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7 Ways To Increase Sales Productivity With Sales Enablement

How important is developing a sales enablement strategy? According to the Aberdeen Group, best in class companies are twice as likely to have undertaken a sales enablement solution. These companies reach their quota goals 50 percent more often. Sellers are better able to engage their costumers as a result of a top down sales enablement strategy. Despite the ever-increasing wealth of information at our finger-tips, the modern day sales cycle has become more difficult to implement. Companies are consistently challenged to condense sales cycles and increase both sales productivity and deal velocity. Sales enablement is designed to address these challenges. This paper will define sales enablement and explain why it has become critical in supporting the sales team to improve productivity, velocity and drive revenue. In addition, this paper will provide 7 key tips that help create a path for success as you implement sales your enablement strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Sales Productivity

Your customers know more than ever before, and are making buying decisions before you can even engage. With all of this information available to customers, your sales team must adapt to the new customer journey. Using Microsoft Solutions for sales productivity, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your sales team can stay focused on the right customers and priorities, win faster by collaborating with colleagues to harness the power of the entire organization, and build a trusted relationship with customers through personalized and relevant engagements.

5 Ways Salesforce Close Deals

When it comes to your sales cycle, speed is of the essence. Being able to act and respond quickly is a crucial part to closing deals faster. In this highly informative session entitled 5 Ways Salesforces Close Deals from Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2014, Apttus and Salesforce demonstrate how speed and automation can help your business and accelerate your sales process. Watch Apttus CMO, Kamal Ahluwalia, and Salesforce Senior Vice President of Global Global Revenue Operations, Meredith Schmidt, explain how speed and automation can take your sales experience to the next level. In addition, experience live demonstrations that show how Apttus CPQ can add velocity to your sales process and utilize dynamic recommendations specific to the unique needs of your customers.

Why Apttus?

Built on Salesforce1, Apttus Quote-to-Cash is the best choice to speed time to revenue and reduce financial risk.

5 Blind Spots in the Sales Process

Apttus Revenue Management

Built on Salesforce1, Apttus Revenue Management gives you insight into the fiscal structure of your contracts, so you can create accurate and timely orders, quickly model complex revenue programs and continually keep your customers happy.

MapAnything product sheet

a quick overview of MapAnything for Salesforce



Developing a Business Case for Marketing Automation

Sales organizations are now competing in a new world, where the buyer has more control than ever. Effective marketing programs that nurture the customer, score leads, and measure results are quickly becoming table stakes in almost every industry. That's where marketing automation comes in. Download this whitepaper to learn how to: - Achieve organizational alignment to prepare your company for marketing automation - Quantify the benefits of marketing automation for your organization - Accurately predict improvements to revenue





The Secret to Sales and Marketing Alignment

You probably already know that alignment between marketing and sales teams is important — but is it even possible? If so, how do you make it work? Check out this on-demand session with Heidi Bullock, VP of Demand Generation, and Michael Mansour, Sr. Manager of Sales Development at Marketo, as they discuss how to more effectively align sales and marketing, and ultimately win more business!

The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing

Informative and practical, The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing offers useful, qualitative insight from today’s marketing thought leaders, basic and advanced B2B marketing best practices on must-have campaigns, and worksheets for calculating ROI and measuring the impact of nurturing done well. Use this guide as a workbook – take notes, highlight what you find inspirational, share what you learn with your colleagues, and start driving explosive revenue growth. Discover what lead nurturing is and why you need it. Learn how to create more sales-ready leads, determine buying stages and calculate the ROI of lead nurturing. Watch the companion webinar to The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing, where you will learn answers to the most asked questions about lead nurturing.





