note that this is a big book with lots of great it may require more download time than usual.

Classroom in Context (CLiC)

Classroom in Context (CLiC). A new way to connect your library to the classroom

Find Your Way Brochure

Gale Grad for Academic Students

ebrary and EBL

ebrary and EBL offer an unparalleled ebook experience with the widest content offering, most innovative models, and end-to-end workflow solutions.

Teen Health & Wellness - Bullying Prevention Bookmark (girl)


Total BooX Publishing Partners

A full listing of publishers whose titles are available on the Total BooX platform as of September 2014. Note: Total BooX ebook collection is growing rapidly, with more publishers added each month.

Consulting Services

Career Online High School video

Career Online High School video with Dr. Howard Liebman, Superintendent of Career Online High School.

Using Technology in School Libraries

Summon 2.0 Datasheet

The Summon® discovery service serves as a front door to your library and enables powerful discovery across your collections.

RBdigital Educational Resources

RBdigital Educational Resources includes continuing education classes, software training, test preparation for standardized tests and career advancement.

EBSCO Discovery Service New Features Training

EBSCO Discovery Service New Features Training-FA94.flv

Career Information Center

Career Information Center

Curriculum Connections: Speeches

How to Connect with Teens & Make Them Feel Welcome

Dr Seuss Thing Activity Guide

Middle School Resources in GVRL

Middle School Resources in GVRL

How to Stage Your Meeting Rooms to Boost Room Bookings

When it comes to listing your library meeting spaces online, it's important to show them in their very best light. After all, there are plenty of meeting spaces your patrons could reserve outside of the library. See some simple tips to help you compete.

Core Concepts: Periodic Table Bookmark

Gale U

Gale U is our answer to an evolving academic landscape. It’s our way of putting real names, faces, and stories to the kinds of people who frequent the library, explaining their needs and challenges, and providing creative solutions. So, find the people to whom you most relate, and learn how they use academic databases and digitized primary sources to enhance research, learning, and teaching.

PowerKnowledge Science Intro


Pinterest: School Market

Smithsonian Collections Online Website

Smithsonian Collections Online is the result of a new partnership between Gale and the Smithsonian. Now researchers can peek behind the glass and view digitized source materials from deep within the museums, libraries, and archives of the world’s largest museum and research complex.



Summon & Flow Datasheet

Making discovery and research management seamless and simple.

TrueFlix Brochure

Core Concepts: Periodic Table Intro


New Online eReference GVRL Front List eBrochure flipbook

New ebook titles in GVRL

Ancestry Bookmarks

Ancestry Library Edition bookmarks

Financial Literacy: Awards & Reviews


Can Metered Reading Be Part of the Future of Library E-Book Future? (Publishers Weekly)

So what does true experimentation look like? Here is an example: earlier this year, the Westchester Library System, a consortium of 38 public libraries in New Yorkstate, has become the first library system in the country to sign on with a company called Total Boox, an Israeli e-book service that launched earlier in 2013, with a “pay by the page” reading model the company touts as revolutionary. Terry Kirchner, the executive director of WLS, met Yoav Lorch, the president of Total Boox, at the 2012 International Digital Publishing Forum in New York City. “As luck would have it, we were sitting next to each other during one of the events and we just started to talk about the challenges faced by libraries in the e-book field,” Kirchner says.

Teen Health & Wellness - Bullying Prevention bookmark (boy)


World History in Context

World History in Context offers students access to full-text periodicals, reference works, and primary documents.

Early Literacy Space Planning

HeritageQuest Bookmarks

HeritageQuest customizable bookmarks



Freegal Music Flyer

Freegal Music Flyer-D8E9.pdf

eBook & Audiobook Service for Public Libraries


RBdigital Entertainment Resources

RBdigital Entertainment Resources provides libraries with digital magazines, streaming movies, and online continuing education classes.

Measuring the Impact of High School Completion for Adult Learners

White Paper entitled Measuring the Impact of High School Completion for Adult Learners

Financial Literacy Intro




U.S. History in Context

U.S. History in Context provides an overview of U.S. history that covers the most-studied events and issues.


EXPLORE OUR COLLECTION: Enjoy a special TDS2014 mini-subscription of 25 outstanding titles!

Harnessing the power of mobile learning with EBSCO Discovery Service

Youth Space Planning

Library Journal Subscription Form

Library Journal Subscription Form

Scholastic GO! Brochure

Biography in Context

Biography in Context delivers outstanding research support with more than 700,000 biographical entries designed to introduce new perspectives on familiar topics.

Digital Literacy Intro


Book trailer: who Was the Woman Who Wore The Hat? by Nancy Pats

Vendor Supplies and Savings

LYRASIS Respository Services

Zoning Your Spaces For Kids Age 0 to 12

Research Companion Poster_2

Check out PROQUEST RESEARCH COMPANION, a new research resource that helps you find, evaluate and use information to get in, get info, and get moving.

A Librarian's Tour of the Common Core

K-12 Digital Textbooks


GVRL Match Site

GVRL Match Site matches users up with eBooks based on their answers to a few short questions.

Research Companion

ProQuest Research Companion is a new cloud-based information literacy solution for student researchers and educators.

Innovative Story

Transitioning to Common Core Standards

Atomic Training Overview

A video-based how-to training resource, Atomic Training opens up unlimited access to thousands of short videos covering more than 500 of today's most popular software applications on both PCs and Macs.

ScienceFlix brochure

YBP eBook Brochure




Business & Economics Resources

Core Concepts: Chemistry Intro




Academic Librarian Best Practices

Carol Anne Germain is an Information Literacy Librarian at the University at Albany where she teaches information literacy courses, participates in reference, and develops web-based instructional resources. She is also an adjunct in the College of Computing and Information. She is the immediate past president of the New York Library Association and an active member of several professional library organizations including the State University of New York Librarians Association.

Core Concepts Suite: Awards & Reviews


National Geographic Virtual Library

Book trailer: Tiburones Fabulosos

Universal Class Overview

Universal Class offers over 500 Continuing Education courses for your library patrons. Internationally certified (IACET) Universal Class gives patrons the ability to learn for free, in a topic of interest to them, and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

The Gale Blog: School Market

Full Text Finder The New Publication Discovery Experience.-20140922 1700-1(1)

Full Text Finder The New Publication Discovery Experience.-20140922 1700-1(1)-90A2.mp4

Technology: Wooing Disengaged Readers

TDS 2014 Closing Keynote

How to Create Awesome Event Graphics for Free

LYRASIS Fall Digital Classes

Strategic E-book Acquisition for Public Libraries

With continued growth and unlimited, multi-user access, Public Library Complete offers a high-quality collection of e-books from leading publishers in multiple subject areas such as History, Political Science, Business, Computers, Careers, and more!

ProQuest Summon + Flow: Seamless Integration

Rosen Digital Bookmark


Early Literacy

GVRL Summary



How to Broadcast Your Library Events for Free

With all it takes to create great events, we think everyone should be able to see what you’re up to. In fact, we think you’re ready for primetime. Want to live-stream story time? Embed event videos into your website? Or build a YouTube channel?

Nursing & Health Services

Twitter: Public Market


Browse the new publication IMPACT: a new style of magazine created especially for public librarians by Gale, filled with insights, advice, solutions, eBook front list titles, and key digital resources to help you achieve your goals and reaffirm the “essentialness” of your library to your community.

360-Link Enhancements Datasheet

The introduction of IEDL linking to 360 Link expands the boundaries of link resolver technologies by moving beyond a sole reliance on OpenURL linking.

Core Concepts Biology Bookmark


RBdigital Youth & Teen Resources

Online source for test preparation and sports-training videos

Student Resources in Context

Student Resources in Context offers cross-curricular content providing stellar support for papers, projects, and presentations that assist the development of 21st century skills.