Five Ways Quote-to-Cash Can Boost Your Revenue

A streamlined Quote-to-Cash process delivers much more than just higher sales productivity, consistent sales methodologies, and lower overhead. It can have a significant impact on your revenue. With a better Quote-to-Cash process, you can increase Revenue Velocity by: Increasing Average Sales Price for New Deals Reducing Sales Cycle Time Increasing Win Rate for New Deals Increasing Contract Value for Renewals Increasing Renewal Rate



Becoming a Predictive Sales Organization


Sales Enablement: Strategies, Best Practices, & More

There are many strategies you can try to increase your revenue and help your sales reps be more efficient – sales enablement is an effective method to doing this. Hiring the right talent, training them as best as possible, and equipping them with tools and resources easily maximizes every sales opportunity your business comes across. A master sales enablement strategy will enable you to experience the benefits of not only an increase in revenue, but continuous additions of lasting relationships with your customers.

App Talks: Increase Sales Efficiency & Deal Size

Aesynt’s Mary Beth Gargani, Director of Sales Efficiency, sat down with Kurt Smith of Salesforce to discuss increasing quote accuracy, deal quality & quantity with Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ). She details how her team was able to successfully increase the average deal size by 45% and streamline their quoting process while improving sales forecasting by using Apttus CPQ. To see the full video, fill out the form to the right.

Configure Price Quote Buyers Guide



4 Steps to Creating an Effective Sales Dashboard

Sales executives deal with a daily barrage of data: forecast numbers, pipeline velocity, lead volume, territory effectiveness, win/loss reports, etc. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to consume the data and translate it into better decision-making. How is this accomplished? The answer for an ever-increasing number of successful professionals is an effective sales dashboard.

Selling to the Modern Buyer

In this video, a panel of industry luminaries, including Jill Rowley, Craig Rosenberg, Brian Bachofner and Ben White share the secrets to modern sales success and discuss the latest trends and challenges for today’s sales teams including social selling, modern marketing and the latest technologies.

Reward Top Performers

Reward your top performers with an incentive trip to Las Vegas this November!

The Sales Acceleration Technology Summit

Annual Lead Response Report 2014

Annual RA report 2014-2-24-3ED5.pdf

State of Quote-to-Cash 2016: The Year of Digital Business

“By now you’ve surely heard that moving forward, every company will be a software company, and that shift is happening now as companies large and small scramble to transform into digitally-driven organizations.” It’s a digital world, one characterized by hyper-connectivity, ubiquitous information, and increasingly capable technology. These trends are dramatically influencing the way we do business and the way we live, allowing for greater operational agility, innovation and customer value. The State of Quote-to-Cash Report is an annual study conducted by Apttus on how the best companies harness Quote-to-Cash and front office solutions to drive greater efficiency, revenue, and speed. The information presented is collected from a panel of executives customers, analysts and industry experts, including: – Apttus CEO & Quote-to-Cash Visionary, Kirk Krappe – Forrester Researchers Martin Gill & Nigel Fenwick – Tech Crunch writer Ron Miller – Plus, Quote-to-Cash Pioneers from Ceridian, Salesforce, & GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Conversations Not Campaigns

The days of batch and blast are numbered. Contemporary subscribers expect personal and relevant emails on a non-disruptive schedule. Download this ebook and learn: - What an engaging conversation looks like - How to listen and adapt in your email marketing - How to use behavioral filters to target



A Recipe for Lean Account-Based Marketing

As a B2B marketer, you’re always looking for ways to more effectively reach your goals and support sales by bringing in qualified leads and generating demand for your company’s products and services. Traditionally, marketers do all they can to maximize their voice in the market and engage the largest number of potential buyers with broad-reaching demand generation techniques. However, it’s important that marketers consider all the available methods to move the needle and drive revenue for their organization and select the one that is most suited to their business. Account-based marketing (ABM) can be an effective alternative approach to marketing for many businesses.

The Ultimate Sales Development Technology Guide


Cold Calling is Dead



CRM Free Trial Overview

Inside Sales Studio - Tips & Interviews



How Delighting Your Internal Users Leads to Delighted Customers

When you make revenue operations easy for your sales teams, your customers will enjoy doing business with you. By improving processes for quoting, contract management and e-commerce, Salesforce is helping customers buy any Salesforce product, any time they want, from anywhere, with any device. By enabling Revenue Operations in the cloud, Salesforce can now respond to the market with agility, speed and accuracy. In this video, Salesforce’s Meredith Schmidt discusses how innovating revenue operations in the cloud is helping them make the customer experience a delight.

Ultimate Guide to Revenue Management

The Ultimate Guide to Revenue Management will teach you how revenue management tools can accelerate revenue velocity, eliminate errors and risk, and gain more insight into your customers. You’ll also learn how these solutions help you effectively collect revenue, predict budgets, effectively manage billing and customer agreements, and achieve operational excellence.

The Definitive Guide to Engaging Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become an increasingly important part of a successful and strategic marketing mix. Today, marketers can become their own content publishers and develop audiences to attract attention. This benefits them in three key ways: it builds brand awareness, creates brand preference, and expands the brand’s reach to more buyers and potential customers at a much lower cost.

Executive BI Trends You Can't Afford to Miss

In today's world, specialized systems exist to help you understand every aspect of your business. But the irony is that these disparate systems make it even harder to see your business as a whole. Business intelligence is supposed to fix that problem, but solutions have been failing for years. Join Forrester's Boris Evelson and Domo's Chris Wintermeyer as they discuss exciting BI trends that are turning the industry on its head.



Optimizing the Sales Machine

The volume, variety, and velocity of sales and marketing data that executives sift through on a daily basis is overwhelming. Pipeline. Deal Size. Win rates. Lead conversion. Social media sentiment. The data points available for consumption are endless. Join Domo Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions Chris Wintermeyer and Tom Knight, Founder and COO at Evergreen Growth Advisors for a conversational webinar around key metrics, best practices and emerging technologies that enable sales leaders to measure and optimize the sales machine.

Build Miracles with Microsoft and Excel

5 Lead Generation Metrics That Every Marketer Should Track

Every marketer will need a different set of metrics—it all depends on the types of lead generation programs that make sense for your company. But regardless of what your primary lead generation activities are, there are important high-level metrics that you'll want to monitor. Download this cheat sheet to read all about the five lead generation metrics every marketer should track.

Making Sales Perfect: Insights from the Experts

Find out everything you need for making sales perfect. Listen to a highly engaging panel of award-winning experts and authors, including Josiane Feigon, Anneke Seley and David Taber, authors of Smart Sales Manager, Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology and Secrets of Success. Whether you’re facing challenges with inside sales, sales reps or partners, you’ll find out key insights that this panel of experts have heard in their decades of experience.

4 Ways Real Companies Sell Smarter with Sales Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics Blog The place to go for opinions, news, features and information about business applications from Microsoft.

SDR Function Belongs In Your Org


The Top Problems of the Inside Sales Industry: An Executive Summary

Apttus E-Commerce on Salesforce

Built on Salesforce1, Apttus E-Commerce is the only solution that fully supports global e-commerce for complex products and pricing models across multiple channels on a single platform.

Top 10 Findings from the Sales and Marketing Alignment Study

In late 2013, MathMarketing and Marketo studied the sales and marketing alignment practices of 500 companies, and analyzed any improvements they saw as a result. In this webinar, MathMarketing founder and CEO Hugh Macfarlane, shares the ten most compelling and statistically valid findings from this exciting study. You will discover alignment techniques that deliver: - 67% higher probability that marketing-generated leads will close - 108% better lead acceptance - 209% stronger contribution to revenue from marketing-generated leads - Watch to learn why better sales and marketing alignment can help your business, and get practical tips for moving your company forward.

Always Be Closing eBook (Link)

An essential sales strategy guide featuring best practices and thought leaders. Learn how organizations can set their sales teams up for success with this free e-book: Always Be Closing: The ABC’s of Sales in the Modern Era.