PlumX Introduction

PlumX Introduction-55C7.flv

OneClickdigital Overview

OneClickdigital brings exclusive Recorded Books eAudio, as well as content from all major publishers, together with an eBook service. Combine eBooks and eAudio in one collection, offering the most comprehensive platform for your content. Curated title lists feature the best literature in a wide variety of genres along with an outstanding collection of award-winning Children’s and Young Adult titles.

Take Your Child to the Library Program Guide


ASCD factsheet

YBP Overview


A Time for a Shift: The Story of Total BooX

An emerging e-book vendor introduces a model that shifts the industry from "purchase-centric" to "reading centric."

Fall and Year End Offers

EBooks Sell Sheet

Sample Library Report

This report is an analysis of Westchester Library System’s (WLS) reading activities within the Total BooX service over a five-month period. These are preliminary findings and conclusions. While the data provided is accurate and based on real usage, our efforts to extract valuable insight for participating libraries are in their early stages and are likely to evolve over time.

Kudda Overview

Kudda is a curated online video collection showcasing training and instructional videos from winning college and high school coaches across a variety of sports. For those involved with youth sports at every level—rec league, travel league or high school—Kudda’s online training videos will help produce better coaches and players.

Digital Media Labs and Makerspaces

Image Quest Brochure

Global Issues in Context

Global Issues in Context ties together news, perspectives, reference materials, primary source documents, multimedia, and more to empower students to critically analyze and understand the modern world’s most important issues.

Science in Context

Science in Context provides contextual information from a variety of authoritative sources on hundreds of today’s most significant science topics.

Full Text Finder v2

Full Text Finder v2-0BB2.flv

Circulation Technology Solutions Brochure

Axis 360 Overview


Gale Artemis: Primary Sources

Gale Artemis: Primary Sources unifies essential primary source archives with historic newspapers in a seamless cross-search experience.

Technology: Finding Treasures in Maps

STEM eBook Collection

New Greenhaven Press 2015 e-catalog flipbook

New Greenhaven Press 2015 e-catalog flipbook

Intota DDA Datasheet

Demand-driven Acquisition.. Helping libraries affordably offer on-demand access to the ebooks patrons need, when they need them.

Book trailer: Earth's Moon—A Shipmate's Guide to the Galaxy by Seymour Simon

Earth’s Moon—our closest shipmate in space. We travel together on our journey through the Milky Way galaxy. Why does the Moon change shape in the night sky? How come it looks as though there is a face on the Moon’s surface? And will we ever visit there again? In this second installment in the important new Shipmate’s Guide to Our Solar System series from award-winning children’s science author Seymour Simon, readers will discover fascinating information about the Moon: how it was formed, what it is made of, and the major influence it has on our home planet.

For Students Online

For Students Online explore the most often studied works of literature for dramas, short stories, poetry and novels

Arts & Humanities

PlumX Library Flyer (2)

PlumX Library Flyer (2)-95EB.pdf



Easy DDA Flier

Career Online High School Brochure

Twitter Academic

13 Reasons to Join LYRASIS

Streaming Video


TEACHING LINK: 64 Questions & Answers About Dangerous Animals

Answers to questions about the habits and behavior of the 64 wild animals generally considered to be the most dangerous. Readers will be surprised to discover which is the most dangerous animal of all! Newly revised and photo illustrated (originally published as 101 Questions and Answers about Dangerous Animals, Simon & Schuster, 1985). Note that this is a big book with lots of great it may require more download time than usual.



Full Text Finder: The New Publication Discovery Experience Webinar

YBP - Your Trusted Bridge to Digital Content


EBSCO Discovery Service

Associated Press Collections Online

Associated Press Collections Online delivers the stories behind the headlines as part of a unique partnership between Gale and the Associated Press.