Data-Driven Sales Hiring


The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

Lead generation has become an important strategy for modern marketers, as they strive to create demand and get their messages heard by increasingly sophisticated, multi-channel buyers. In today’s complex world, marketers should use lead generation to build brand awareness, nurture prospects and customers, qualify leads, and ultimately generate measurable revenue. In this comprehensive, 160 page guide, we cover topics ranging from content marketing and website SEO to telesales and content syndication — all through the lens of lead generation. Packed full of checklists, charts, and thought leadership from the leading experts in marketing today, The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation will teach you how to collect information from prospects across every channel, and deliver the highest quality leads to your sales team. You’ll learn how to: - Define a lead and understand his or her buying journey - Build a robust lead generation strategy through marketing automation - Use content marketing, social media, your website, SEO, and paid programs for lead generation Build enduring customer relationships with Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) techniques Test, optimize, and measure your lead generation campaigns

Ultimate Guide to CPQ



Preferred Communications Methods: An Executive Summary



Kennametal refocuses on clients with Microsoft Dynamics Sales Productivity

Kennametal, a leading material science and manufacturing company, found their aging systems left the sales team over-stretched to service growing customer demand. To free up the sales team to spend more time in front of customers, Kennametal VP and CIO Steven Hanna went in search of new technology to help the sales team get ahead of client needs. Hanna chose Microsoft Dynamics Sales Productivity; including CRM Online and Office, and the organization is anticipating a fast and significant return on investment. Read the full customer story here -

2016 Leadership Summit Overview

Join the AA-ISP this April 19th - 21st for the 8th annual Sales Leadership Summit.

CRM Trial

Use this link to access a free trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

12 KPIs to revenue optimization

Life of a top Performing Sales Rep

ebook-life-of-a-top-performing-sales-rep (1)-78A3.pdf

X-Author for Excel: Sales Opportunity Forecast





Lead Generation: The Art of Cold Calling and the Science of Email Prospecting

Your sales team probably knows your product inside and out but is that resulting in meetings with the right people? Your marketing team may create amazing email copy, but is that content driving high quality leads? Watch this webinar to master the art of cold calling, learn best practices for email marketing, and finally achieve sales and marketing alignment. Sales and marketing experts Kraig Kleeman and Jon Miller will share: - How to win meetings with C-level executives - Best practices for overcoming cold calling pressure points - The science of using phone, email, and social together - Methodologies for increasing email conversion rates and the technologies that support them

Jumpstart Revenue Growth with Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing misalignment is an all-too-common problem. Many companies still face issues getting these two departments in sync. Although it may seem that both departments have different objectives, in the end, the goal is the same: to drive sales and revenue. Often it is differing short-term goals that get in the way of this shared vision. Marketing’s goal is to generate qualified, purchase-ready leads for the sales team, while the sales team’s goal is to close. When there is marketing and sales alignment, the right deals can be closed, and often in less time. This can make a significant impact on the business.

Fundamentals of Sales Pipeline Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps Grant Thornton member firms deliver better value to clients

To distinguish Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL) from its larger competitors, its member firms must maintain closer relationships with—and deliver personalized attention to—their clients. The independent member firms of GTIL are deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM to facilitate collaboration around sales, marketing, and customer service. The solution has driven an increase in the number and size of sales wins, while helping the firms offer better value to clients and maintain consistency in a complex environment. To see the full case study, visit this link -

Driving Growth in Manufacturing with CPQ

How To Use Linkedin As The Ultimate Social Selling Tool


How to Define a Lead

To build out your lead generation strategy, you need to start with the basics. First of all, what is a lead? Every organization will have their own definition of a “good lead”. If you don’t know yours, lead generation 101 is where you need to begin.

AA-ISP Member Benefits

Interested in becoming a part of the assocation dedicated to improving the professionalism and performance of the sales profession? Take a quick look at benefits and upcoming member events.





Turn Cold Calls Into Hot Leads With Referral Selling




Pipeline Management in Predictive Sales Organization




5 Techniques for Lead Management Success That You Probably Aren't Using

Lead management is the ability to capture, respond, and manage incoming leads. When spending so much time and money on creating the perfect campaign, you want to make sure you have numerous best practices in place to manage your leads throughout the entire life-cycle. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t employ clearly defined lead management practices. And when you don’t have processes in place, you risk decreased ROI, a leaky sales funnel, and poor relationships with leads and customers.

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analytics shows marketing professionals how to talk the talk of C-level executives in terms of forecasting and reporting, and walk the walk to the revenue table by leveraging metrics that matter. With compelling graphics and real examples of Marketo’s own metrics and tactics, this guide offers best practices for harnessing data to not only prove, but improve ROI. Download this 70-page, all-encompassing guide to learn: - The right metrics for understanding and interpreting marketing results - Why measuring marketing programs is difficult, and how to do it correctly and efficiently - Revenue metrics that get the executives' attention and prove marketing ROI - The critical elements of a marketing dashboard - And much, much more!

CPQ Data Sheet

Conquer Your Sales Quota with CPQ on Salesforce

Download this video to learn how companies like Dun and Bradstreet are cutting through complexity and conquering their sales quotas with integrated CPQ on Salesforce.

Cold Calling Tips And Million Dollar Sales Prospecting Secrets


Leveraging Complex Sales to Drive Competitive Advantage

Enterprises like GE Aviation and Global Foundries have to manage complex sales and considerable complexity in their businesses. Profitable growth increasingly depends on market differentiation based on continuous innovation of products, go-to-market strategies and business processes. Many issues must be addressed when marketing, selling and supporting sophisticated products. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) processes must be able to accommodate complex sales and considerable product variation without sacrificing economies of scale, while process flexibility is needed to support different channels. Watch this video to hear how GE Aviation and GlobalFoundries are able to better manage their complex sales and the complexity of their sophisticated business for decisive competitive advantages.

ExBr MobileBISales

ExBr MobileBISales-E2CA.pdf

Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing

Not all email is created equal. Customers and prospects have learned to filter out noise, so your email needs to be more trusted, more relevant, and more conversational. Download our new Definitive Guide to Engaging Email, a jam packed 150+ guide, to move beyond basic batch and blast email to a whole new level of engagement.

Salesforce App Talks: Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ) in Action

The Definitive Guide to Digital Advertising

Advertising has evolved. No longer is it restricted to print publications, static billboards, radio, and television. Modern technologies have opened the door to a whole new era of advertising–digital advertising. Digital advertising allows marketers and advertisers to reach and appeal to their core audiences in new ways and with more precision.

20 Crucial Sales KPIs in 20 Minutes

For sales leaders, watching the right performance metrics and effectively managing those measures can make all the difference between a stellar quarter and a lackluster one. This fast-paced webinar will highlight 20 innovative KPIs that sales leaders may not be watching, but which can provide powerful insight to help achieve stronger, more predictable sales.



Graduate from an Email Service Provider to Marketing Automation

Consumers have more control than ever, and marketers need to step up their game accordingly. Email service providers (ESPs), vendors that primarily provide batch and blast email capability, can’t deliver the behaviorally targeted engagement needed to stay relevant, let alone the integrated multi-channel conversations necessary to maximize the impact of marketing. Download this ebook and graduate from email to marketing automation. You will learn: - The limitations of traditional email service providers - What marketing automation is and why it is important - The core benefits of marketing automation

[Webinar] Sales and Marketing Alignment

In this on-demand Digital Marketing Bootcamp session, you'll learn tips and techniques for improving conversion rates and driving more business through sales and marketing alignment.



Better Selling with Dynamic CPQ and Machine Learning

Apple Watches, driverless cars, machine learning – the next generation of technology is upon us. Don’t let your business fall behind. Learn how you can harness next-gen capabilities to drive your business forward. This demo provides an in-depth look at the transformation of business intelligence and machine learning technologies that will help move the needle in 2015. See how Apttus has leveraged Salesforce Wave to deliver actionable analytics to CPQ and CLM customers, and get an exclusive look at our data driven product recommender, data-driven bundle recommender, and Dynamic CPQ.