University Press eBook Collection Flier


YBP DemandDriven-HiF-CED5.PDF

Teaching Argumentation and Reading for Evidence with Online Resources

Common Core eBook Collections

LawDepot for Libraries Overview

LawDepot for Libraries empowers each patron to create their own legal documents personalized specifically for their state/province and personal situation.

Improving Patron Service Through Technology

Curriculum Builder Flyer

Curriculum Builder Flyer-C461.pdf

Plum Analytics and Our Approach to Altmetrics

Gale Courses Infographic

Gale Courses Infographic: Quickly learn benefits of over 350 instructor-led online courses in professional and personal enrichment



ProQuest - Whats New 2014

The productivity of students, scholars, and the libraries that serve them is more important than ever and ProQuest is committed to empowering researchers and librarians around the world. Check out what is new from ProQuest in 2014.

Book Trailer: Manjiro by Emily Arnold McCully

eBook & Audiobook Service for School Libraries




Transparent Language Online Overview

Transparent Language Online offers the most comprehensive language-learning service for the library market with over 90 different languages including English for speakers of 25 foreign languages. Patrons learn reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

IndieFlix Overview

IndieFlix is a streaming movie service that offers access to award-winning shorts, feature films, and documentaries. Now your patrons can instantly view over 5,000 movies from more than 50 different countries, including the best from film festivals like Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, and more!

Core Concepts Chemistry Bookmark


Total BooX Reinvents Ebook Distribution with an All-Access, Pay-As-You-Read Model (Book Business Magazine)

Total BooxOpens in a new window is an ebook distributor that charges readers by how much they read rather than upfront pricing or subscription fees. Ebooks are free to download and costs incur incrementally as those books are read. Below founder Yoav Lorch explains how Total Boox's pay-as-you-read model is intended to meet the digital age expectations of ease and immediacy.

MiC Brochure

November 2014 Activity Calendar

Ulrichs Global Serials Intelligence

The combined power of ulrichsweb Global serials directory and ulrich’s serials Analysis system helps librarians and publishers build the best serials collections for their unique user communities.

MyLibraryBookstore (MLB) Overview


Elementary Resources in GVRL

Elementary Resources in GVRL

Intota Datasheet

Intota is a library services platform designed to address key needs of today’s libraries – managing electronic collections and supporting the current expectations of your patrons. Intota combines discovery, collection management and assessment in one system built on a single authoritative knowledgebase updated with your data and ours.

Optimize Your Website for a Better Patron Experience

Image Quest Sell Sheet K-12

Redefine Your Library with Public Access TV

Think having a community access television station could never happen in your library? No doubt it is a big undertaking, but you can start small. And, in terms of cementing your library as a community center—and even a center for democracy—the payoff can be huge.



ArchivesSpace Hosting Services


RBdigital Language Resources

online language-learning resources

The StarWalk KIds Media Fall catalog 2014

We are pleased to share our Fall 2014 StarWalk Kids Media Catalog. As you browse the 521 titles in this catalog, you’ll see that we offer diverse, Pre-K to 8th grade, high quality, literary fiction and nonfiction eBooks from noteworthy authors. Led by esteemed children’s science author Seymour Simon and former Sesame Street Creative Director Liz Nealon, the StarWalk Kids collection is tightly curated for excellence, showcasing the work of award-winning authors and illustrators that librarians and teachers both know and trust. Familiar and respected names in this StarWalk Kids catalog include not only Seymour Simon, but also David A. Adler, Coretta Scott King Award winner Bryan Collier, Doug Cushman, Diane deGroat, Johanna Hurwitz, Kathleen Krull, Newbery Honor author Kathryn Lasky, Caldecott-winner Emily Arnold McCully, Ann McGovern, Pat Mora, Doreen Rappaport, Hudson Talbott, New York Times Best Illustrated Book Award winner Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Bernard Waber, Jane Yolen and more.

eBook & Audiobook Service for Academic Libraries


PowerKnowledge Science Suite Bookmark


Axis 360 for Schools

Analytics On Demand video

Transform your existing ILS and other data into information you can use to better understand—at the household level—who your customers are (and aren't) so you can make data-driven decisions and drive meaningful outcomes for your library and community.