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation

Heard the buzz around marketing automation? Got some questions? Check out this jam packed, 100 page guide to learn everything you have ever wanted to know about marketing automation. Download this ebook and get the answers to all of your questions and more including: - What is marketing automation and how can it help my company? - Why is marketing automation so hot right now? - How does marketing automation differ from other technologies such as CRM and email marketing? - What are the common and advanced features of marketing automation tools? - How do I build a business case and convince internal stakeholders to act? - What does the future of marketing automation look like? - We’ve also included worksheets that you can use to figure out whether your company is ready for marketing automation and how it will help you increase your revenue and attain high priority business goals

Always Be Closing eBook

An essential sales strategy guide featuring best practices and thought leaders. Learn how organizations can set their sales teams up for success with this free e-book: Always Be Closing: The ABC’s of Sales in the Modern Era.

The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring

Discover how to create success across your marketing and sales organizations with lead scoring. This definitive guide, designed for both novice and experienced practitioners, offers advice, best practices and techniques to help you get the most out of every lead that enters your database. Whether you’re a lead scoring pro or just getting started, these scoring models, tactics, and measurement tips will transform your practices.

The Science Of Lead Scoring, Prioritization & Sales Success


10 Reasons to Consider Marketing Automation

As a marketer, you face daunting expectations and goals. You are probably expected to generate successful outcomes in less time, and in a digital age where everything can be measured, you probably feel increased pressure to illustrate the impact you are driving. But without the right tools and processes in place, hitting your goals and demonstrating the results is difficult, time-consuming, and stressful!

Cold Call Voicemail and Email Strategies that Work

Ultimate Guide to Quote-To-Cash

Speed Camp

Top Sales Trends of 2016

We asked experts, authors, executives, and sales leaders to tell us what they thought were the top sales trends of 2016. They shared insights on new technology, shifting strategies, tips, tricks, and even their top sales tool recommendations. Download this white paper and find out what to expect in the coming year. Hear from experts, including: - Jim Steele, CCO & President Worldwide Sales, - Sally Duby, General Manager, The Bridge Group Inc. - Deb Calvert, Author & President, People First Productivity Solutions - Nancy Nardin, President, Smart Selling Tools - Tom Taulli, Writer, Forbes and Founder - Kamal Ahluwalia, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Apttus - Chad Burmeister, Author and Sr. Director of Global Sales Development, RingCentral

CRM Sales Datasheet

Datasheet explaining benefits and capabilities of Sales by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.​

Enterprise Marketing Playbook Series: Sales and Marketing Alignment

In order for enterprise companies to be successful in today’s economy, sales and marketing teams must be aligned. Both departments must come together to develop strategies, processes and best practices to pave the foundation for collaboration. Understanding what marketing will provide and what to expect from sales is the first step. Use this playbook to begin your aligned lead generation efforts today. In this Enterprise Playbook, we'll cover: - How enterprise sales and marketing teams can form an agreed-upon definition of a "good lead" - How to coordinate the lead handoff process from marketing to sales - How to create and enforce a Service Level Agreement Why team integration, communication, and accountability are the keys to achieving enterprise-level success

ExBr Moneyball2

ExBr Moneyball2-CD8C.pdf

Selling in an Omnichannel World

This paper examines the key business drivers and differentiating capabilities in digital commerce, as well as the Cloud computing model for accelerating technology adoption. Guidance is also given on launching omnichannel sales initiatives with a focus on the importance of process automation, user adoption and business agility.

Essential 8: Top Reports That Every Marketer Needs

Thanks to robust new reporting and metrics capabilities, marketers can now confidently track and report on program performance — and confidently answer questions from the C-suite. To get the metrics that matter most, download The Essential 8 Marketing Reports. Inside you'll find: The key high level metrics to track as you run reports When to examine programs over time Our 8 most essential reports, from top-funnel lead analysis to complex opportunity influence