BookFlix Brochure

GymAmerica Overview

GymAmerica is an online fitness, nutrition, and exercise program that libraries may provide their patrons.

ProQuest K12 Catalog

ProQuest empowers schools and libraries to educate the next generation of information- literate citizens.

AquaBrowser Brochure

AquaBrowser Liquid presents public, K-12 and school libraries with the opportunity to elevate the patron experience like no other discovery service. Moving beyond the traditional catalog, this new discovery layer provides libraries a tool to attract and engage users while reinforcing the value of the library.

Core Focus: Putting Common Core into Action

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is the premier, cross-curricular online resource covering today’s hottest social issues

Gale Virtual Reference Library for K12,

Gale Virtual Reference Library for K12, unlimited simultaneous access on this ebook platform.

eReading Room for Kids and Teens


KnowledgePoint and Axis 360


KnowledgePoint and LightSail


Gaining STEAM: Pulling in Reluctant Readers

Gale Courses

List of Gale Courses by subject

TERC Available Tests and Courses

The Power of Library Collaborations

Artemis K12 Brochure

ProQuest Flow

Cloud-based research document management and collaboration solution from ProQuest.

Nineteenth Century Collections Online

Nineteenth Century Collections Online unites multiple, distinct archives into a single resource of over 100 types of primary source documents sourced from almost 100 libraries. Together, these archives explore the nineteenth century’s diplomatic interactions, evolving education system, religious reform and social revolutions, and more.

Facebook for Academic Students

360-Link Datasheet

360 Link quickly and easily connects users to full-text articles and chapters in your library’s collection.

collectionHQ Brochure


Artemis Literary Sources

Artemis Literary Sources, unite your literary resources with an entirely new literature research experience.

Foreign Languages Resources

Smithsonian Collections Online Brochure

Smithsonian Collections Online is the result of a new partnership between Gale and the Smithsonian. Now researchers can peek behind the glass and view digitized source materials from deep within the museums, libraries, and archives of the world’s largest museum and research complex

Full Text Finder Flyer

Full Text Finder Flyer-C448.pdf


ISTE factsheet

Gaining STEAM: One Giant Leap for Mankind

techXpress - The future of cataloging & processing library services




Corwin Press

Corwin Press factsheet

OverDrive's Newest Features


RBdigital Fitness Resources

Provide your patrons with a fitness and nutrition program that will suit their lifestyle. Enrich your community with training videos for those coaches, players, and parents that want to learn from the best high school and college coaches in the sport.

Baker & Taylor's Collection Development Services for print and digital content



Enhanced eBooks


OverDrive Media Station


Total BooX on New Ebook Strategies for Librarians and Publishers (American Libraries Magazine)

E-Content Quarterly Editor Mirela Roncevic on Sunday served as moderator for a panel of librarians and publishers who discussed “Leading with Ebooks: New Strategies for Librarians and Publishers.” The event was sponsored by Total BooX, an ebook provider that offers a pay-as-you-read model, and it was dedicated to the late Ernie DiMattia, an early adopter of Total BooX and the long-time director of the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut, who died on June 26.

RBdigital Publishing Resources

digital magazines, ebooks, eaudiobooks, self-publishing, and English-translated global news articles

Fetch a Good Book Activity Guide

Teen Health & Wellness Intro

THW Preview-150D.ppt

1 book for every 300 children



Kids InfoBits

Kids InfoBits is a content-rich, authoritative, easy-to-use educational resource for young learners

TEACHING LINK: Princess at the Ball

Readers who loved Susan L. Roth's popular book PRINCESS will be delighted with this new tale as Princess and her sidekick, a fluffy white cat, conspire to be allowed to stay up for a grownup party. A StarWalk Kids Digital Original book

Rosen Digital Giveaway Form


Empowering Teens With Environments that Cultivate Creativity

YBP - Technical Services


Digital Literacy: Awards & Reviews


PD in Focus

PD in Focus from ASCD strengthens professional development efforts with the power of online video, providing an extensive, continuously updated library of instruction showing best practices in action.

Are You Preaching to the Converted During Library Card Sign-Up Month

Library Card Sign-up Month is right around the corner, but does the annual campaign really make a dent in the numbers of cardless potential patrons? Here are some outbound tactics that really can make the difference. (Hint: Grab your walking shoes!)

Total BooX To Offer Free Ebook Access During National Library Week (Library Journal)

In recognition of National Library Week, Total Boox, the “pay-as-you-read” metered ebook platform, will make its entire collection of more than 20,000 titles free to read from April 13 through April 20. The week-long promotion will allow anyone with an Android, Apple iOS, or Kindle Fire tablet to download the free Total Boox ereader app at and immediately access genre and literary fiction, ebooks on crafts and self-help, religion and spirituality, health and medicine, business and careers, and other fiction and nonfiction titles from publishers including O’Reilly, FW Media, Sourcebooks, Other Press, Elsevier, Red Wheel Weiser, Berrett-Koehler, Open-Road.

The Gale Blog Academic


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Reading to the Beat: Music and Early Literacy Skills

Teen Health & Wellness: Awards & Reviews


RBdigital News & Reference Resources

LawDepot is a versatile, user-friendly online legal-form-development service providing dynamic prompts and instructional assistance. Worldcrunch from RBdigital provides thousands of English-translated articles from newspapers and journals from across five continents.

Worldcrunch Overview

Worldcrunch is the best source for English-translated news from leading global media outlets providing a global perspective on wold affairs from North America, South American, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Pathways Science Brochure

Using Online Resources to Build Critical-Thinking Skills

STEM Resources Flier

Pete The Cat Activity Guide

PowerKnowledge Science Suite: Awards & Reviews


Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples: North America illustrates the fabric of the North American story with unprecedented depth and breadth. Comprehensive yet personal, the collection covers the history of American Indian tribes and supporting organizations.

Core Concepts: Biology Intro


Sue Polanka's summary of Total BooX ALA Panel on Leading with Ebooks (No Shelf Required)

Sue Polanka gives a summary of the ALA panel on leading with ebooks, sponsored by Total BooX and featuring industry leaders with proven record of experimenting with ebooks in libraries.

Summon & Syndetics Datasheet

Together the Summon service with Syndetic Solutions provides a compelling research experience, makes content more discoverable, helps users easily evaluate results and increases resource usage.

New Online eReference GVRL Front List e-brochure flipbook

New Online eReference GVRL Front List e-brochure flipbook

Reimagining Fundraising

Factors Affecting Reading Ability

The New Storytime: Putting Research into Action

RB Test Prep Overview

RB Test Prep is a unique model for students preparing for SAT, ACT, PLAN, and PSAT tests.

Discovery & Altmetrics

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Total BooX Librarian Guide

An overview of Total BooX features, business model, and benefits for libraries.

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Freegal Movies Flyer

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KnowledgePoint Overview


Literature Resource Center

Literature Resource Center is the most current, comprehensive and reliable online literature resource

The Gale Blog: Public Library

The Gale Blog: Content created for, by, and about public libraries.

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2014-2015 Titles on GVRL

FastPencil for Libraries Overview

FastPencil for Libraries gives your patrons the tools to create, publish, and distribute their books.

Top 50 searched GVRL titles

Building Informational Text Comprehension Through Visual Literacy

National Geographic Kids

Book trailer: Colors in Nature by Seymour Simon

In this striking photo essay book for the youngest readers (and pre-readers) Seymour Simon asks, "How many colors do you see when you step outside your door?" Full of gorgeous photographs, the book not only identifies colors, but also explores how and why they appear in nature. A StarWalk Kids Digital Original book.